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Best Woman-Friendly Eats We Discovered in 2008

Evelyn Hannon

How lucky we are to have members of the Journeywoman Network living worldwide (100 different countries and districts) and travelling all over the world as well. We're grateful to all our JourneyWomen readers who discover wonderful restaurants wherever they go and who take the time to write and tell us about these little treasures. Here are 15 of the best 'foodie' tips we received in 2008. Enjoy, everybody!

P.S. If any of your girlfriends are setting out for any of the destinations we mention below, do them a favor and forward this list to them. They'll love you for it. Personal recommendations are so much more fun than those found over and over again in guidebooks.


WONDERFULLY HUGE DUMPLINGS IN HONG KONG -- writes Flo in Toronto, Canada -- On my way home from China I stopped in Hong Kong to meet another Journeywoman (Jennifer) who lives there and speaks Mandarin. Jennifer took me to the best dumpling place called Tsim Chai Kee Noodle (98 Wellington Street, Central) which is an Hong Kong institution that the expat community knows about (they also have a second site at 61 Connaught Road in Central). We had fabulous dumplings -- huge and stuffed with shrimp in soup with noodles. What a treat for me and for my budget. The bill was only 15 HKD which is about $2.00 Canadian. This was a real bargain as I found Hong Kong was so much more expensive than China.


SUPER SUSHI IN BOSTON -- writes Anna from St. Augustine, USA -- My dear sushi place in Boston (Back Bay area) is known as both Snappy Sushi and Shino Express. For some reason my boyfriend and I would end up there on rainy days at around 4 or 5 o'clock looking for a light snack and end up staying at least three hours, taking a leisurely 'nosh' style dinner (this is actually the perfect way to do it since you miss the 6:00 PM hurryhurryhurry dinner crowd crunch). Their green tea is authentic, warm, free and invigorating. It's the perfect place for inexpensive, simple, healthy (all the rice they use is brown) and tasty meals. Appetizers range from smoked squid salad to miso soup to edamame. Simple rolls are about $2.95-$3.95, and cover all the traditional basics. The atmosphere is laid back, not showy. It's a small, cozy little place with enough bar space for about 12 and a table for two. Cute as a button and a friendly staff to match. Address: 144 Newbury St. Closest subway stops are Copley (Green) and Back Bay (Orange).

A RESTAURANT IN AIX-EN-PROVENCE OPERATED BY WOMEN -- writes Susan in Aix-En-Provence -- We have an interesting local restaurant and it's absolutely woman-friendly. Restaurant La K. Val, located in a quiet, tree-shaded square, opened in March 2007. The manager, Catherine Stocker, is a former math professor; the chef, Valerie Fort, has worked in her profession for more than 10 years, and wine steward Marlene Bouquet assists. The interior rooms are enhanced by outdoor dining at umbrella-shaded tables from spring until autumn. The restaurant offers a luncheon menu priced from 10 to 17 Euros and featuring innovative dishes chosen fresh from the city's daily food markets. A recent menu offered a choice between delicate chicken breast in a light sauce with vegetables and mushrooms; and a casserole of pasta with salmon, seafood and tiny vegetables. Crisp salads, seasonal desserts and a variety of main-dish salads complete the luncheon fare. A more extensive menu is offered in the evening (dinner served Thursday through Saturday), with choices of appetizers, main courses and desserts. I think you'll like it. La K. Val, 2 Place Joachim Gasquet. Tel: 04 42 38 48 44.

YUM CHA MEANS DIM SUM IN AUSTRALIA -- writes Melanie in Sydney -- If you enjoy Chinese dim sum I have an interesting recommendation here in Sydney. Marigold Restaurant is located on the 4th and fifth floors of a building in Chinatown. It is a yum cha restaurant very well known to the Chinese community here and so it's usually very busy. We have been eating there for years and love it but we know that it's best to avoid Sundays because of the very long lines. Instead go mid-week from about 11:30am - 12noon and pick and choose from the trolleys. Have the pork and spinach dumplings and think of me. Address: Citymark Building, 683-689 George Street. Phone (02) 9281 3388


Bonus tip for Stockholm, Sweden

Eating dinner alone in a restaurant can be boring. A pleasant alternative to that in central Stockholm is to visit the food hall in the department store of NK. At the place where they sell cheese by the kilo one can also sit down and have a meal and a glass of wine. Select from the menu or choose samples (cheese, ham, etc) from the disk. I sometimes eat there myself after work when I am too tired to shop and cook at home. For visitors to our city I recommend this as a perfect way to do some wonderful people watching as well. Have fun, everybody!

Ulla, Stockholm, Sweden





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