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The Best Newsletter Tips of 2009

THE COVERED MARKET IN BUDAPEST, HUNGARY -- writes Sunny from Tel Aviv, Israel -- My girlfriend and I just returned from Budapest and we're happy to report that from our 'woman-centered' experience we felt safe there and could walk everywhere without being harassed. One of the things we truly enjoyed doing was visiting the covered market at the Pest end of Liberty Bridge (Monday AM is a quiet time; Saturday AM allows you to shop with the locals). Of course being in Hungary you must have goulash at least once during your stay. We ate our fill at the large restaurant on the second floor of the market (there is only one large restaurant there). The price was right and the goulash delicious. Have fun, ladies!


ENGLISH SPOKEN AT THIS B&B IN MILAN -- writes Roberta in Italy -- Coming to Milan for business, pleasure, or a bit of both, and want to live like a local? Then Casa Broggi is for you. Located in central Milan, close enough to the action but far enough away to allow you peace and privacy, this palazzo residence is perfect for short or long stays. Two bedrooms accommodating four adults, with a fully-equipped modern kitchen for when you don't feel like going out to eat, living area with satellite TV and DVD player plus WiFi broadband for when you want to keep in touch. Your host is Jane Wilson, a British woman who's married to an Italian, and who has lived in Milan for many years. Website:


KOSHER B&B IN ROME -- writes Debra in Toronto, Canada -- Cheerful comfy digs with an Israeli-style breakfast are served up at The Home in Rome, a kosher B&B in Rome. There’s a computer with free internet in the living room, and guests are also loaned a cell phone to use during their stay which is very helpful. Owner Eva Gerbi Naccache is a pleasure to deal with and her husband Avram is there every morning to give suggestions and directions.

The B&B is conveniently located in Piazza Bologna, just 3 stops from the Termini rail/metro station. City bus #62 also stops in front of the door and will take you to all the major spots. Airport transfers can be prearranged for a fee, or take the train into Rome’s Termini and then take the metro. Tip: Tiburtina station is only one metro stop from Piazza Bologna and the trip from the airport costs half what it does to Termini.

P.S. One of the best values in Rome is the Roma Pass. For 23 Euros you get unlimited access to public transit for 3 days, plus free admission to the first two museums and/or archaeological sites visited. Hold on to the card and use it for discounted admission to any other museums and sites visited after the two free ones.

NEWS ALERT: If you're a woman who dreams about Italy, we've posted a new insiders article written by women who live in Italy and know all its special nooks and crannies. You'll be sorry if you don't read, Experts Share Tips About Italy With Journeywoman Readers.


CONNECT WITH WOMEN IN EXPAT GROUPS -- writes Carol in Rome, Italy -- In most major European cities there is an expat club or group. With a little google-ing you can find one. In Rome, for example, there is the American International Club of Rome. By checking out the website beforehand, you can see if the Club has any activities going on while you are in town. It's a great way to meet locals as well as expats and get a feel for what Roman life is really like.


IS THE CITY YOU'RE VISITING TOO EXPENSIVE TO SHOP IN? -- writes Robin in Toronto, Canada -- If you’re shopping in any expensive city around the world, consider seeking out the non-profit resale shops. I did and I was well rewarded. In the second hand store in Oslo I found pure wool Nordic ski sweaters in mint condition that would have been unaffordable to me, new. I've learned that where there is wealth, there are great thrift and consignment shops where the well-heeled deposit their unwanted finery. As a tourist one has plenty of time to browse these shops and perhaps come home with an unexpected, inexpensive treasure.


INDIAN FOOD IN PRAGUE -- writes Christine in Montreal, Canada -- My brother and I recently visited Prague and found the most amazing Indian restaurant. We enjoyed it so much we went there twice and also got take-out once. Every dish we had was fantastic. Himalaya Indian Restaurant, Soukenicka 2, Praha 1, Check out their website; part of it is in English. Just delicious! P.S. I love the Journeywoman newsletter and can't wait to receive it and read it all the way through with all the wonderful tips and information. Thanks!


WINE AND BEAUTY IN HO CHI MINH CITY -- writes Sherry in VietNam-- I want to tell women travelling to my city about Qing Wine and Tapas Bar at 110 Pasteur Street District 1. Sure, they have great wine, yummy tappas and a lovely decor; they even have fabulous happy hour specials including cocktails and free tapas. However the best thing about Qing is what's upstairs - a lovely, quiet, soothing foot massage business. Complete with comfortable chairs, mood lighting, and English magazines. A 70 minute foot massage will run $12US (not only foot, but it includes arms, back, and head). Or you can get a mani/pedi for $12USD. The best part? You can order a glass of wine and sip it while you get pampered. Isn't that fabulous?


A Ten Acre English Garden In Canada...

If travelling on Vancouver Island, British Colombia, consider visiting Milner Gardens and Woodland which is located in Qualicum Beach, approximately three hours north of Victoria. This 70 acre garden, 10 acres in flowers, is not like the famous structured Butchart Gardens in Victoria. It is an English garden full of rhododendrons, azaleas and lots of west coast plants, plus a 600 year old Douglas Fir tree. Milner Gardens is open daily from May to end of August. In April and Thanksgiving weekend in October it is open Thursday through Sunday at cheaper rates. This garden is owned by Vancouver Island University, but their six staff members are paid solely from memberships, admissions and plant sales which occur twice yearly. There are over 200 volunteers (I'm one of them) who man the welcome centre, plant sales, propagation, and gift shop areas. With that amount of volunteers versus the number of staff you can tell this garden is well loved. Check out the website at:
(Brenda, Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island)


How to...

Take care of your skin on safari -- This is a tip we ( always give to women going on safari, and it seems to be appreciated by all. We all know the sun in Africa will play havoc with your skin and the wind whipping around you in an open jeep is not that great for it either. So be sure to pack a good sunscreen plus an after-sun cream moisturizer. However, (and this is very important) the perfume content in your products should be minimal as the scent will scare away the very animals that you are hoping to see.
(Jeff, Cape Town, South Africa)


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