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Woman Writers Worldwide Share Travel Secrets

Pack light, pack smart...

Seasoned, savvy travellers know that packing smart can lighten the load in more ways than one. Stick to two or three basic colours and pieces that can be mixed and matched. Add one great belt that will turn a day-time ensemble into a special evening look. Pack one or two large scarves to use as evening shawls, to wrap around the neck if the weather turns chilly, or wear as a sarong with a bathing suit. Pack one pair of heels in a colour that will go with everything - red, copper or a black and brown mix are always good choices.

Anne Dimon is a Spa & Wellness Travel Writer and founder/editor of, the online-magazine for the wellness-minded traveller.


Surfing in Oregon...

For women who've always dreamed of learning how to surf, attend the relaxing and supportive Northwest Women's Surf Camp at the Oregon coast. Camp Director Lexie Hallahan, one of the premier women surfers of Oregon, creates a safe and instructive environment for any woman with advanced beginner to intermediate swimming skills. Try a one-day surf camp, a mother-daughter event, or the Women's Week Retreat with daily yoga on the beach, organic catered meals and massages. For more information and photos see

Thalia Zepatos lives in the United States and is the author of, A Journey of One's Own: Uncommon Advice for the Woman Traveler


Stay cool as you travel...

Hot? Whether you're in China, Brazil or Egypt and the temperature starts climbing, think water bottle, bandana and small spray bottle. Dampen your bandana from your water bottle and wipe down your neck and wrists. A tiny spray bottle from the dollar store, filled with water, gets your temperature down fast. Always find shade everywhere you can.

Floridian Sandy Huff is an internationally published travel and outdoor writer, with over 1100 published articles in 120+ publications. Her book "Paddler's Guide to the Sunshine State" covers 236 waterways around Florida, with tips on how to survive and thrive despite wind, sunburn, cross currents, and even alligators.


Choose travel insurance carefully...

Travel insurance is important but only if it provides coverage when you need it. Read the fine print and be sure you're covered for trip cancellation and interruption (when illness or disaster dictate an emergency return); repatriation (to cover air ambulance home) and baggage insurance. Also check coverage for terrorism attacks and natural disasters, which is usually based upon travel advisories issued by Foreign Affairs Canada or the U.S. State Department.

Isobel Warren is a freelance travel writer from Newmarket, Canada, and author of forthcoming "Travel Safe and Savvy".


Travelling with kiddies?...

Although I normally limit the amount of television my children watch, when I travel, the rules change. When going on any kind of trip, I highly recommend bringing along a portable DVD player with a selection of long movies plus a bag of healthy and 'not so healthy' snacks. On a recent five hour flight to Barbados, my kids barely moved. Instead they loved the treat of non stop videos, allowing my hubby and I free time to read and nap. Yummy!
P.S. Be sure to pack extra batteries just in case.

Erica Ehm is the creator and Editor of, the online destination for modern mothers looking for some yummy!


Woman on the go...

Considered a 'must-read' by several CEOs. Get Ahead by Going Abroad is the perfect book for that professional women who's looking to fast-track her way to the top AND have some fun doing it. According to the authors Stacie Berdan and Perry Yeatman, 'Working abroad can broaden your professional capabilities, increase your pay and expand your personal horizons'.Want to learn more? Check out their website:


Bonus #3! Author searches for solo travel anecdotes...girl reading

Please write to me if you have a story. For my book about solo travelling I'm looking for travel enthusiasts with interesting stories to tell. My book, 'Solo Travelling' will stir the imagination and will be packed with your anecdotes about unforgettable experiences, special encounters, hilarious and confronting moments and exciting and joyful adventures. Please, join in and share your travel baggage with Dutch and Belgian fellow travellers! For more details send me an e-mail: Cheers!


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