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Travel Stuff Learned From TBEX Bloggers ...


Evelyn Hannon

In June 2011 I was one of the attendees at the Travel Bloggers Exchange (TBEX) held in spectacular Vancouver, British Columbia. It occurred to me as I chatted with the bloggers or listened to their advice on workshop panels that they probably had terrific travel tips to share. So I asked for their advice and this is what came back to me to share with you, my journeywoman readership.

P.S. Here and there we've sprinkled tips from newspaper editors and PR folks who joined the fun as well. Enjoy, everybody!



Type 1 Come to Portland (preferably in the summer) and head to "Cartopia" for evening treats from gourmet food carts. Not all Portland food carts have a place to sit, but Cartopia does. There are picnic tables in the center for communal dining, and cart offerings include crepes, wood-oven pizzas (yes, a wood oven inside a food cart), french fries (with both regular and vegan poutine), Mexican, and deep-fried pies. It's great food in a casual and friendly environment, and it's very Portland. (The Cartopia food cart pod is on the corner of SE 12th & Hawthorne.)

Submitted by: Jessica Speigel Twitter @italylogue Website:



Type 2A Whole Foods Market has opened in the Maui Mall in Kahului, less than 10 minutes from Kahului Airport in Central Maui. I think it's a great place for visitors to check out a variety of local produce like Maui Gold Pineapple, Anuhea Farm asparagus, Kula Country Farm strawberries and so much more. Plus there are so many other island products (lavender, tea and chocolates) under one roof you just might find the perfect foodie gift for your pals back home. The ready to eat hot and cold food offerings are convenient dining options after a long day of exploring the island or when visitors are headed to and from the airport. The store also offers a jam-packed schedule of free events each month from their Arts & Crafts Festival featuring Maui's best artists, jewelers and craftsmen to Raw Elements, a four-part series focused on the elements of raw foods with local celebrity chef, Jeremy Safron. Check it all out. Website:

Submitted by:�Charlene Ka'uhane,�President, Ka'uhane Inc



Type 3I have found ways to make flying to Europe a bit more comfortable and help me arrive at my destination ready to go. Here's what I add to my carry-on bag: (1) Saline nose spray - dry nostrils are prime breeding grounds for colds and flu. Since I began using a nose spray during my flight, I don't get a headache upon landing nor do I get sick on my trip. (2) Face mist-er - You can't imagine how wonderful it feels to spray your face with water during your flight; it is so refreshing. And don't forget to follow-up with moisturizing cream. (3) A blow-up neck pillow - This is easily stored in your carry-on and makes taking a nap so much more comfortable. (4) When on-board, be sure to take several walks about the cabin. This will increase your circulation and help prevent deep vein thrombosis. And finally, before landing, go to the restroom and freshen up. You will then be ready to face the long lines through customs and the beginning of your next adventure.

Submitted by: Terri Fogarty Twitter: @EuropeUpClose Website:



Type 4If you're a bit anxious about your first trip with baby, choose a Spanish-speaking destination. Latin culture is so embracing of children and families, that if baby fusses they'll think it's cute, not annoying.

Submitted by: Corinne McDermott Twitter: @hvbabywilltrvl Website:



Type 5Looking to save money on your travels? Take advantage of online coupon offers like those from that offer daily deals of up to 70% off on the best things to see, do and eat in cities all over the world. Planning a trip to Paris? Check out Headed to New Zealand? Try On a recent trip to Auckland, I saved hundreds on dining, whale watching, ferry trips and a visit to the Sky Tower by signing up for GrabOne about a month before I left. It was also great for finding things to do and new restaurants to try. Though Groupon is most prevalent worldwide, you can find online coupon offers for almost any city with a little research.

Submitted by: Jenny McIver Twitter: @jennymciver Website:


Bonus safety tip ...

Bonus Tip The next time you are walking in your city center or taking public transportation, do this short mental exercise. It will serve you well when you're travelling in a foreign destination. Look around you. Which women stand out? Whose purse has an outside pocket half unzipped? Who keeps checking the posted subway maps? Who looks relaxed? Anybody consulting a guidebook or checking something in their wallet? Who looks timid? This is exactly what an experienced thug does as he chooses his prey. Which person would you choose to pickpocket? Why? Hopefully, the insights you gain will help you to protect yourself from wrongdoers as you travel.

Evelyn Hannon Twitter: @journeywoman Free travel tip newsletter

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