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Women Travel Writers Share Their Best Secrets 2012

21. Teach your children the local customs -- We all know the importance about learning about local culture before embarking on a journey. And even more so, if you travel with children. Educate them about what to expect. In Thailand, for example, children from other countries are a precious novelty. When I was there with my baby-fat, fair-skinned, blue-eyed tikes, they were the subject of much admiration - and touching. Innocent, of course, pats on the head and the like, but it was important to prepare my children for this public form of appreciation from strangers, the near opposite of their "street-smarts" training at home.
Writer: Vivian Vassos Website: Twitter: @zoomermag

22. Don't throw away your used prescription bottles -- Make mini medicine cabinets of the over the counter meds you might need while you're traveling. Even a small bottle can hold a couple of aspirin, ibuprofen, antacid, tummy medications, and cold medicine. Cut a strip of individual tablets off the big sheet in the box, and wedge them in.
Writer: Micheline Maynard Website: Twitter: @mickimaynard

23. One clean white shirt and a sense of humour -- Save one white linen shirt until the last night of your long trip. Have it pressed at your hotel - after a couple of weeks of recycling your clothes, wearing this will make you feel like a million dollars on your last evening away. And of course, never leave your sense of humour behind, and learn the poker face for unexpected surprises - always remain cool!
Writer: Bev Malzard Website: Facebook:

24. Funny little travel mouse pad -- I travel with a laptop and I still like to use a mouse and mouse pad. I've discovered that many of the inexpensive shopping bags sold these days have a thin piece of plastic sitting at the bottom to reinforce them. These are ideal for mouse pads that are not much thicker than paper. Even better, they are thin enough to be left on top of your keypad when you close your laptop. I always travel with one now.
Writer: Lucy Izon Website: Twitter @CanadaCool

25. Spiced coffee in Malta -- If you are a coffee lover, when in Malta try to find the real Maltese coffee, "Kafe tat-Tisjir", which has hints of chicory, cloves, and anise. It's a spice filled delight! However, finding traditional coffee in Malta is much harder than you'd expect, as the norm is Italian coffee shops. You'll find the real Kafe tat-Tisjir though at Jubilee Foods or at Nenu Artisan Bakery in Valletta. Bottom's up!
Writer: Sherry Ott Website: Website:

26. Old-fashioned tea shops in the UK -- When travelling round the UK look out for the old-fashioned tea shops. They offer a far more authentic experience then those posh hotels that charge a fortune for a teeny cucumber sandwich (we don't eat them in everyday life you know!) and a doughy scone. In every high street, down many a nook & cranny, you'll discover small, individual tea shops (and cafes) where you'll find traditional English baking and a sometimes bewildering variety of teas, plus very often a fascinating cross-section of locals gossiping about their daily lives. And all at a fraction of the cost of those big hotels. This website gives some excellent selections
Writer: Zoe Dawes Website: Twitter: @quirkytraveller

27. The solo traveler self-portrait -- Often people who travel solo come back from a trip without many pictures of themself because they haven't mastered the one handed self-portrait however it is very easy to do. Make sure the camera is in your left hand, zoomed out all the way, either horizontally or vertical, frame yourself up to the right or left, smile, snap and voila. Practice this until you get it right and you will be a pro in no time.
Writer: Cailin O'Neil Website: Twitter: @cailinoneil

28. Cell phone keeps you from getting lost -- My cell phone is quickly becoming one of my favorite gadgets when I travel, and not just for showing off vacation photos on Twitter. I get lost very easily while wandering around new cities. So now I use my cell's camera to take pictures of street signs at intersections and landmarks along my route, and use them as virtual bread crumbs to find my way back to my starting point. The camera is also handy for remembering details I might need later, like the name and menu of a restaurant and admission prices for museums.
Writer: Gray Cargill Website: Twitter: @SoloFriendly

29. Homecooked meals in Italy -- Enjoy an authentic travel and culinary experience by enjoying a meal in a local home. I recently did this in Italy through the Home Food association and in 30 or so trips to Italy, it has to be one of my top 10 experiences. Through them I just learned about a new website that is connecting travelers with local cooks around the world -
Writer: Kathy McCabe Website: Twitter: @dreamofitaly

30. Which neighbourhoods are safe?-- When I arrive at a city I ask the hotel for a map and ask them to point out which neighborhoods are safe and which may not be. Often times you cannot tell which are which because some of the nicest neighborhoods are havens for pickpockets and thieves. I also ask if there are any scams that I need to be aware of, you would be amazed at how many times this has saved me.
Writer: Ayngelina Brogan Website: Twitter: @ayngelina


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