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BC Adventures for Women


What to Wear, Where -- Her 50 Fabulous Clothing Tips


Italian men pester blonde women...
Pants were fine, especially the black, gray and khaki. Blue Jeans are not as commonly worn as they are in the United States, however one or two pair would be okay, depending on your packing practices. I went on an excursion to a village on the Mediterranean Sea. I wore long khakis which were great for the time of year and the visit to the cathedral. I wish however that I brought some shorts for the beach since my pants got wet from trying to wade.
Marsha, Ohio, USA

In Italy be as conservative as possible. If you have blonde hair, cover it up as the Italian men will be like bees round honey.
Rebecca, Oxford, England

I visited St. Peter's in Rome during the summer which is very hot and humid. To other JourneyWomen I suggest wearing a skirt which covers your knees. What I did was to carry a skirt and a scarf in my small travel bag. I would wear my skirt on top of my shorts and cover my shoulders with my scarf. That way I was sure to fit in anywhere -- since sometimes they don't even accept long Bermuda shorts. I would also suggest those zipped shorts-pants. You could add the bottom parts of your pants when needed. This advice is also good for most churches in Italy.
Sophie, Quebec, Canada

Best dress for women in India...
Buy a 'Salwar Kameez'. It's a dress-with-pants-and-shawl type of thing, worn by Muslim women, but also by Hindu women. The shawl can be draped around you shoulders and across your chest, saves you some stares, or used as a headdress if you go into temples or mosques. As almost all women in India wear either a Saree or a Salwar Kameez you will be regarded well as you are dressing appropriately. Wearing jeans and a shirt is okay for travelling, but only for that. You can buy a Salwar almost anywhere but the best way to have one that suits you is to buy some cloth at a store and then go to a tailor and have it made for you.
Bloem, Huizen, Netherlands

No flashy jewelry in Jordan...
I got tons of different advice before going to Jordan. I ended up bringing long-sleeved loose shirts, which covered my hips and behind and baggy pants. I brought a long loose black skirt for "dressier" occasions and that was fine. No flashy colours or flashy jewelry. This was fine and I gathered no unwanted attention. I went to a camping store and bought a few men's shirts made of quick drying material which made it easy to hand wash them and they would dry overnight. It's also good to keep your hair tied back if it's long. Except when I entered some religious sites. There was no need to cover my head.
Francoise, Montreal, Canada

Bring sunglasses to Taiwan...
Taiwan is very hot and humid, so thin cotton pants or skirts, T-shirts, and breathable shoes or sandals are a good choice. Expect to perspire a lot until you adjust to the humidity. Younger women wore shorts or summer dresses. Be sure to take a hat and sunglasses! P.S. You can have clothes made cheaply in Taiwan. Bring a picture of what you like, buy some fabric, and local tailors can make you fairly good tailored clothes.
Kim, Canada

She wears black in Athens...
Wear black in Athens, all the locals do. I was there in March and felt silly in my spring colors.
Susan, Florida, USA

Conservative sexiness in Romania...
In Bucharest and other urban areas of Romania, women dress to impress in sexy, stylish business wear, as well as equally sexy casual wear. If you feel like wearing your favorite pair of form-fitting trousers or jeans, go right ahead! I did, and the men I passed were very respectful because everyone dresses with attractiveness as a first priority. Leave your sweatpants and sneakers at home -- you won't fit in unless you dress stylishly. Though showing bare midriffs or thighs on the street is not common, urban Romanian ladies accentuate their lovely curves with everything from tailored skirt sets to snug sweaters and slacks.
Mare, Boston, USA

Cover your legs in Senegal...
Cover your legs! The quickest way to attract lots of undesirable attention is to wear short skirts or shorts, since legs are considered more erotic than breasts. Slip-on shoes are essential-- it's culturally appropriate to take off your shoes when stepping on any carpeted surface or mat. Pretty much anything else is acceptable. In Dakar, the capital, people tend to dress up more than in the US; older (30+) women in traditional clothes, younger women like they're going clubbing. I didn't choose either of these options; I just wore what was comfortable since I knew I would be easily identifiable as American no matter how I dressed. But no shorts or short skirts!

Avoid shorts in Mexico...
Wear skirts and blouses rather than shorts and blouses; don't wear bathing suits anywhere other than the beach and pool. You get more respect, and are more accepted. The best inadvertent piece of information I received was from a male co-worker, who said that "Mexican men think all single women are looking for a bed partner." That may or may not be true, but I was careful not to give that impression, and I think it helped.
Joan, California, USA

Avoid sleeveless tops in Thailand...
No matter how hot it is, don't wear sleeveless tops or short shorts when in public areas. The Thai's look on this as disrespectful and besides it certainly singles you out as a tourist. Neat, clean clothing makes you look good and is the best bet for good respect from the Thais'.
Meg, Melbourne, Australia

Wear shoes that can be easily removed because you cannot wear shoes in the Buddhist temples. Socks are considered poor form and tacky. Capri pants are fine because the young women have discovered western fashion. Shorts are not appreciated anywhere. Showing cleavage is also a bad idea and is thought to be in bad taste. The Thais are kind and tolerant of foreigners, but the only time you will really offend them is if you wear shoes in the presence of a statue of Buddha at a shrine, even if it is not a temple. I was in a shop where they were making Buddha statutes and I was told in a cold tone to take my shoes off in the shop. It was embarrassing.
Francesca, Steubenville, USA

If you are a woman over forty travelling to Thailand, please take a skirt or dresses along. It is incorrect to wear pants after 40. I wasn't told before I left so I only had one skirt and had to wear my slacks day after day. Also take something that you can wash out by hand that can be hung to dry quickly.
Kelly, Florida, USA

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