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Woman Writers Worldwide Share Travel Secrets

Essentials When Traveling...

As an increasing number of women are hitting the road, they’re devising tricks and tips so traveling feels less akin to drudgery. This is for woman whose career is dependent on being on the go. Once, I spent 14 nights in different beds during a 21-day period. There’s nothing like awakening in the middle of the night befuddled so I compiled a list of must-take items that helped me feel a bit less disoriented: (1) Your own pillow. Use it on longer flights to catch a few winks. (2) A photo of your family. (3) A facemask. Different rooms have different levels of brightness and one will aid in giving you a uniform sleep. (4) An alarm clock to which you’re accustomed and can actually see. Scrambling to locate your watch can throw off your biorhythms. (5) Prop up a piece of paper with the name of the city where you’re sleeping. There are a lot of cookie-cutter looking hotels, most especially ones that target the business traveler.

Karen Fawcett lives in Paris, France and is the President of Bonjour Paris ( She also writes Paris City Guide USA (


Carry a large scarf...

I always travel with a scarf in my carryon bag. You know the kind you buy for ten dollars either on a Caribbean island or at the $10 stores in the airport. It's light and takes no room at all. This scarf can be used aboard the plane instead of the issued blanket providing a level of comfort since you know its clean. You can use the same scarf over your shoulders in chilly restaurants. Iron it and it become a chic-looking accessory. I’ve used it to cover my head when entering Mosques. I also travel with a lightweight windbreaker. It comes in quite handy and has logged more miles than most people. I bought it in Bermuda during an afternoon rain shower and I’ve had it so long the logo has worn off of it.

PJ Thomas is the Editor of Pathfinders - Travel Magazine for People of Color.


Vintage shopping in London...

Rellik is a vintage emporium and a must for fashion devotees far and wide. This shop may be a tad pricier than the nearby market stalls, but if you’re looking for bona fide designer vintage this is the place for you. Whether its belts, bags, broaches, boots or braces, the clothes rails are crammed with achingly fabulous pieces by Westwood, Dior, Biba, Ossie Clark and Pucci to name but a few. The amazing level of service is reflected in the outstanding selection of eclectic vintage couture; the staff really know their stuff, and are on hand to give you honest and sound advice on your potential period purchases.
Opening times: Tues – Sat 10am –6pm, closed Sunday & Monday. Address: 8 Golboune Road, Ladbroke Grove, London, W10 5NW Tube: Ladbroke Grove tube stop on the Hammersmith & City line.

Rachel Bull is currently beginning her career as a freelance features writer in the UK. Her work includes Time Out city guides in Buenos Aires and London, and she presently writes for the Itchy Travel Guide to London.


Personal travel precautions I take...

I have a few key rules for myself when I'm away on assignment. (1) Before I travel, I e-mail a copy of my itinerary (flight times and hotel contact information) to each member of my family. You never know when one of them needs to be in touch. (2) Since I’m travelling alone, I keep a credit card and $20 emergency money in a pants or jacket pocket – separate from my purse. (3) Once in the hills of Tuscany, I thought I would have to spend the night in my car. Now when driving in a foreign country, I make sure to know what time the gas stations close for the night. I refill the gas tank when it reaches the half way mark. Then I don't have to worry.

Anna Hobbs is a Toronto Star columnist and an Ontario freelance journalist with a passion for wine.


Women's-only Guest House in Wellington, New Zealand...

In Wellington, New Zealand, I discovered a gem of a women’s-only guest house called The Mermaid. Francesca and Kate are long-time partners who opened up the four-bedroom guest house 12 years ago. Francesca’s sweet mother Joyce acts as the on-site den mother; not only will you want to pack her up and take her home with you, but she’s also the best sources in the city to learn about New Zealand’s history and culture. The rooms are fun and funkily decorated—I preferred the Latino room draped in rich purples and burgandies, and the peaceful blue Pacific room. You also can’t beat the location: it’s in the pretty and historic Te Aro Valley which is just a few minutes walk from the city center and the hordes of shops and restaurants on Cuba Street.

Sarika Chawla lives in Los Angeles. She is the Managing Editor of Peter Greenberg Worldwide


I love my make-up bag...

Some of us need more help than others - which is why, no matter how hard I try, I always cart too much makeup. Years ago a sorority sister (any Beta Sigma Phi’s out there?) presented me with a 3-pocket envelope-style waterproof bag that unfolds to lie flat over my clothes just before shutting the suitcase. Each pocket is zippered. Nothing has ever dripped out or broken. On arrival I just whip it out, and hang it up on a bathroom door hook. Most major stores carry something similar. Those lucky naturally gorgeous characters can, of course, by-pass this tip!

Ursula Maxwell-Lewis is the Publisher of Cloverdale Reporter News.


Bonus #7! Travelling Chic...

Traveling in style isn’t easy when most travel products are tan, grey and ugly! That is why Traveling Chic has made it their mission to find products that are not. Inside their online boutique you’ll find cute cosmetic bags by Stephanie Johnson, hip luggage by Halsea, chic carry-ons, travel hairdryers, travel alarm clocks, fun luggage tags by Tepper Jackson and Bonjour Fleurette, funky travel journals by Sukie, passport cases, travel money belts, travel umbrellas by ShedRain and so much more! We are a new member of Journeywoman's Network of classified advertisers. Come by and take a peek. Website:


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