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JourneyWomen Tell All About Their Favorite Travel Clothing...



My Tilley Endurables underwear...

One pair to wear, one pair spare and I can travel the world for a year with my Tilley Endurables travel underwear. Wash and dry in a flash. Expensive, but last forever. Amazing. Website:
Fran, Toronto, Canada


Helly Hensen shell...

I travelled the world with my Helly Hansen blue shell. I used it as: a raincoat, winter coat, summer coat, pillow, blanket, and cover over other items. It rolls into a ball, covers other blunders, always looks great and dries quickly. I NEVER leave home without it.
Christine, Kingston, Ontario, Canada


I sew my own...

I have a denim skirt and matching vest I made for myself. The skirt has 4 pockets, two inseams and two patches. The vest has 4 pockets, two interior and two on the front and is reversible. The fabric is durable and doesn't show dirt and is very comfortable after multiple washings. The skirt is full and mid-calf length so I can walk, bend and sit comfortably in it. And since it is not pants or shorts, it is welcome at sites where women in pants are not allowed. I'm on version two now, the first set wore out recently after 20 years of trips all over the world. This new set has only been to China, California and Key West so far, but Greece, Turkey and Africa are in its future.
Pauline, Fort Myers, USA

Editor's Note: For those who sew, you'll be very interested in:


I love my fleece...

My favorite is an EMS lightweight fleece. Light enough to tie around my waist, warm enough for the plane or airconditioned restaurant or cool day, and still in good shape after five years. A good buy! Website:
Dawn, Canandaigua, New York, USA


A nifty new vest...

Pack Smart Vest. Orvis' spring catalog of women's travel clothing has a very nifty new item. Men's jackets are often a source of pocket envy, but this women's vest will cure that condition. Even though it's made of lightweight nylon/polyester (and washable, by the way), it features two zippered compartments with pockets for stashing small items such as credit cards, cash, keys or a cell phone. There are two on-seam pockets too. The vest comes in easy-to-coordinate black and sizes small (6-8) to extra large (18-20). It even has its own storage pouch into which it can be folded and stored. To order, go to or phone (800) 541-3541.

Soft leather travel bag. I concede that there are women who just can't abandon traveling with a bag. (I prefer a hands-free trip myself.) If the multipocketed travel vest option isn't for you, Orvis has a new travel bag. Since the leather is supple, it's easy to keep close to the body for security. The interior is divided into several practical compartments. A zippered outer pocket allows quick access to plane tickets, passport and other travel documents. The lining is cotton twill. The bag comes in either tan or black. As with the vest, you can get it at or by calling (800) 541-3541.
Susan Reigler, Travel Journalist, The Courier-Journal


Another fleece vest...

I always travel with my tailored 'The North Face' zippered fleece top -- thin enough to layer under jackets but thick enough to wear on its own when chilly. Multiple hidden pockets, too. Hurrah! Website:
Katherine, Kitchener, Canada


My two favorite travel items...

Magellan Shower Slippers ( - these slippers are so flat, thin, and breathable (due to the mesh upper) that they weigh nothing, take up no room in my bag, and dry in minutes. The rubber bottoms keeps my feet dry & germ free in foreign bathrooms. I can even shower without removing them from my feet - just soap my feet up right through the mesh. Added bonus: I pack them in my carry-on for long flights so I don't have to keep putting my shoes on to walk to the bathroom. Love, love, love these slippers & would never travel without them!

Felt Lip Markers in place of lipstick ( - as I travel mostly to hot, humid climes, my make-up just slides/melts right off my face in the tropical heat. I have discovered that the only thing that stays put are these lip markers. They last all day, thru the tropical heat, downpours, and eating. I also use them as cheek tint. They are so wonderful for travel - the size of a pen & last forever. I pack a pink one & and a bronze one, a tube of super-waterproof mascara, a sunscreen lip balm to smear over the felt lip marker stain, and that's it! I'm pretty-pretty all day thru the worst of tropical climes & don't even have to carry a make-up bag!
Sylver, New York, USA


Coast Mountain jacket...

I can't leave home without my most important piece of clothing. I would never be without my black, light Coast Mountain zippered fleece jacket. It looks dressy with a skirt or slacks and works with jeans too. Website:
Betty Ann, Surrey, B.C., Canada


Bonus! Don't pack a straw hat for India...

As an Indian woman I can tell you it is not appropriate for visiting women to wear a hat in India other than during summer months. Indian women wear head coverings but not hats. A hat is not a fashion statement in our country nor is it part of our casual or daily wear. But as a tourist you do need to wear one during the hot summer months especially if you are travelling and always out in the sun. More appropriate find a beautiful headcovering in the market to wear instead.
Shoma, United Kingdom

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