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This Month's Hot Deals

Best Tips Submitted by Readers -- November 2014

Compiled by Evelyn Hannon

HERE ARE THIS MONTH'S TOP 12 JOURNEYWOMAN TRAVEL TIPS -- As usual, your many female-friendly bits of advice from all over the world continue to inform, inspire and amuse. This time, from wonderful travelling women across the U.S. and Canada to those in Wellington (New Zealand), Tokyo (Japan) Bundaberg (Australia) and Hamburg (Germany) what follows are this issue's top twelve travelling tips. Enjoy, everybody.

1. GENERAL ADVICE FOR CAMBODIA -- writes Lorraine in Wellington, New Zealand -- I just returned from Cambodia and thought I'd share five tips I learned from local guides. (1) Keep handy US$1 notes to donate at temples when you receive a blessing. (2) Take the pens and notepads that you've collected from various hotels from around the world and give it to the village children; don't give them cash. (3) Don't touch a monk's robe, if his robe is touched by a woman he cannot ever wear it again. (4) Don't wear perfume and yellow clothing, it attracts mosquitoes. (5) Apply mosquito repellent straight after a shower. That way you will cover all skin areas including the bits exposed when using public toilets.

2. WHEN TRAVELLING CARRY LOCAL CHANGE IN YOUR POCKET -- writes Mildred in Boise, USA - I like to lighten my load when I'm out sightseeing. However I find I'm constantly accumulating lots of coins given in change for my purchases. Instead of carrying that change in my purse and weighing me down, I put it in my pockets. Then when I stop for coffee or a pack of gum, I just dig in and get rid of the coins easily without opening my purse or my wallet, etc.

3. RIGA, LATVIA FOOD MARKET -- writes Kirsten in Los Angeles, USA -- Did you know that Riga is home to one of the largest food markets in Europe? Imagine! Over 80,000 people visit every day. You can pick up local delicacies like smoked fish, country bread, cheese and honey. The five halls of the market were originally built as airplane hangars. Today, the Riga Central Market is listed as a UNESCO Global Heritage site. Website:

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you are a Journeywoman who enjoys markets, we suggest you check out London's Top Five Markets

4. DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK -- writes Melissa in Mississauga, Canada -- I manage a two storey hotel with no elevator. We assume most women would rather not have to go up and down stairs and so we assign them first floor rooms. However, if you are uncomfortable with a room on the ground floor in any hotel just mention to the staff that you will feel safer one floor up. They will always move you if there is room. Also strike up a conversation with females at the front desk, they are the best to give you women-centered travel information in their city.

5. WHAT TO WEAR IN INDIA -- writes Jean in Washington, USA -- We traveled to India as a family in January. It is the driest season and the temperature was comfortable but a light to medium jacket is still needed. Men do stare, especially at young women and it can be uncomfortable. My daughters in their early twenties were very glad that they were prepared. It is best to be conservative. Cover up shoulders, legs (below the knees) and chest. A jacket with a hoodie can be very useful to cover up your hair. I wore jeans and wore shirts that were a bit longer so that the back is modestly covered. It is very comfortable to wear work out pants but they are tight and can reveal a lot so it is even more important to have longer tops to be sure the back is sufficiently covered. It is best to keep the hems of the pants ankle length so as not to drag on the ground.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Here's some great India shopping tips for you! Click here.

6. LET THERE BE LIGHT IN YOUR HOTEL ROOM -- writes Jill in Oregon, USA -- Do you always get up during the night? Worried about bumping into things or tripping? Pack a small LED candle to use as a night light. They last forever so no worries about a battery or trying to find an outlet, etc. These LEDs give off enough light in a dark room to help you find your bearings. For an example of what they look like, click here.

7. SAVE MONEY IN TOKYO -- writes Sandra in Tokyo, Japan -- For the absolute best deal in Tokyo, purchase the GRUTTO Pass. GRUTTO is actually 'Gu-ru-to', which means to 'go around'. It is a coupon book that gets you into over 50 museums/zoos/aquariums for free, and many others at a discount. Pay 2000 yen ($US20) for the booklet and it can be used for exactly two months. Especially great in the really humid summer or the cold months of winter. Visit only 2-3 locations to pay off your pass. There is an equivalent pass in the Osaka/Kyoto region as well. Click here

EDITOR'S NOTE: Planning a trip to Japan? We think you'll enjoy reading 'Seven Things I Love Doing in Japan', 'What the Colors of Kimonos Mean', '10 English Sign in Japan That Will Make You Smile.'

8. HUMOROUS BOOK OFFERS CULTURAL INSIGHTS TO YOUNG WOMEN -- writes Marilyn from Montreal, Canada -- Playing with Matches by Canadian author, Suri Rosen is a most delightful book for girls 12-16. This warm and humorous story deals with sister relationships and matchmaking. Although the sisters come from one particular religious group (Judaism) arranged marriage is a custom amongst many religious and cultural groups. In my family, three generations have read this book and each thought it was not only funny and warm, but also had strong and positive female role models. Truly an excellent read! See:

9. EXCELLENT HOMESTAY IN HOI AN, VIETNAM -- writes Lynda in Bundaberg Australia -- Thought I'd pass this tip along. The place where I most enjoyed staying was Hoi An, a small and very ancient town roughly half way between Saigon and Hanoi. From Hoi An we were able to make day trips to My Son, which is the location of 4th century Hindu temples, and to Marble Mountain and some lovely nearby beaches. Marble mountain is the source of beautiful white marble which is carved into hundreds of statues. The town is also famous for its many tailors. In Hoi An we stayed at a remarkable Homestay. The room had two beds, (a large double and a single) ensuite bathroom, TV, air-conditioner and adjacent balcony. Breakfast was included and the hosts were wonderful in their helpfulness. It's name is 'Blue Clouds Homestay' and I'd recommend it to anyone seeking clean budget accommodation. The price was less than $30 AUD per day. Website:

EDITOR'S NOTE: Crossing streets in VietNam is like nothing you have ever experienced before. Read Editor Evelyn Hannon's take on the subject. Click here.

10. FREE CITY TOUR IN BUENOS AIRES -- writes Marjorie in Los Angeles, USA --I recently returned from a two week vacation in Argentina. One of the most fun and best things I did there was participating in a couple of walking tours by BA Free Tours in Buenos Aires. The tours are completely free and do not require any reservations whatsoever. Of course this company has to make some money somehow, so it is customary to tip them however much you feel they deserve. People tend to tip generously because the tours are one of a kind. All you have to do for this tour is meet at the designated location on time and be prepare to walk (at a slow pace) and stand for a couple of hours. The tours are led by local residents of the city. FYI, they call themselves portenos. The tour guides are very energetic and knowledgeable about their city. They speak English fluently. What I got from the tour was a great introduction to a beautiful city through the eyes of locals. Website:

11. LONDON CAFE USES INGREDIENTS FRESH FROM THE GROCERY -- writes Thelma in Hamburg, Germany -- In London near Waterloo (especially convenient to going to the Old Vic or Young Vic theaters) is Greensmiths' upscale grocery store where I ate one of the nicest lunches I have ever had. The wonderful little café is located right in the grocery store. They offer brunch and lunch. The food was simple but delicious - with fresh ingredients from their shop. I had a pasta dish and I do remember that the berry pie I had for dessert was amazing. Website:

EDITOR'S NOTE: We think it's always helpful to know about another 25 Cheap and Cheerful Restaurants Around the World. Click here.

12. COMFORTABLE HOTEL IN KYOTO, JAPAN -- writes Evelyn in Toronto, Canada -- I've just returned from a trip to Japan and I want to recommend a Kyoto hotel I stayed in. It's not big. It's not fancy. It's called: Hotel Hokke Club Kyoto. My single room was tiny (and spotless) and the bathroom had one of those super-duper Japanese toilets that has lots of settings that you will have fun playing with. Little English was spoken at the front desk yet everybody was so helpful and we always understood each other. The location is incredible - right across from the modern Kyoto train station plus shopping mall as well as full floors of restaurants offering everything from Japanese noodles to Italian fare. Starbucks is around the corner plus a 100-yen shop (Japanese Dollar Store) and a discount electronics store with a grocery in the lower level. Trams to central Kyoto are right across the street. Bonus - free WiFi. See:


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