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She's Best Dressed Worldwide



If you're traveling in Kenya: don't wear white ANYTHING (instantly dirty). Wear loose fitting, quick drying clothes only (it's very, very hot). Take a bandana for the dust and use covered shoes only unless you're at a hotel.
Leslie, Cupertino, USA

My advice to women touring Kenya, is to leave your mini-skirts, tight jeans, short shorts and the like at home. You may resent having to dress like, what may seem to you, a "middle-aged woman." But most young Kenyan women, especially outside the large cities, will be dressed in loose-fitting, mid-calf length skirts or dresses. If you dress the same way, you will fit in and appear to be "at home."
Evelyn Staus, St. Paul, USA


In Pakistan the shalwar kameez is the only sensible thing for women to wear. Pakistani women have developed the perfect outfit - it's comfortable, covers up the parts Pakistani men tend to get excited about, and keeps you protected from the dust, heat and grime of the country. Plus they look neat. The duputta - the long scarf - is useful to cover your mouth when you are riding in a motor rickshaw in traffic and choking on lead filled fumes. These outfits are also very inexpensive. You can pick up really pretty cotton outfits in the bazaars for about $5.00 - $10.00 Canadian and $25.00 gets you the latest fashion.

P.S. Shalwar kameez are also perfect outfits for lounging at home when your trip is over.
Lynn, Ottawa, Canada


Travelling to China? Pack carefully. Skirts are convenient, because the toilet floors are always wet and messy. High heels (both open sandals and Mary Janes with a strap) are popular, but I suggest avoiding thin soled open sandals, again because of the condition of the toilet floors. Also, avoid wide leg pants - mine were useless due to the propensity to drag in the bathroom muck. In terms of style, I noticed that women in China seldom show the waist of their pants or skirts -- they wear a jacket over, or leave their shirt untucked. Many women wear dark pantsuits or tailored above-the-knee skirts (in darks, brights and pastels) with matching jacket, often short sleeved. They often wear these with ankle-high nylons and high heels. When I was there, I saw only a few gathered skirts and a few shorts. Which pants to pack? Choose a synthetic, easy care fabric in a dark color. Neither dryers nor fabric softener are used in China so pack clothes that don't need them!
Catherine, Santa Fe, USA

And in general...

Forget those white clothes. In major cities black is best! This actually goes for all major cities in Europe as well as Vancouver, Canada. Please pay special attention to this tip in Japan, where white actually signifies death.
Penny, Chapel Hill, USA

The best shoes for Europe on the off season are sturdy, comfortable, black leather walking shoes. If you can tolerate wool, wear them with black wool socks. (Wool continues to insulate even if it gets wet.) With black slacks, and a nice sweater or jacket, you'll look much more polished than you would in jogging shoes, jeans, and sweatshirt. And you'll even be more comfortable, because your feet will stay warm.
Martha, Cahors, France

Germany is getting better in the market of plus-size clothing! Don't despair. Chic plus-size clothing is out there -- especially the wonderful German nightgowns. It's always a treat for me to bring one home from Germany since they are made with the nicest cotton. The same goes for their undergarments. Go to the local department stores for those in a multitude of sizes. Enjoy!
LouLou, Boston, USA

Psst, pass this info along...

Journeywoman's sister site is also a fabulous source of clothing tips. Simple log on, contact a woman in the city you're travelling to and ask her what is appropriate to pack. Be sure to include your e-mail address and she'll reply directly to you.

Our Journeywoman Travel Tip Newsletter includes clothing tips on a regular basis. This service is also absolutely free and we never share your e-mail address with anybody else. You can sign on here if you like. You'll love the advice!

Do you have a clothing question? Simply click here for oodles of culturally correct clothing tips.

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