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The Best Newsletter Tips of 2009

SO GOOD THIS TIP DESERVES TO BE REPEATED -- writes Leslie in Toronto, Canada -- Sew a money hiding bra pocket. While browsing the internet I found this great way to keep your emergency money hidden. It requires some simple sewing but it is so easy I think that most Journeywoman readers will be able to handle the five short steps. Take a look and give it a try. I told all my friends about it and they loved the idea.


SOUTH AFRICAN BED AND BREAKFASTS -- writes Ginny in Atlanta, USA -- When traveling to Pretoria I recommend staying at the Rosenhof Guesthouse. The accommodations are lovely, the staff is helpful, breakfast on the patio is luxurious, and they have lots of great tips to keep you safe while visiting. They also have wireless connection for a small fee. Website: Also if you are visiting the Eastern Cape area of South Africa near Somerset East, I suggest you stay at the Blue Crane Lodge B&B. Every room is very large, secure, filled with lovely antiques, nice big bathrooms, the price is very reasonable and the breakfast is huge. Email:


A CHATEAU CLOSE TO PARIS -- writes Colleen in Galway, Ireland -- While in Paris, I visited the Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte which was the inspiration for Versailles. I wanted to see it because the gardens were the subject of an essay I wrote in university. Vaux-le-Vicomte is a fully restored, splendid example of 17th-century Baroque art, architecture, and neo-classical gardens. Well worth seeing. From central Paris, I took the metro, then RER D train from Paris (Le Chatelet) to Melun station and from there a taxi to the chateau. I spent a happy day wandering the gardens, touring the chateau, and trekking up the wooden stairs to the little walkway around the dome. There's a gift shop and restaurant on-site. Seasonal opening from March 15-November 8. Website:


PLEASE NO PAINKILLERS IN JAPAN -- writes Erica in Beltsville, USA -- I'd like other women to know that it is illegal to bring narcotics (which include painkillers like Percocet and Vicodin) into Japan without a permit. Some U.S. over-the-counter medications are also forbidden. However, it isn't too hard to get a permit for a 30-tablet supply of painkillers; I have done it twice, once with a tight deadline. See for more information. I was able to get the correct forms faxed to me by the Japanese Embassy in Washington, DC, and submitted my request (along with the required letter from my doctor) by fax to the appropriate office in Japan. There is a different permit-granting office for each city of entry.


HOTEL WITH COMMUNAL DINING IN VARANASI, INDIA -- writes Mariellen in Toronto, Canada -- I was very glad that I stayed at the Hotel Ganges View, Assi Ghat, in Varanasi. Aside from being a comfortable and safe place to stay, it also features a communal dining experience in the gracious dining room. At dinner, I met other women traveling alone, and a couple of us went on to Delhi together, sharing some of the expenses. Read other reviews:

NEWS ALERT: Mariellen is a passionate Indiaphile who has traveled extensively in the country she loves. Check her helpful article, 10 Tips to Prepare Women for a Trip to India. It's a must read whether you're experienced or a first-time visitor.


EXCELLENT HOTEL AND EXCELLENT GUIDE IN ISTANBUL -- writes Sandra in Rome, Italy -- I just spent five days in Istanbul and I loved it. I'd like to recommend the hotel I stayed at to the other JW readers. The Ottoman Imperial is a very lovely boutique hotel with a good price to quality ratio. It was originally both a school and hospital in the mid 1880's and today has a place in tourism. I also want to recommend our guide Sermin. I found her address in Journeywoman's Best Guides section and by email she assisted me in organizing the program of my visit. We spent one day together on the Bosphorus and it was great but the tour of Chora with the detailed explanation given by Sermin was really astonishing. She is a very cultured person, kind and sensitive. My daughter and I spent a wonderful day with her. Thank you, Journeywoman.

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you're looking for a guide there is nothing like having a recommendation from another woman. Click here to find over 50 guides that JourneyWomen around the world have used and enjoyed. Email: with your favorites and we'll post them for everybody else to consider. That's what is all about.


WHAT TO WEAR IN SHANGHAI CHINA IN SPRING AND SUMMER -- writes Toni in Virginia, USA -- If you go to Shanghai at this time of the year, be prepared for extreme heat. Fortunately, I brought many light things and planned on dressing in layers if necessary. I ended up wearing capris and gauzy blouses a lot. Comfortable sandals were great. Just make sure yours are broken in as you will do a lot of walking. Pants for evening and light sweaters (for the air-conditioned places) are a good idea. I also brought along a raincoat just in case. P.S. I found the tips from journeywoman very useful before my trip to Shanghai. Now I'm adding mine to the list and hope this helps other travellers.


FEMALE TAXI SERVICE IN MUMBAI, INDIA -- writes Pauline in Montreuil, France -- I arrived in Mumbai in the middle of the night, asked an airport security agent for help with transportation and he found me a female taxiwallah (driver). The lady drove me to my hotel and got out of the cab to accompany me to the main door. She gave me a flyer and I discovered Priyadarshini Taxi Service. These taxis (pink coloured) are driven by women trained for self defense. Their slogan is 'Of women, for women, by women'. The service is available 24 hours. Priyadarshini Taxi Service. You can call - 9323208277 or 24324161 or 24324162 to reach them.


THE PERFECT TRAVEL SOUVENIR -- writes Astrid in New York City, USA -- When I travel I love to spend time looking for the perfect souvenir in all the towns I pass through. I'm always making mental notes about what I want to bring back with me that will remind me of this place or that. I also like to buy something new to wear like earrings or a scarf really early during my holiday so I can wear them and spruce up my not-so-new travel outfits. These items often become treasured souvenirs that bring back memories of where I bought and wore them and why.

A Fabulous Vietnamese Tailor Shop...

Yaly Couture in Hoi An, Vietnam is owned by female tailor, Mrs. Quynh. Mrs. Quynh is 37 years old and speaks English beautifully. Of the more than 400 made-to-measure clothing shops in this town this woman's shop is reputed to be the best. Garments you order can be sewn to your specifications in two days. In town just for the day? They can make a suit in just five hours. 47 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hoi An, Vietnam. Tel: (84-510) 910 474 (Source: The Toronto Star).


How to...

Enjoy the benefits of solo travel -- This is a fabulous quote we found in the book, 'Travel Therapy-Where Do You Need to Go?' "Going to a new place breaks you out of your rut and forces you to use new parts of your brain. It makes it easier to interrupt old, bad, ingrained patterns. If you're in a stuck spot in your life, go alone to someplace you've never been. You will meet the 'new you' there'.
(Jane Fendelman, Counsellor, Phoenix, USA)

More terrific 2009 tips 1/2/4





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