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Best Woman-Friendly Eats We Discovered in 2008

TWO FOR ONE IN NEW YORK CITY -- writes Denise in New York, USA -- I think that this is probably one of the best meal deals in New York City. Look out for the Dallas BBQ Restaurants and take advantage of their Early Bird Special (look for it on the bottom right of their placemat menu.) If you are seated before 5:30 or 6:30 PM in most of it's locations, for approximately $9.99 you get two complete meals. A meal is comprised of a delicious cup of chicken soup, and then half a chicken with baked potato, rice, or french fries plus a piece of corn bread. The ambience is pretty loud and noisy, (lots of groups and families) but it is a great deal and quite filling for those on a budget. There are several locations all over the city. Check their website at: Now you can splurge on theatre tickets and still be able to have a reasonable dinner out, too.


YOU MUST TRY MODERN FILIPINO CUISINE IN MANILLA -- writes Patricia in Makati City, Manilla -- I want other JourneyWomen to know about Sentro (at Greenbelt 3) for modern Filipino cuisine. I highly recommend the corned beef sinigang which is a soup very similar to Thailand's tom yum gung. The broth is tamarind-flavored. Sinigang may be made with fish, shrimps, beef or pork. In Sentro's case, they use fresh corned beef. Their sizzling tofu is also excellent. Address: 2nd Level, Ayala Center, Makati City, Manilla. Tel. 757-3940 to 41 P.S. There are lots of high end shopping malls in Ayala Center so this is a nice meal stop when you're shopping.

LOCALS LOVE THIS RESTAURANT IN HONOLULU, HAWAII -- writes Liz in Honolulu, Hawaii -- I don't know if you are familiar with Chef Anthony Bourdain (Les Halles in NYC & DC, Travel Chanel's "No Reservations" protagonist). He was here last fall and discovered some of my local holes in the wall. The most favoured of all is Side Street Inn located at 1225 Hopaka Street. This is the place where all the top flight chefs in Honolulu meet and eat after work. Decor and description? It's a glorified cafeteria/ sports bar meets family friendly best of the best food for moderate to low cost. Everything is served pupu style (family style appetizers) from 1700-closing. I suggest the BarBQ baby back ribs, pesto crusted ahi. I also suggest reservations for four people or more. It gets so busy here. Tel: 808/591-0253.

TESTING LOCAL CUISINE IN SALVADOR, BRAZIL -- writes Eve from Salvador in Bahia -- It's always difficult to come into a new town and not know which restaurants are going to be reliable. A friend in Salvador told me that I must try the fresh fish stew (moqueca) in a restaurant called Uauá in the district called Pelourinho. The restaurant located on the second floor at Rue Gregoria De Matos 36 is made up of several rooms above street–level. They serve typical Bahian cuisine, the food is excellent and the service impeccable. As appetizers to the stew we ordered soft grilled white cheese drizzled with molasses. Then the stew (white fish and shrimp) arrived served over rice. Oh my goodness the tastes were absolutely terrific. The generous portions were more than ample -- one bowl served three of us. I recommend this spot very highly!


TERRIFIC JAPANESE FOOD IN HALIFAX, CANADA -- writes Shawna in Halifax, Canada -- Hi to everybody reading this Journeywoman Newsletter. This is my travel tip contribution for 2008. I want to mention my favourite Japanese restaurant in my city. It’s a little place called 'Milamodo' in Rockingham Ridge. They are a little bit outside of the downtown core but definitely worth the extra work to get there. My favourite dish is their Spider Maki (soft shell crab). It is fabulous! Please check their website for all the other information you might need.


FAST INDIAN FOOD IN SOHO, NY -- writes Nedra in New York City -- Thanks for a great publication, Evelyn. If you're looking for Indian food in NYC, I just found a super spot in SoHo that I'd like to share with you and other Journeywoman readers. Lahore is a little 'hole in the wall' eatery where the cab drivers and policemen stop in for great food at ridiculously cheap prices (really nice guys behind the counter preparing the food, too). Lahore is located on Crosby, just below Houston on the west side of the street. Enjoy their $1 yummy samosas, chai tea and $5 plates of food. Really good. Really reasonable!


Bonus tip for Budapest, Hungary

Restaurants are one of the best things about Budapest. I divide them into two kinds. (#1) The kind that you want to be invited to by rich friends. In this category I especially like Le Legradi Antique (V. Barczy Istvan utca 3-5, Ph: 266-4993, you enter through a luxury antique shop). (#2) The second kind, for when you want to enjoy authentic cuisine surrounded by colorful locals who will enjoy teaching you a word or two in Hungarian. This is Kisbudagyongye (Small Pearl of Buda) located at III. Kenyeres utca 34. Ph: 368-6402. Both the décor and the food here are delightful.

Yolanta Barnes, USA





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