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Journeywoman's Best Tips of 2007

Some background about the Journeywoman Network...

As of the summer of 2008, Journeywoman has over 63,000 fabulous members in our Network of Women Travellers in over 100 countries and territories around the world.

How did they become members? Simply by filling out the membership form on our home page. CLICK HERE

Is there a fee to receive this membership? No, our monthly travel tip newsletter for women is sent to members absolutely FREE.

Do you post past issues of your newsletter on the web? No we don't. These award-winning travel tip newsletters are exclusively for our subscribers.

How many pieces of travel advice do you publish each month? Each month we include the best 12-15 travel tips we receive about moderately priced hotels, women-owned B&B's, local restaurants, latest clothing and culturally correct advice plus out-of-the-ordinary things to do in major cities worldwide. Most tips do not appear in leading guidebooks. These are simply little gems submitted by local members around the world.

Please join us! CLICK HERE

P.S. If you have a tip you'd like to share. Don't worry about spelling, presentation, etc. Just email your information to: We always welcome your input and can do any editing your writing might need.


A CHARMING B&B IN MONTREAL -- writes Victoria in Montreal, Canada -- I would like to recommend a charming, spacious Montreal B&B, run by a spunky Swedish woman, herself a world traveller. It is located in Priest's Farm, a beautiful residential neighbourhood on the edge of downtown Montreal, just a half block from major bus and subway lines, and easy walking distance to museums, shopping and a charming outdoor market. The decor is lovely and the owner provides truly gourmet breakfasts. Cost: $70 Canadian single, and $95 double. Lena, the Swedish woman who runs the B&B on her own, is a 'good acquaintance'. Her daughters went to school with my daughters. I send all my visitors there and they love it. I have dined there myself on two occasions, and can vouch first hand for Lena's cooking. Also for the charming decor and excellent location. Website:

EDITOR'S NOTE: Interested in more lovely women-centered accommodations? Click here and here.


VOLUNTEER GUIDES IN MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA -- writes Erica in Melbourne, Australia -- Here is our latest press release about The Melbourne Greeter Service. We thought your readers would enjoy hearing about us. Discover from a local what locals love about Melbourne. This Greeter service is a free half day orientation of the city for visitors and tourists. It offers an insight to our city from a local's perspective. You get the opportunity to explore Melbourne City by tram or on foot (without getting lost). We operate daily except Good Friday and Christmas Day. Reservations are essential and booking must be made at least two days in advance. For more information, contact the Melbourne Greeter Service coordinator on

EDITOR'S NOTE: Check our Best Guides article. We have one full page devoted to volunteer greeters in six different cities. Anybody want to add another city? Please write and tell us about it. We'd love that.

WOMEN WITH LARGE FEET WILL LOVE THIS AMSTERDAM SHOP -- writes Erika in Gatineau, Canada. -- I visited Amsterdam last year and came across a shoe store for women with large feet (size 10 and up). I wear a size 12 (44 in European sizes) and this shop offers lots of wonderful choices that I haven't found elsewhere. The name of the place is Big Shoe and the address is Leliegracht 12. The owner (Marjan Kouw) wears a size 46 herself and opened this store because she, too, had trouble finding shoes. Marjan designs some of the styles then has an Italian shoemaker make them, so they are exclusive finds. I found a fabulous pair of funky red boots and the price was similar to what I would have paid at home. If you wear size 10 plus and you're visiting Amsterdam, you should definitely visit this store. Website (in Dutch only):

EDITOR'S NOTE: Wonderful tip. Where else but Journeywoman can you find this kind of female-friendly information? We love it!





More terrific tips 2/3/4

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