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JW luggage tags


About the JW luggage tags...

In Paris a businesswoman boards a flight. In Hong Kong a backpacker checks into her hostel. Three Aussie sisters head for a spa in Arizona. Each woman's luggage sports a bright orange, laminated plastic, oversized luggage tag. Spot one of those tags and you know it belongs to a woman who has a passion for travel.

These supersized (3.5 X 4.5 in.) saucy tags are fireproof, waterproof, durable and fabulous fun. On trains, planes, boats and buses they stand out from all the rest. Snap one on to your suitcase -- you can identify it instantly. Wear one on your backpack anywhere in the world -- other travelling women-in-the-know will wave and say hello.

Good news travels fast and reaction to this female-friendly product has been superb. The first 'limited edition' tags sold out in two days. The second batch was gone in just 24 hours as they were scooped up online by female travellers around the world. Each pack contains three tags and can be purchased from: They make fabulous bon voyage gifts for yourself or any other woman 18-80.

Would you like to buy a set?

Each pack of three tags including shipping and handling is $21.00, 17 euro (Europe) or 11 GBP (Great Britain). Payment is by check in dollars, euro or British Pounds. Send your name, mailing address and payment to:
50 Prince Arthur Avenue, Suite 1703
Toronto, Canada, M5R 1B5

Sorry. All Sold Out.


What people are saying...

You're JW tags are the greatest. I'll hang one of them on my handbag and I bet anything someone will ask what it's all about. I'll tell them: JOIN
Nina, Jerusalem, Israel

Evelyn, I ordered one set of tags, which I received, and loved, and I realized they'd make great Xmas gifts, so I ordered two more sets.
Nancy, Toronto, Canada

I received the luggage tags and they are adorable!!!
Lauren, West Palm Beach, USA

The tags arrived and I LOVE THEM. I can't wait to meet someone at an airport having the same tags.
Sunny, Tel Aviv, Israel

'Can't wait to put the JW tags on my luggage.'
Johanne, Granby, Quebec, Canada

'Thank you for the practical and beautiful JOURNEYWOMAN TAGS which I will share with my girl friends. You have made my day'.
Suzy Buttikon, Switzerland

'I received the bright colourful funky lugtaz in my mail this afternoon - love 'em :)
Amit, Toronto, Canada

'What a great idea! What a terrific bon voyage gift! What a perfect purchase before your own journey!'
Anna Hobbs, Journalist, 50Plus Magazine

'I bought one package for me and two for my gift drawer. They look perfect on my bag'
Alison, Maryland, USA

'Evelyn Hannon, editor of, has designed a whimsical, oversized, bright orange *luggage tag* especially for women travellers. Not only is the tag a way of quickly identifying your luggage on the carrousel (it really works too!), it also alerts other women- in-the-know that you love to travel as much as they do.'
Liz Campbell, Journalist, Forever Young Magazine

'I would really love to have your tags. Would I be able to buy a pack of 3 before leaving the country Sept.1? Last year I saw someone at the airport in Shanghai with your tags and made a note in my journal to make sure to look up your site when I got home.'
Moyra, Toronto, Canada

EDITOR'S NOTE: Please let us know if you've had an adventure because of the Journeywoman tag on your luggage. Just write: Thanks!


Have you spotted JW luggage tags...

We thought you'd enjoy this JW 'tag sighting' story. Editor Evelyn Hannon's daughter, Erica Ehm regularly criss-crosses the country on media assignments. One day this month the phone rang in the Journeywoman office. It was Evelyn's daughter via cell phone who said, 'Someone wants to speak to you.' That person was Theresa, a WestJet employee (and also a member of our Journeywoman Network) who was checking in passengers at the Edmonton Airport. She recognized Erica, looked at her suitcase and said, 'Where are your Journeywoman luggage tags?' Theresa was calling to report that Journeywoman's daughter (shame on her) had left her JW luggage tags at home. Needless to say, all involved had a very good giggle.


Not too much information...

When you are filling in information on your luggage tags be very careful. If your tag doesn't have a flap that can cover your name, address and phone number then JW suggests the following:
(1) Use only your family name, not your first name.
(2) List a business phone number (if you have one).
(3) On the address line write: "Address inside this bag" (always keep your address & telephone number permanently inside your bag).

Unsavory types are always trying to figure out which homes might be empty and ripe for a robbery. Now no one looking at your tags will know where you live.

At your destination where bags might be left in the hotel lobby, you don't want your full name visible on your tags. This eliminates the opportunity for any anti social folks calling your room and pretending to know you.


Two tags better than one...

I have a tip for other JourneyWomen that I think will be very helpful. I always use two different luggage tags (one pretty JW tag and one simple plastic one) on each piece of luggage. I attach them in two different places. I do this because the airline conveyor belts love 'to eat' luggage tags. Often my bags arrive without one tag but the other has survived. Phew! At least my luggage can still be identified.
Shirley, New Jersey, USA







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