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This Month's Hot Deals

Best Tips Submitted by Readers -- February 2014

Compiled by Evelyn Hannon

HERE ARE THIS MONTH'S TOP 12 JOURNEYWOMAN TRAVEL TIPS -- As usual, your many female-friendly bits of advice from all over the world continue to inform, inspire and amuse. This time, from wonderful travelling women across the U.S. and Canada to those in (Hong Kong) China, (Bournemouth), United Kingdom, (Bangalore), India and (Oaxaco) Mexico, what follows are this issue's top twelve travelling tips. Enjoy, everybody.

REMEMBER THAT WHEN IT COMES TO TRAVEL ADVICE WE COUNT ON ALL OF YOU -- It's your wonderful tips that keep us going. They're original. They're informative. They have been tested by women who love to travel and we thrive on them. Please think of one juicy tip for us, be sure to include your first name and city (don't forget the city!) and address your emails to: Put the words, 'My February 2014 contribution' in the subject line. Thank you and you and you and you!

50 Shades of Hay

TO ADD TO THE FUN -- We'll pick one tip-ster at random and award her with this laminated 'Fifty Shades of Hay' Parody Bookmark because we know... that everyone needs one of these.

1. SUNDAY EVENING IN PARIS -- writes Jane in Milwaukee, USA - I love Paris and have spent a lot of time there. One of the places I've found for reasonable food on a Sunday evening (when many places are closed) is the food court in the shopping center (Carrousel du Louvre) attached to the Musee du Louvre. You'll find lots of choices and you don't feel conspicuous eating alone. Interesting people-watching as well. Enjoy Paris, everybody!

2. EATING HEALTHY IN PHILLY -- writes Jasmin in Toronto, Canada -- I am a natural nutritionist who loves food. One place I definitely recommend in Philly is Reading Street Market. It is sort of hidden in the convention centre area, I happened to stumble upon it but I'm sure all the locals can point you in the right direction. Inside this large market are rows and rows of individual vendors who sell things such as Amish made baked goods, delicious coffees, teas, fresh cream cheeses, or other cheeses, meats, sandwiches, old fashioned pickles and lots of other delicious foods. More information at:

EDITOR'S NOTE: When healthy turns to sick. It happens to all of us at least once in our travelling career. Read 'When You Are Sick on the Road' for lots of excellent advice on how to care for yourself when you are away and alone.

3. FAVORITE BOOK STORE IN HONG KONG -- writes Kay in Hong Kong, China -- My favorite bookstore in Hong Kong is the second-hand and recycle shop called, Flow. I could browse there for hours and I always find gems. Perhaps you will, too. Flow is located at 1A Wing On Building, 38 Hollywood Road, Central.

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you enjoy mysteries we've compiled a fabulous listing of detective series written by women who solve crimes in countries around the world. Click here!

4. VERY SPECIAL RESTAURANT IN NICE -- writes Patricia in Oakville, Canada -- La Merenda is conveniently located on the edge of Nice's extensive Vieille Ville (old town). This shoebox of a restaurant offers a unique experience in many ways. With seating, on wooden stools, for barely twenty customers, conversation soon flows easily from table to table with everyone eager to share comments about their gustatory delights. The authentic provençal menu, using only seasonal produce, is displayed on a small blackboard and prepared in the tiny kitchen by renowned chef, Dominique LeStanc. No credit cards accepted. No cell phones invited. No reservations. You must poke your head through the beaded doorway and see when they may have a spot for you. Trust me, it is all worth it! Click here for their website.

5. FABULOUS B&B IN FLORENCE -- writes Jane in Radium Hot Springs, Canada - I stayed at a fabulous B & B in Florence (in November 2013): Casa di Annusca B & B, Via dei Serragli, 126, Oltrarno area. The owner, Fabio Baudone, pays attention to detail and provides a truly aesthetic experience. The artwork and furniture in each room is hand picked and thoughtfully placed. Breakfast was a lovely experience with lit candles, classical piano music playing in the background, and a wide range of life-giving food. I was able to walk to all of the museums, churches, palaces, restaurants, bridges, etc. in Florence. The location of the B & B is also close to the train station. After 4 days exploring Florence and returning to this lovely B & B, I was sorry to leave. You will find Fabio to be a wonderful host. The cost was 68 euros/night.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Here's another '25 Things Women Should Know About Florence' Click here!

6. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES -- writes Susann in Austin, USA -- (1) Take an extra pair of glasses. You will be lost (literally) without being able to see where you are. I looked over the railing of the QM2 and my glasses went into the "deep blue sea." I was miserable for the rest of the trip. (2) Another learn by doing tip. Bring an extra toothbrush. I dropped mine on the floor in the airplane restroom. That brush never touched my mouth again. Yes, you might be able to get one at a pharmacy, but not having to search for one is a relief. (3) Bring a gallon Ziplock bag for each day of your trip. Each night put all the receipts, pictures, books, etc in a bag with a few notes. You will cherish the memories.

7. CHAIN OF 'HEALTHY' CAFES IN LONDON, ENGLAND -- writes Lee in Bournemouth, UK -- I was going to write in about an amazing little cafe just off Regent Street in London, England... and then I discovered there's a whole chain of them across London! They're called "Vital Ingredient", and serve salad, soup, breakfast and juices - eat in or take-away. A 'small' bowl of soup will set you back around £3 and keep you going for hours. I had Thai Chicken soup and you could stand the spoon up in it, it was so full of goodness. The branch off Regent Street always seems to have a queue out the door (a sure sign of success!), but the staff are so efficient and helpful that it never takes long to get served. Vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, dairy-free, low-fat and wheat-free diets are all catered for. Each branch seems to have different opening times, so for more information, check out their website It would be hard to find a better (value AND taste) place to pause in your sight-seeing when in central London!

EDITOR'S NOTE: How lucky we are to have a local London businesswoman in our JW Network. She wrote 'Good London Food for Less.' Click here!

8. ACCOMMODATION CLOSE TO THE GLASGOW AIRPORT -- writes Regina in Crystal Lake, USA -- This is a money-saving tip. Rather than stay in the expensive hotels of Glasgow or even for the convenience of being close to the Glasgow airport, I stay at a lovely little hotel six miles down the road called The Watermill in Paisley. They include breakfast in their very reasonable cost, it's across the street from the beautiful historic Paisley Abbey, and you can catch a train or bus within a short walk from the Watermill to anywhere in Scotland. The best part is most of the Watermill employees have been there for years and are friendly, helpful, and efficient. Waterfront rooms £45. Website:

9. LET THERE BE LIGHT -- writes Jill in Eugene, USA -- Don't bump into things on the way to the washroom. Pack a small LED candle to use as a night light! They last forever so no worries about batteries running out quickly or trying to find a handy outlet in your hotel room. I like them because they give off just enough light in a dark room to find your bearings.

10. WHEN YOU VISIT OAXACA, MEXICO -- writes Geri in Oaxaco - I want you to know about one of my favorite spots. I live here and I think the Zocalo is the best central park in the whole country. I especially enjoy sitting in an outdoor café on Sundays from 12:30 until 2:00 listening to a band concert in the shade of the 200-year-old laurel trees. You can sit sipping beer, margaritas or any cold drink, listen to music, eat and gawk. I bet on any given Sunday there are people from at least a dozen countries enjoying the place. And, of course, there are Mexicans from all walks of life-- from Indigenous women wrapped in wrinkles and rebozos to young, shapely ladies in six-inch heels. The gallant Mexican men are also very easy on the eyes. I once saw a family wheel their 'matriarch,' (a woman at least 90 years old), to the band concert atop a hay wagon. Between your trips around the world, you can visit Oaxaca's Zocalo and watch the world pass by.

11. QUAINT SHOP IN PARIS -- writes Mary in Delavan, USA -- I spent Thanksgiving in Paris and found a tiny charming shop that is a real gem. It is Les Metamorphoses and it is on the Left Bank in the 5th arr. at 45 rue de Petit Pont. The owner, a small elderly woman and her daughter repair and sell vintage and antique jewelry. You won't need to speak French; they speak English very well. The décor, with deer heads on the wall is eclectic (to say the least). They showcase lovely older jewelry - most never worn. I could have bought so many things, but I did buy a pair of cameo earrings with pearl dangles circa 1930 that I love and the prices were not unreasonable. Recommended!

EDITOR'S NOTE: You can find lots more archived Paris shopping tips right here.

12. CHARMING OLD BOOKSTORE IN BANGALORE, INDIA -- writes Freya in Bangalore, India -- I'd like other Journey Women to know about this little gem of a used bookstore. It's run by Mr. Murty who is an awesome guy. The shop dates back to 1945 when his father started the business. Just sit and have a chat with him if you have time. He seems to know where every book you need is located. I really love this place because you never know what you are going to find. I go for one book and usually leave with five. Address: 71, Brigade Road in Bangalore

EDITOR'S NOTE: You will be amazed at our Journeywoman listing of bookstores around the world perfect for browsing. Click here.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! -- For new tour ideas, travel products, discounts, free single supplements, etc. CLICK HERE.

PAST LINKS -- If you didn't read 'Best Tips for January', CLICK HERE. 'Best Tips for November' CLICK HERE.


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