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JourneyWomen Tell All About Their Favorite Travel Clothing...


Clothing tips for Asia...

I've travelled/lived around China/SE Asia and Europe for over 40 years and here are my tips. In most countries you should have neat, casual, comfortable clothes with some cheap but good-looking costume jewellery for interest. Clean hair, up or back with clips if it is hot and lots of sunscreen/moisturizer and some lip gloss.

When you are out sightseeing, which can be hard work, aim for 'smart casual'. You should look clean, coordinated but not wear anything at all revealing - no underwear showing through, no bra straps, no shorts, no low tops. I can't emphasize enough the importance in nearly all non-Western countries of dressing appropriately. This is the #1 mistake tourists make, without realizing the implications. Let me spell this out plainly: the bar girl look is not what you are after.

Have a good bag, but since it has to be pickpocket-proof and worn 'bandolier' style, the latest Chloe bag is no use. I have one brown and one black bag, both with long straps for wearing in front. These are excellent for keeping passport/identity cards/ travel tickets when you entering and exiting immigration counters. Forget fashion, once you adopt these shoulder bags and find how easy it is to keep all your tickets and cards in one place, you'll never use anything else.

Comfortable, comfortable shoes: new joggers/sneakers; Rockport shoes that are comfortable but look like loafers, special comfortable sandals. I find two pairs of shoes good: joggers/sneakers for walking and another pair in a bag for coffee in a hotel lobby or anything else that comes up. I take my small bandolier-style bag and a very light nylon 'longchamp' style carry bag for the spare shoes, spare glasses and map.

With airline luggage restrictions now you have to pack very, very carefully. Pick your basic go-together colours -- neutrals for day-time, something dressy for evening. You'll feel better "dressing up" or changing into something casual but pretty after a long hard day of sightseeing. Happy travels, everybody.
Michaela, Shenzen, Southern China.


I love my Buff...

My best travel clothing is my Buff. It's described as the original multifunctional headwear. It's flexible and can be worn in many different ways, summer or winter. It covers my head, my neck, my sensitive ears, keeps me dry, warm or cool, and takes up no space. Look it up: Happy Travels.
Nikkie, London, Ontario, Canada


My flannel shirt...

I always take along my favorite BIG flannel shirt. It can be used as a robe or even to sleep in if the room is cold. It can be worn under a coat as an extra layer for warmth or over a t-shirt on a warm day to protect from the sun. It can serve as a blanket on a plane or be rolled up and used as a pillow/neck support for napping.
Mary, Bristol, PA, USA


My TravelSmith Travel Dress...

Do other JourneyWomen know about the Indispensible Travel Dress? This super dress is not clingy, absolutely does not wrinkle and can be dressed up or down. Its empire waist and slighly flared skirt flatters my less-than-perfect figure. P.S. Check out their Max Edition Travel Wrap dress; this is how they describe it at their website. 'The perfect black wrap dress in polyester-spandex has front pockets, side tie, and a look that’s at once sexy and sophisticated. Machine wash. Made in USA'. Website:
Shari, Arlington, Texas, USA



My Tilley Endurables dress...

My favorite travel item? I never travel without my Tilley Endurable black knit, short-sleeved, calf-length dress. Dress up: with a pashmina shawl, big earrings. Dress down: great with a jacket, hides long warm socks. Washes & dries fast. Wrinkle-free. Website:
Conny, Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada


My dress is from Mexico...

I bought this dress in the Barcelo Resort on the Mayan Riveria in Mexico and take it with me everywhere. The make is CINTA. It's a reversible dress - black on the inside with brown trim and brown on the outside with black trim. It has a 'V' neckline and is sleeveless, slim fitting down slightly past the knees. It rolls up and just needs a quick iron. It can be used for almost every type of outing - as a sundress, evening dress or casual.
Karen, Brooklin, Ontario, Canada


My $5.00 slinky dress...

This is my offering to other JourneyWomen. I got my long black slinky knit dress, second hand for $5.00. It's unbeatable for flying, unwrinklable for packing, unpretentious for daytime, non-dowdy for evenings, non-metalic for security. Unthinkable to travel without it.
Sophie, Sydney, Australia


Cranberry jersey dress...

It's yummy. My long, black sleeveless cranberry matte jersey dress is my best travel companion. It can be worn over or under, with a top or with out, in cold weather or hot, for sexy occasions or for modest, conservative situations. The colour is perfect because the jewel tone is more unique than the usual black, yet the dark hue hides stains and dirt. I have worn it layered under and over other garments in the coldest of weather, and alone as a sexy evening gown dresssed up with scarves or jewelery purchased from local vendors. With a blouse over the top, it becomes a skirt, with a t-shirt under, it becomes a jumper. I have even knotted the sides, or used a sash to create a blouson effect so that it is a bit shorter and more comfortable for walking. My best friend has remained a faithful travelling companion for many years, and now I even wear it when I'm not travelling.
Beverly, Santa Rosa, USA


I love my dreamsack...

My best travel clothing is a sleep sack. Why? You never know who has been on that hotel/guesthouse/cabin bed before you. Mine happens to be silk, feels good, and is light weight. If you are on a plane or train for a long time it also doubles as a wrap around your shoulders or as a leg warmer. Website:
Susan,Tampa, Florida, USA


Bonus! Don't pack baseball caps for Ireland...

If you want to blend in with the Irish, a nice dark pea coat, wool scarf, and leather shoes will do the trick in colder months. A cute hat is a lifesaver for rainy-day frizzy hair and will help to keep your head warm. Comfy shoes are a must; you'll be walking a lot. Leave baseball caps, fanny packs, bright rain slickers, and running shoes at home unless you want everybody to know immediately you're a tourist. People will tell you to 'layer', but I found that stores and pubs tended to be a bit toasty at this time of the year. You'll quickly tire of peeling off those layers each time you head indoors. I did just fine with a long-sleeved top under my coat. Remember that the weather changes abruptly in Ireland so bring an umbrella and enjoy the showers without feeling damp all the time.
Chelsea, California, USA

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