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What to Wear, Where -- Her 50 Fabulous Clothing Tips


Dresses are respectful in Malaysia...
Most days I wore short-sleeved, mid to lower, calf-length dresses in acrylics that could be washed in the sink. I found these cooler and more comfortable than pants and was treated with more respect when I wore them.
Shannon, Seattle, USA

Men are very forward in El Salvador...
Wardrobe depends on the place of your visit. If you'll be in a city, light skirts will do. Salvadoran women wear both tight-fitted tops as well as conservative dress, however keep in mind that men are very forward and if you do not want too much attention, dress somewhat modestly. In the capital and more touristed areas, the dress is very trendy and is usually the same as in the US. I saw lots of jeans and well fitted tanks, halter tops, etc. You are free to dress as you wish just keep in mind the message you send to locals.

Sandra, Houston, USA
Ed. note:
While you don't have to wear loose, loose clothing I would resist wearing clothing that is too form fitting. Keep a happy medium and stay out of trouble. Being a traveller means learning about a different culture -- not necessarily drawing attention to yourself.

Dutch men don't stare...

The Dutch are much the same as the Canadians and Americans. Guys won't stare at you any more than they would at a Dutch girl. We don't have a dress code whatsoever. You wear what you like. Period.
Bloem, Huizen, Netherlands

Tank tops a no-no in New Mexico...
I was visiting Albuquerque in late July. Being high in the mountains, the temperatures only reached the high 80s while I was there, but as this is much warmer than back home I felt shorts and tank tops were appropriate. I discovered on the first day that this dress attracts much unwanted attention, which can be avoided by dressing more conservatively. I had much fewer problems in long sleeves and long pants while in New Mexico.
Rachel, Gatineau, Canada

Polo tops popular in the Philippines...
Women usually cover up -- avoid unwanted attention by sticking to jeans/pants or knee length shorts/skirt with tops that have sleeves. This is the general attire here. Polo tops are popular and very comfortable. Natural fibers are the best for work clothing/suits etc.
Louise, Sydney, Australia

Winters are cold in Canada...
The winters get cold in Canada, so a winter jacket, boots, hats and mittens will be invaluable. The summers are hot, so shorts and tank tops will do fine. Like any country, very short skirts/shorts/tops may attract unwanted attention. Dress is dressy-casual. Going out for dinner? Wear something casually chic.
Marissa, Toronto, Canada

Trust me, I live in Belgium...
I'm a Belgian and I live there so I know it well. Belgium is a very modern country, we even have some very famous fashion designers here. You can wear about everything here, just keep it decent. Don't go running around half naked, but shorts, short skirts, tops -- nobody will look surprised or trouble you. We generally miss the weather to go running around in summer clothes. So, if you come to Belgium (even during the summer) always bring something for rain, for sun, for cold, for every type of weather actually. You can only be sure it won't freeze during summer, and it won't be hot during winter, but for the rest every type of weather is possible at any time.

V�ronique, Brussels, Belgium

Carry a shoebag in Indochina...

Pagodas, temples, etc. are other religion's equivalents of church, synagogue, etc. Wear clothing that minimizes leg/arm exposure. No 'loud' clothing. Some temples require you remove your shoes; carry heavy socks to cover your shoes (if permitted) or feet (when demanded) but carry your shoes in a bag with you. Why leave them outside and give someone a footwear upgrade!
Jay, Buon Me Thuot, VietNam

Teenagers in Poland love jeans...
Youth and young adults are enthralled with denim in Poland, so jeans are perfectly acceptable as long as they are not ripped, torn, or dirty looking. Women in their 20s and older generally wear nice clothing when going to cities and towns, so take along a pair of khaki or dressier pants/skirts and a few nice blouses (not see-through or revealing, though). Leather shoes are quite popular, either sandals in summer or clog-type shoes year round. Wearing clothing with English words on it is not bad at all for foreigners, as the English language is very "in" at the moment. In winter, bring WARM sweaters and heavy socks - it gets mighty chilly. If you plan on staying with a Polish family be sure to bring a pair of house shoes or slippers, as it is thought that without properly covered feet, you will become sick.
Lynnsey, Tallahassee, USA

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