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She Cruises to Alaska With Celebrity


Evelyn Hannon

Interesting Local Gifts Under $10...


Alaska is one of the few tourist destinations where you can still buy five nice postcards for a dollar. Most of these feature wildlife -- eagles, grizzly bears, whales and seals, many with their adorable young. A collection of these cards along with your stories of how you spotted these creatures in the wild will keep any kiddies on your gift list wide-eyed.


Children's socks with Alaskan themes can be found everywhere ($5.00). We found grizzly designs for the boys and native women in parkas for the girls.


Native-themed children's books written and illustrated by Paul Owen Lewis are absolute treasures ($6.95). We chose 'Frog Girl' for little females and 'Storm Boy' for the young guys.
Journeywoman found the wonderful illustrations in these books perfectly suitable for framing (Tricycle Press).


Keep an eye out for children's books illustrated by award-winning artist and single mom, Barbara Lavallee. A resident of Anchorage, Ms. Lavallee won special attention for her work in 'Mama, Do You Love Me?' written by Barbara M. Joosse. 'In this timeless story of a child testing the limits of her dependance, an Native American mother reassuringly proves that a parent's love is forever.' (Chronicle Books) Board book $6.95.
Scanlon Gallery in Ketchican has a complete line of Lavallee's work -- prints, cards, stationery that make wonderful 'adult' gifts.


Every little girl is enchanted with paper doll cutout books. We found one edition devoted to 'Alaskan Children' distributed by Arctic Circle Enterprises, Inc. Anchorage, Alaska ($4.00) Most souvenir stores carried them.


Native dolls of all types can be found everywhere. The cheapest ones were sweet at $4.00 and most appropriate for really young children. However, collectors will probably look for the porcelain dolls sporting authentic costume as well as much higher price tags.
P.S. The $4.00 dolls in shops in Ketchican were available for $8.00 - $10 in the larger ports. Our advice is to pick them up in Ketchican where prices in general were quite a bit cheaper.


Alaska is tee shirt heaven. There's lots available under $10.00. The coupon shopping book given out in the Vancouver terminal before boarding your ship contains coupons for tee shirt discounts.


Many of the large souvenir stores sell packets of colourful Alaskan wild flower seeds. We bet your gardener friends will welcome these. We also saw minature, personalized pseudo swiss army knives on keychains (under $5.00). They will definitely make great stocking stuffers come the holidays.


Finally, for the adults in your life, Journeywoman suggests very original seasoning to help ensure your friends cook fish like pros. Since the folks at Taku Smokeries in Juneau specialize in smoking and shipping fish worldwide, we felt they were definitely the experts in preparing salmon and halibut the best way possible (550 S. Franklin Street). Yummy varieties of their powdered spices include Mojave Garlic, Orange Dill, Sugar Maple, Wild Cherry Chipotle and our favorite, Pecan Rub. Your pals will love you for it! Each container, $8.99. Website:

Books, gifts and local artwork...

There are some beautiful examples of Native American art in Alaska. Just remember to shop in reputable places -- The Raven's Journey, 435 S. Franklin in Juneau is one of them. When purchasing bigger ticket items anywhere in Alaska always look for a Silver Hand certification tag with the words, "Native Handicraft from Alaska.' Buyer beware -- there are lots of fakes floating around in some tourist shops.


Rie Munoz is a Dutch American artist who grew up in California. Now living in Juneau, her paintings reflect 'an interest in the day-to-day activities of village life such as fishing, berry picking, children at play, as well as her love of folklore and legends.' To learn more about her work, go to


Check out, too, Sitka Rose Gallery at 419 Lincoln Street in Sitka. They represent over 100 Alaskan artists. There's fossilized whalebone and walrus ivory carvings, woven baskets, glass jewelry and much, much more. Website:


At Caribou Crossings in Juneau (497 S. Franklin Street) Journeywoman was attracted by the lovely wall mounted pewter measuring spoons as well as the sets of caribou buttons carved from shed antlers left behind on the tundra. Website:


For interesting Alaska-centered books and gift items check out Parnassus bookshop at 5 Creek Street in Ketchican as well as Old Harbour Books at 201 Lincoln Street in Sitka. We thoroughly enjoyed browsing and purchasing goodies in both of them. Want a laid back coffee break? The unpretentious Backdoor Cafe (accessible via Old Harbour Books) served the biggest and tastiest shortbread cookies Journeywoman has ever had the pleasure of snacking on.


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