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JourneyWomen Tell All About Their Favorite Travel Clothing...


Evelyn Hannon

This article was so much fun for us to prepare. Which JourneyWoman doesn't enjoy hearing about a piece of clothing or accessory that will make her life easier on the road? When we asked our readers to tell us about their perfect item of travel clothing we received over one hundred and fifty replies from North America, Australia, Europe, China, Israel and India. Here are some of those juicy clothing submissions. We promise to keep adding to this article until we run out of tips.

Do you have something you'd like us to include? Please send an email to and put 'favorite clothing' in the subject line. Please include the brand name of this item and a contact phone number or website for the company. We know all of this information will be great for women travellers around the world.

Six mix and match pieces...

I'd like to recommend the Chicos 'Traveler's Collection': black long skirt, pants, one or two shells, and a jacket. They all pack into a tiny space, never wrinkle, and can be washed in a sink and air dried overnight. Their contact information is: Website:, Tel: 888-855-4986
Barbara, North Aurora, Illinois, USA


My Kim Allan Silk is perfect for travel...

Recently I purchased several items from Kim Allen's company ( and wanted to say how delighted I am with my purchases. They are my new travel favorites. My order not only arrived most speedily, but (since my order totalled a little over $100) I was sent a super pair of black silk, high cut briefs as a gift. My leggings and long-sleeved top are not only feather-light, cozy, and easy care -- they also provide extra warmth with minimal bulk when worn under other clothing. Add to that the fact that they double as the most comfortable and luxurious pajamas I've ever come across.
Marilyn, Toronto, Canada


These clothes don't wrinkle...

I like this line because I don't have to worry about ironing. The brand is 'travellers' and it is carried by Chicos. It just DOES NOT WRINKLE!! My long pants, crop pants, cami's with bras, tops and dresses, all pack very small and look good.
Louise, Boston, USA


My magic square...

Years ago my friend Chris made me a 60" square with pulled thread edges from a beautiful muted paisley lightweight soft wool blend material. Folding to the size of a purse umbrella, it goes everywhere in the side pocket of my large bag or back pack. It unfolds with no wrinkles to be worn as a head scarf, neck scarf, shawl, wrap skirt, swim suit cover, belt, or blouse. When not on the body, it can be a blanket, window shade, pillow, table cloth, package wrapping, a playhouse roof, or a tie around the middle to help a baby stay upright while learning to walk. This is indeed my "Magic Square"!
Bennie, Corvallis, Oregon, USA


I just love my robe...

When I travel I always pack my long polyester/cotton single knit wrap-around robe. Often the hotel duvet is too much but the sheet is not enough the robe can be spread out to be a light-weight blanket. Then, of course, I enjoy relaxing in it at the end of the day and after my shower.
Rosann, Boone, Iowa, USA


I have no favorites...

Even my favorites become unwearable after some time. So, I save all my badly worn underwear for my backpacking trips. I simply wear and dispose at the end of the day. Works great, lightens my backpack as I travel, leaving some room for a travel keepsake.
Margaret, Canada


Three coordinating black pieces...

Hello JourneyWomen. I never travel without my coordinating, black, light microfibre skirt; short sleeve top and cardigan, made in Australia for Target. They weight almost nothing, screw up and bounce back, and hand wash and dry overnight.
Annette, Canberra, Australia

P.S. My young daughter has her travel favorites as well. She writes...

Journeybabe always travels with her fleecy jacket that doubles as a pillow or cushion, washes well, and protects from wind as well as cold.
Erin, Canberra, Australia


If it's black it's my favorite...

I travel in black: I always have one or more synthetic fiber black slacks that I can dress up or down by varying a shirt, top, scarf or shoes. They easily wash up in a small sink and will dry overnight in most any climate. (I carry a sink stopper too.. the flat kind that will fit most sinks.) Being black, the slacks don't need to be washed very often. Currently I have several inexpensive ones from Pennys and the Clothes Barn that have worn as well as more expensive brands.
Patricia, Sun City, Arizona USA


Everybody loves my pyjamas...

The piece of clothing that always goes with me is my black satin pajamas. They're modest enough to roam a hotel in and silky enough to sleep in without being too hot or cold. Dual service -- with a silky camisole under the top and the top unbuttoned like a jacket, they're perfect. My PJ's are heavyweight embossed satin, so they doesn't look like PJ's. Most evening dresses are beaded slips, anyway.
Shelley, Nashville, USA


Shoes are very important...

Since it doesn't matter what you are wearing if your feet hurt - the shoes I pack are always most important. I have found some sandals made by Taryn Rose which are metallic with a thick sole and I can stand on my feel and walk all day in them and not have aching feet. They are casual enough to wear with shorts and dressy enough to go with a nice skirt for dinner. They are pricey but well worth it.
Sarah, Holualoa, Hawai


Bonus! Packing for Japan...

Japan is famous for its fashion-forward clothes and people here (especially in cities) dress up to an unbelievable degree. Yet we are also used to Western tourists wearing sneakers and casual clothes and we're not bothered by that. The big no-nos in this part of the world are showing cleavage, and allowing any parts of your breasts to show through tight tops. All the Japanese bras have a layer of foam to prevent this. I suggest visitors wear a double layer or a bra with a tiny bit of padding or a heavier sports bra. That should do the trick.
Jen, Osaka, Japan

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