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JourneyWomen Tell All About Their Favorite Travel Clothing...


These pants don't wear out...

On my first solo trip to Europe I bought a pair of Misty Mountain pants, microfibre, five- zipper pockets. They were absolutely wonderful! On the days I would need my passport, Eurorail pass, airline ticket or large bills I could put them in one of the lower front pockets (zipping them up, of course). Having two of these lower pockets meant I could carry documents in one and large bills in the other. The two regular side pockets were for smaller bills, handkerchief, change, pen etc. It really sounds like I was paranoid -- I was. I was nearly 70, travelling alone and had read many travel stories of pickpockets. It worked perfectly and they have been part of my wardrobe ever since - giving me years of worry-free travel. Unfortunately, my luggage (pants included) was lost by the airline and Misty Mountain no longer makes the pants in microfibre -- however there is a replacement fabric that they use that is pretty good. I have worn these pants like a uniform in hot and cold weather, away and at home. In the heat of Florence, Italy I never felt hot. In cooler weather, long silk underwear will see you through. Oh yes -- one further advantage -- I have yet to have to repair them. Website:
Nancy, Parry Sound, USA


These pants become shorts...

A pair of convertible nylon pants is my favourite travel clothing. I own three pairs, one always comes on my trips. It dries fast, washes easily and can be pants or shorts depending on the weather, without having to find a changing room. My navy blue pair is McKinley, slightly dressier, my very casual hiking kakhi is Misty Mountain and my beige is Ex Officio, the shorts are long, good in certain countries when I want to be more covered.
Maryse, Vancouver, Canada


Zip on, zip off pants...

My best travel clothing is a pair of black, "zip on/zip off the bottom" hiking pants from Eastern Mountain Sports. The waistband is elastic with a built in belt, there are lots of pockets for security and easy access, and they dry quickly when wet. Since they are black, they easily blend in at night as street pants. When we hiked in Ireland, my mom and sister had to stop and put on the rain pants, but I left my rain pants in my backpack and my Eastern Mountain Sports didn't stay wet for long at all! The fabric is non-wrinkle and the fit is comfortable. Easy wash and wear. Love 'em! Website:
Barrie, Lawrenceville, NJ, USA


Passionate about my pants...

I am passionate about my latest edition of travel pants, and would never leave on a trip without them. My current love is a pair of black Patagonia pants I found (after a long search of many outdoor clothing stores) at Europe Bound in Oakville, Ontario. Traveling as often and as lightly as I do, I am very particular that my clothing must do double or triple duty before it comes on a trip, and these pants pass the test. They stand up to a hard day of hiking, yet, topped with a nice shirt, easily and stylishly go into a restaurant or club at night. Easy care, fast-dry, well-tailored and wrinkle proof, they will definitely go on many more trips. Websites: at
Karen, Mississauga, Canada


My River pants are the best...

River pants, from Mountain Equipment Co-op in Vancouver. They're so lightweight and just perfect for tropical travel. They dry in seconds (it seems like) after being soaked for whatever reason. For me, that's usually from crossing a river on foot, or falling into said river. Website:
Nadine, Vancouver, Canada


Anne Klein slacks...

I have found, two pairs of Anne Klein slacks, to be invaluable! One beige, one navy, fine matt finish poly fabric, breathes and moves as you walk. Hand wash easily, dries without creases. Bought in Hawaii in 2003 and still going strong!
Kyranie, Melbourne, Australia


Katmandu pants...

I couldn't dream of going travelling with a pair of Katmandu zip off pants. Casual, comfortable, quick wash and dry, good in hot or cold conditions. Check out at Cordura NCS nano-dry. Mine have done five overseas trips since 2002 -- that's 24 weeks of travelling.
Barbara, Darnum, Victoria, Australia


Pants with deep pockets...

My best travel clothing-- the ones that go everywhere with me is a pair of RailRiders Women's Adventure Pants. There come in three colors -- birch, khaki, and black. RailRiders are comfortable, lightweight, fast drying, and versatile, with deep pockets to keep wallets safe. Website:
Ann, Plymouth, USA


My stretch blue jeans...

I never leave home without my Northern Reflection stretch blue jeans----they are comfortable and casual or can become dressy by adding the right blouse or jacket. Northern Reflection blue jeans are available in most cities across Canada and the USA. Website:
Joan, Rivers, Manitoba, Canada


My bike shorts are a must...

I simply cannot travel in hot and humid climes without my bike shorts, usually from Danskin. I suffer in the heat with skin chafing (snidely called chub rub), and the shorts save my thighs! I wear them under all my clothes.
Debbie, Brooklyn, USA


Bonus! Always pack bubbles for Africa...

As an Asian art historian, I often travel to Africa where child beggars have become a way of life. I don't want to ignore these little people nor do I like to support their begging habits, either. Instead, I pack bottles of soap bubbles which solves my problem beautifully. Believe me, nothing is more fun than to share this bubble-blowing activity with village children. They have a great time, we all have nice memories and sometimes I get the best photographs while we play.
Barbara, Chicago, USA

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