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JourneyWomen Tell All About Their Favorite Travel Clothing...


A cashmere sweater...

In winter, I take a black cashmere cardigan everywhere. It is lightweight, warm, elegant, can be worn with everything, over a nightgown -- it's a robe, rolled-up -- it's a pillow.
Kathy, Moshav Givat Yearim (near Jerusalem), Israel


This... becomes...

My 3 in 1 Macabi skirt...

I'd like to tell other Journeywoman readers about this magical 3 in 1 piece of clothing. My Macabi Travel Skirt is the one piece of clothing I always pack. I own three in different colors. They can be made into pants, shorts, or used as a skirt. I can walk on the beach in shorts in the AM, hike in pants in the afternoon and go to dinner in a long skirt without ever changing if I don't want to. I love them.
Linda, Fullerton, CA, USA


My black sweater...

I have a simple, black cardigan with rhinestone buttons that I always take when I travel. I purchased it on clearance at GAP a few years ago. Why I always have it with me is that I can wear it when I am cool, wear it to cover my shoulders when I enter churches or other places that require the shoulders to be covered, it is large enough to use as a light blanket on planes or trains, and the rhinetones make it dressy enough to wear to a spontanous night on the town.
Hannah, Dayton Ohio, USA


My sweatercoat is the best...

I travel everywhere with a 3/4 black cotton sweatercoat by Victor Costa. Not only is it warm enough for the temperature variations in airplanes, it's cozy enough to double as a coat in, say, Rome or Florence, in the fall. It doesn't hurt that it has white embroidered flowers on front and back, and never fails to elicit compliments, even though it is several years old. (Got it through QVC, an American online shopping network that carries all kinds of great items, including designer clothes, by the way).
Maria, Apple Valley, a suburb of St. Paul, USA


Another vote for a long sweater...

I always take my long (to my knees) cardigan sweater with me. I wear it on the plane, sleep under it occasionally, use it as a house coat, roll it up for a pillow, and have had a picnic on it. It's a multi-coloured acrylic with big black buttons, so it doesn't show dirt, and washes to look like new. I've had it twenty years, and never travel without it.
Wendy, Mississauga, Canada


A great travel raincoat...

I would like to tell you about my fabulous waterproof travel raincoat from Travelsmith that I bought on sale for $15.00. I wore it in hot weather in upstate New York in the rain, in cool Autumn weather in New York City over a light sweater and in cold weather in Rhode Island. I added a fleece vest in Rhode Island. This was all on the same trip. The lightweight, washable raincoat has a detachable hood and a pouch to carry the coat. When I pack the coat in the pouch, I use this as a pillow behind my back on the plane or in the car. It is my favorite and most useful piece of travel clothing. And it was a real bargain besides. Website:
Janice Fraser, San Francisco, USA


My raincoat goes everywhere...

I have a Harve Bernard 3/4 length rain coat. Dark green -- it co-ordinates well with all my wardrobe, provides good wind break but is dressy enough to wear in the evenings. Great rain wear for a variety of temperatures - warm sweater under it: for cold days etc.
Jo, Vancouver, Canada


My raincoat is the best...

My best travel clothing is a black packable raincoat from Talbot that I bought several years ago on sale. It folds up into itself with a cleverly hidden zipper. It has a silky feel and never wrinkles. It looks fine with jeans and with dressy clothes. I often wear it to work and I get many compliments. I will miss it when it finally gives out. It stood up to blustery Irish rain very well, as well as to dismal Syracuse, NY fall weather.
Ruth, Syracuse, New York, USA


I love my crocs...

My best travel clothing is a pair of Crocs. Why? Because these shoes are comfortable and versatile, come in great styles and colours and are very light weight. I take them on long flights to wear when my feet swell. When the weather doesn't allow them to be worn outside they can always be used by poolside, in public showers, around the hotel room etc. Website:
Paula, Edmonton, Canada


My jean skirt...

The one piece of clothing that I always take along while traveling is a jean skirt. It can be used casually and also dressed up a bit. It is also easy to pack, wrinkles very little and is comfortable to wear.
Bea, Minneapolis, USA


Bonus! Pack a one-piece for Samoa...

Be careful not to expose your belly button or thighs In the South Pacific. The part of the female body from the navel to the knee is somewhat taboo in this part of the world. Local women might wear shorts, but generally with a lavalava (sarong) tied loosely over them. Even wearing a two-piece bathing suit will attract considerable negative attention here -- particularly outside of the more urban areas. A one piece is always best and even then you may want to play it safe. Swim with a lavalava wrapped around your chest or waist and you'll be considered very culturally correct!
Aimee, New York, USA

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