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Journeywoman's Best Tips of 2005

A great apartment in Prague -- writes Cristina from London, England -- I’ve just returned from Prague and was fortunate to stay in an apartment in a delightful area three tram stops from the famous Historical Centre. Staying here we felt that we had an insight into the real Prague where the prices in restaurants and shops were suited to the locals and not just 'wealthy tourists'. The best tour we went on was run by Katelina who leads small groups on 'alternative walks' to the Old Jewish Town and around authentic markets and residential areas ($US12). She spent over three hours with us, answering all our questions and giving us a huge amount of good information in a very light-hearted way. Katelina starts daily from the steps of the Rudolfinum at 1.30 or 3.30. Her contact number is +420 608 748569 if you need it. In a city which gets over six million visitors a year it's a real treat to be able to get under the veneer and in touch with the heart of Prague. Apartment rental website: Enjoy everybody!

ED. NOTE: Our readers have sent in many other suggestions for excellent women-friendly guides around the world. You can read this list at:

Knit one purl one on long flights -- writes Cindy from Sacramento, USA -- I would like to pass along this tip to other JourneyWomen who knit. I use plastic needles which are now considered OK to take on planes. Often other women who knit will come over and talk to me about their own handiwork projects. This is a great way to meet other travellers, to keep busy while in the boarding area, to pass the time on an overseas flight and to finally finish a project that you haven't been able to get to in months.

ED. NOTE: I tested this theory on two international flights and I, too, wasn't stopped by security. A word of caution, though -- Don't get so engrossed with your knitting when you're waiting to board that someone walks off with one of your bags. I always use the old trick of tying my suitcase and camera to my cart with a scarf. This way I can concentrate on what I'm doing and no one can casually pick up my bag and walk away. Read 'Twelve Ways to Fool Thieves as you Travel.'

Yummy brunch in New York City -- writes Terry from Washington, DC, USA --If you find yourself in New York City, treat yourself to a meal at Norma's in Le Parker Meridien Hotel, 118 W 57th St. Breakfast is all they serve, and they serve it until 3 pm, every day. And what breakfasts they are! Picture two-inch thick French Toast, waffles stuffed with fruit and topped with fruit and surrounded by more fruit, lobster frittata with caviar...well, you get the picture. They start you off with a shot glass of the smoothie of the day and finish off with a small bag of dried, crispy orange slices. In between, you get more calories than you care to count, but oh, what a way to blow your diet! It's definitely pricey, but considering that you can eat enough for breakfast AND lunch, you can justify it to yourself. And of course you will walk all those calories off on the way to MOMA, the Met, the Guggenheim... Have fun everybody!

ED. NOTE: Read lots more yummy tips about New York at:


Sweetest 2005 letters to the editor...

Dear Journeywoman:

Hallelujah! Through reading my YHA newsletter properly, I've discovered your fabulous site. As a 40+ journeywoman I was delighted to surf your site, sign up for the newsletters and read the tips and tricks available. I look forward to reading about what other people are doing while I'm working to save to go away again. Indeed, I get the feeling I might end up somewhere I'd never thought of going if I keep reading your great site. Cheers and keep up the great work.
Sharon, Randwick, Australia

Dear Journeywoman:

How wonderful that there have been so many congratulatory emails to you. Do add this one to the group. I was given a hard copy subscription to JourneyWoman long before you went online. You were in Paris in December, 1996, I think, and met my sister and brother-in-law at a lecture and after speaking with them, they sent me the subscription as a holiday gift. I've been receiving the issues ever since, love them and use for hints and whenever I travel. Keep up the great work,
Arlene, Bethesda, MD USA





More terrific tips 1/2/3/4

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