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Our Best 2001 Newsletter Tips

Airport Spa in Auckland, New Zealand -- writes Frances from Pickering, Canada -- I'm a Travel Consultant booking trips all over the world and I've started to specialize in the South Pacific. Recently on a journey home from Australia I had a lay over in Auckland, New Zealand. Since I had six hours to enjoy the airport I wondered around and came across a place called Travellers Oasis. This place offers facials, massages and other such goodies. I decided to ready myself for the long flight home and booked both a facial and a foot massage. Just wonderful! Boarding the airplane I was ready for a good night's sleep -- I was relaxed and revitalized with night cream already applied. The Travellers Oasis website is at

Choose Calcutta in India -- writes Lisa Goldman from Tel Aviv, Israel -- If you are able to choose an Indian city to land in, choose Calcutta. For women, it is by far the most pleasant, most cultured of India's big cities. There's a big green park, called the Maidan, that's bigger than Central Park. There are many wonderful bookstores, with well-read and knowledgeable proprietors, and there are also a lot of really good Chinese restaurants in Calcutta. I particularly recommend Bar-B-Q Restaurant on Park Street. It's a big favourite with Calcutta's upper middle class, and in fact some wealthy Indian friends of mine treated me to dinner there on my last night in India. Yummy!

Not all accommodation in Rome needs to be expensive -- writes Julie Harris from Italy -- There is a user-friendly pensione where we have sent family and friends for nearly 30 years -- the Pensione Coronet, Pza Grazioli 5, just one block from Piazza Venezia. Ask for a room overlooking the courtyard--that should ensure a quiet experience. Most rooms have baths but my cousin stayed in one with the bathroom in the corridor next door and was quite happy. Tel. +39--6-678 5971. Expect moderate to inexpensive rates.

Dim sum treat in Toronto's Chinatown -- writes Lily Lee, a Chinese student studying in Toronto -- I hope you will try Golden Country Restaurant located upstairs at 466 Dundas West. Look for their yellow and red sign. This is where I meet my friends to eat dim sum the way I ate it in China. There is much variety and the prices are very good.

Denmark's museums are not just about exhibits -- writes Anne Drewson from Frederiksberg in Scandinavia -- In our city, Danish women often visit the National museums especially to enjoy the lunches served in their restaurants. The ones I recommend are in the Nationalmuseet, Kunstindustrimuseet and Statens Museum for Kunst. Each offers an inspiring lunch menu at affordable prices. After your meal, you can try some female-friendly shopping. My girlfriends and I suggest Strandvejen in Hellerup, only 10 minutes by train from the city centre. In this area you'll find a mix of interesting specialty shops, interior designers, small cafes and some very good restaurants. Have fun, ladies.

Wonderfully sinful munchies in New York -- writes JW Editor Evelyn Hannon from Toronto -- I came across this tiny magical spot as I made my way through the building called Chelsea Market (75 Ninth Avenue at 15th Street). It was the aroma of pure intense chocolate that pulled me to the door of this woman-owned bakery shop. Called Fat Witch Bakery, the shop features the absolute most deliciously decadent assortment of Brownies. Of course, I couldn't resist the samples that were purposely designed to break down a female's resistance. I confess, one bite and I surrendered gladly. This Journeywoman left the store loaded down with charmingly packaged goodies. Want to know more? You can read all about these sinful munchies at the bakery's website:

Great breakfasts served in Chicago -- writes Sharon Woodhouse from the Windy City -- I thought female visitors to Chicago (those not on a diet) would appreciate this tip. Lou Mitchell's Restaurant is a classic coffee shop (circa 1923) that serves food that has earned recurring endorsements. Notable omelets, waffles, thick Greek toast (with homemade orange marmalade), and homemade baked goods hover near the top of their list of affordable favorites ($3-$8). One French travel writer even proclaimed their food, "America's best breakfast." Opens 5:30 AM from Mon.-Fri., 7AM on Sat.-Sun. ( 565 W. Jackson, 312/939-3111). P.S. Those waiting for tables are compensated with free Milk Duds or large, deep-fried doughnut holes. Ed. note: Sharon Woodhouse is the author of Know More, Spend Less, A Native's Guide to Chicago. We're delighted to have her and her tips as part of our Journeywoman Network.





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