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What Should I Wear?

General Clothing Comments

While traveling on vacation in Europe, I usually wear slacks, jackets, blouses and sweaters and I take along several scarves and costume jewelry pins to liven things up a bit. A rain jacket with a hood that will fit over a heavy sweater or blazer is more useful than a raincoat and umbrella. Stick with two or three main colors; wear elastic waist pants on the plane and always bring a sweater or jacket on the plane. Give up style for comfort with your shoes, especially with all the walking, marble floors in museums, cobblestones. You'll be on your feet much more often than at home.
Trisha, Atlanta, USA

I traveled in the US, Europe and Mexico. My advice to other travelling women is: Wear a flowing skirt just below the knee. Tops should'nt be tight and revealing. Definitely stay away from bright,gaudy colors so that you will blend in with the locals (and not be suseptible to thieves and touts).
Denise, Jackson, USA

I only travel with what I can carry on to the plane with me. I pack three changes of underwear and try to have all inner layers made of Cool Max or some other fiber which dries quickly. By the time I get home from the trip I am sick to death of what I have been wearing but other than needing heavier sweaters which I buy wherever I am, this system works for me.
Eno, Philadelphia, USA

When packing, roll clothes and secure with rubber bands. This keeps your clothes from wrinkling, packs tighter so you can fit more in your suitcase, and the rubber bands come in handy for lots of things - not the least of which tying up your hair on a hot August day!
Melissa Combs, LA, USA

Always pack a T-shirt type dress - short sleeves is fine - which you can wear anywhere. Carry a kerchief (borrow one from your Mom if you don't have one) to cover your head when necessary.This advice serves anywhere in Europe if you plan to visit a religious site that requires covering up. My experience is that one dress is sufficient - but then I'd advise to pack lightly no matter how long or where you're going. A carry-on pack is all I take even for a month in Europe. Pack on the assumption that if you're invited to lunch with royalty or a head of state, you'll buy something new to wear anyway!
Linda, Toronto, Canada

Always wear a wedding ring when you are travelling alone. If you are not interested in meeting men, it will keep some away. If you are interested, a lot of men will assume you are on a "foot loose" holiday away from hubby, or are a grieving widow that needs consolation and will "hit on you". Either way, you win!!!
Davida Marantz, Edmonton, Alberta
Ed. note: But please be wary! Especially if you are travelling solo, be just a little cautious about anyone--man or woman who approaches you. It means that they have singled you out for attention and their motivation may not always be positive.

Dress poor and plain. In most developing countries, people think all North Americans are filthy rich and can easily spare the little bit that they steal from them. So leave the fancy jewelry, expensive clothes, and fur coats at home. You want to see the sights, not spend your whole trip worrying about your diamond rings anyway. If you can't afford to lose an item, don't take it.
Sandy Huff, Safety Harbor, Florida

I took a week to rest and refuel at Rancho La Puerta, a spa in Tecate, Mexico. It was great! What to pack for a week? Heavy on the exercise gear. Bring your hiking boots and a bathing suit. Then add a bit of very casual clothing and you're all set. P.S. It could be a little cool for your 6 am hike in the desert mountains. Pack a windbreaker and a sweatshirt. You never know when you're going to need them.
Erica Ehm, Real Life, The Life Channel, Canada

Damp socks eliminate jet-lag. I know that this sounds strange, but trust me - it works! Wear damp socks on a long flight. You're feet won't feel cold neither will they swell. And for some unknown reason, you won't suffer jet-lag when you reach your destination.
Amanda St-George London, England
Ed. note: I can just hear my mother saying, "But my dear you're sure to catch your death of cold!"

Here is a helpful hint for journey women: One thing that I always pack is a long opague sarong. This can do in a pinch to cover your legs and is small and easy to take along for unexpected situations. I'd also like to add that dressing as respectful as possible can only add to your experience and bring you closer to the people of the country.
Shelly Nyholt, Edmonton, Canada

When travelling solo, dress as simply and conservatively as possible. Avoid loud colors. I pack lots of grays and blacks. They don't show the dirt and they don't attract attention. If I carry a camera, I usually carry it in a plastic shopping bag that I pick up at the local supermarket. Sometimes, just seeing a familiar logo on a bag you're carrying makes people think you belong and that you know exactly where you're going. You don't appear vulnerable and no one suspects that you're carrying your expensive camera and film in a regular grocery bag.
Evelyn Hannon, JW Editor

If you're biking in a foreign country, don't forget to pack your helmet. Write your name, address, phone number, name of a contact person at home and your BLOOD TYPE inside your helmet. In case of an accident, this information will be seen as soon as your helmet is removed even if you are injured or unconscious.
Karen Major, Waterdown, Canada

Your clothes should be color coordinated, mix and match, wash and wear. For moderate climates, I take one pair of slacks with pockets, one wrap skirt with pockets, 3-4 drip dry blouses, and a light raincoat jacket with big pockets. For evening, one thin crushproof dress that goes with the jacket. Shoes are walking sandles that can double for evening, and Nikes. Need more? Buy it there.
Sandy Huff, Travel journalist. USA

To avoid having to pack 14 pairs of panties for a two week trip, I bring about six pairs and a box of pantyliners.
Ms. Schemer, Las Vegas, USA

When going on a long trip, the practice of carrying about 20 changes of undergarments has proved a boon - they occupy minimal space & leave you free for a long long time before you need to do the washing!
Anjana Gehani, Mumbai, India

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