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This Month's Hot Deals

50 Dirt Cheap Cheap Cheap Travel Tips
CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATIONS DON'T COST A LOT -- writes Sally in Gold Coast, Australia -- Whenever and wherever I travel I look for Christmas decorations for my collection. Then each year when I decorate my tree I love to look at the items I have bought around the world - a lovely felt doll from Kyrgyzstan, a little man from China, the bird from Georgia. Each of these sweet ornaments cost less than two dollars, weighed next to nothing in my luggage, and they inspire such wonderful travel memories. A fun, inexpensive activity when you are browsing in a new city.
WOMAN-FRIENDLY BUDGET HOTEL IN MOSHI, TANZANIA -- writes Liz in Spartanburg, USA -- I would like to recommend the Haria Hotel in Moshi, Tanzania. This establishment is located in the heart of Moshi. The accommodations are minimal but it is safe. And the rooftop bar and lounge area is worth it because on a clear day you can see Mt. Kilimanjaro in the distance. The rooms are fitted for multiple people. I stayed in a room with two double beds across the hall from the bathroom. Other rooms have multiple bunk beds to accommodate groups. This hotel is operated by women and they know the importance of empowering women around the world. When I stayed there two years ago, they held a "festival" on the rooftop with women's groups from the area for International Women's Day March 8th. The cost per person per night is around $10. If you would like a traditional Tanzanian breakfast: Fruit, Juice, Pancakes, Bacon, Eggs, toast, this will cost you about TSH 3000 $1.37. *side note, because this hotel is located in the heart of Moshi you will hear traffic and prayers over the load speakers, if you are in a room facing the street. Not recommended for the light sleeper. Website:
ROAD TRIP WITH YOUR FAMILY? -- Here's a healthy cheap meal that you can make in your hotel room.
AWAY FROM THE CROWDS IN ITALY -- writes Laya in Ramat Hasharon, Israel -- I spent three perfect days on the tranquil Italian island, Isola Polvese - away from cars and noise. The Fattoria Il Poggio was a lovely surprise - I paid hostel prices with good, clean, ensuite accommodation. Every evening was perfect - enjoying the delicious, home-cooked food on the verandah over-looking Lago Trasimeno; each evening watching a beautiful sunset over the lake. I walked all over the island, swam in the lake and took an interesting guided tour. The staff at Il Poggio were delightful, very friendly and helpful. 2016 prices are: Double room, private bath for 2 people - 60 euros including breakfast and towels. Single room, private bath for 1 person - 42 euros including breakfast and towels. Private apartment with kitchen for 2 people - 90 euros; 3 people - 100 euros not including breakfast. Meal including service and water - 16 euros. Website:
BEST INEXPENSIVE VIETNAMESE FOOD IN NEW YORK CITY -- writes Jodi in Mexico -- I recommend Nha Trang (87 Baxter St, New York, NY). It serves reliably delicious pho soups, huge summer rolls (including a grilled pork version that I cannot resist) and great prices. There are a slew of other Vietnamese restaurants on Baxter, but I keep returning to Nha Trang.
AN INEXPENSIVE MEAL IN PARIS, FRANCE -- writes Suzanne in Kelowna, Canada -- My daughter and I found an inexpensive, popular restaurant called Café Med, in Paris, France. It's located at 77 Rue St. Louis-en-Llle, in the 4th, near Notre Dame Cathedral. It has about 12 tables, and each time we go there, it's the same lady serving everyone. For 13 euros or 19 euros, you can get a three course meal consisting of salad, main course and then dessert. The food is excellent and the ambiance is restive and interesting after a day of touring. Alas, the price does not include wine, but you can order it separately. If you eat earlier and miss the busier times of the evening the wait to get inside is not too long. We are going to Paris again this September and I can hardly wait to eat at this café again!
CHEAP AND CHEERFUL IN BRUSSELS, BELGIUM -- writes Louise in Brussels, Belgium -- My Favorite Restaurant is definitively the Hirondelle d'Or in Brussels. A Vietnamese restaurant situated at 34 Rue du Baillie in the posh Louise district in Brussels. At lunchtime the plat du jour costs a mere 5,50 euros. Many of the dishes are around 8,00 euros anyway. Rue du Baillie is packed with little places to eat, bars and shops. And it comes with a bonus: around the corner at the Place du Chatelain is a produce market every Wednesday which starts at 2pm. In summer it lasts until around 7.30pm. Around 6pm the yuppies arrive to visit the bars so some stallholders have specialized in selling glasses of wine, dumplings and prawns. The vibe in this area is great.
DO ONLINE RESEARCH AND SAVE MONEY IN CANADA AND U.S. -- writes Shari in Fairview, USA -- Well in advance of your North American trip, sign up for e-mails from daily deal sites such as (U.S. and Canada) and (U.S.). Temporarily subscribe to the cities you are going to visit for deals on lodging, attractions. activities and restaurants. I have saved money on everything from hotels and meals to kayak rentals and theatre performances. There's no harm in trying, is there?
USE YOUR RESOURCES WISELY -- writes Lucretia in Afton, USA -- Pack a plastic container. If you are staying where breakfast is provided, eat the perishables (yogurt, egg, dairy) and take the leftover fruit, bread, rolls, etc. (that would be wasted anyway) with you for lunch. This works well on the pocket book and also conserves your sightseeing time. Just find a bench or nook and observe life as you eat your ready lunch. P.S. This is also better for your waist line. We don't usually eat as big a breakfast as what is served to us in a B&B.
FAMOUS MUFFALETTA SANDWICH IN NEW ORLEANS -- writes Susan in New Orleans, USA -- Take this from a local. Nothing can be more tasty and more 'New Orleans' than a muffaletta -- which is an Italian sandwich with thinly sliced meats, cheeses and olive salad on a round bread loaf. I suggest you order yours at Central Grocery, 923 Decatur St. and don't forget a Barq's root beer to wash it all down. Believe me, it's big enough for two to share.
FISH AND CHIPS WON'T BREAK THE BANK IN LONDON, ENGLAND -- writes Maggie in London, England -- For fish & chips try The Golden Hind, 73 Marylebone Lane, W1. Bring your own alcohol, no corkage fee. Tel 020 7486 3644. Closed Sunday. TUBE: Bond Street. The Seashell on Lisson Grove. Tel 020 7224 9000. Rock & Sole Plaice, London oldest surviving chippie was established in 1871. 47 Endell Street, WC2. Tel 020 7836 3785. TUBE: Covent Garden. Costas Fish Restaurant is a Cypriot taverna making some of the best fish & chips in London.17 Hillgate Street, W8. Tel 020 7727 4310. TUBE: Notting Hill.
A HOSTEL IN ATHENS, GREECE -- writes Joanne in Suzhou, China -- Anyone traveling to the heart of Athens, Greece that doesn't mind hostel life should check out City Circus. It is on a back street, but quiet and close to lots of eateries, shops and the metro. They are also very close to all the historical sites. This hostel treated me and my friend like actual guests instead of scruffy backpackers. It has a quaint, fun circus theme. They have a nice restaurant downstairs that was newly opened. The hostel desk personnel were spectacular. They offered planned activities for those guests staying with them. Their lovely rooftop patio allows a view of the Acropolis all lit up at night. City Circus has a lift/elevator and stairs. They serve a delicious breakfast-Greek style. They even have a cozy room off the dining area that you could sit and read in or have a quiet place to work on your computer. Website:
AFFORDABLE RESTAURANT IN CUENICA, ECUADOR -- writes Regina in Cuenica -- I live here and I suggest that you sample delicious, exotic Colombian cuisine at the busy and affordable spot called Moliendo Café on Honorato Vasquez and Borrero. It is owned by a tireless couple from Colombia. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I suggest you try the Arepas. These are thick Colombian corn tortillas as big as a dinner plate with at least a dozen toppings to choose from, everything from beans to chicken to shredded pork.
PICK UP A FREE MAP -- writes Eliza in Baltimore, USA -- Almost everywhere I've travelled, there have been free and available maps of the town or city at my hotel, in information centers or in shops. My advice is to take one or two when you see a stack of them. These maps are useful for you in (1) Just finding your way around (obviously). (2) assisting other visitors who might be lost. (3) Locals can mark routes to places you are seeking. (4) You can mark restaurants and shops that you'd like to revisit. (5) A map is an easy gift and great help to friends who will visit after you do. (6) Cut up, the map can label and enhance pages in a scrap book and (7) a map is perfect wrapping paper for a gift purchased on your trip.
ALMONDS ARE A TRAVELLER'S BEST FRIEND -- writes Wendy in Vacaville, USA -- I always have a small bag of almonds in my purse whenever I travel. They give me just enough energy and keep me from getting too hungry if lunch or dinner is too far away. But, they don't fill me up too much. Buy your supply at a bulk store before you leave home, ladies. Buying them on the road will cost you twice as much!
SAVE ON VAPORETTO TICKETS IN VENICE -- writes Sue in London, England -- When in Venice be sure to buy a Vaporetto (Boat) Pass. They are available for set time periods depending on how long you will be there. With your pass there is no more queuing or lastminute dashes. It's excellent for getting around to all the famous stops, or just floating along the Grand Canal up and down, taking in the sights and mixing with the locals. Check this link for all the transportation options. Some passes include transportation from the airport. Read instructions carefully. For some, in order to get a discount you must purchase online at least one week before. Click here for more information.

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Each month we list HOT TOURS in our free travel tip newsletter and at our Journeywoman website. Please read these advertisements very carefully for their offerings and take advantage of the built-in savings offered. If you book early there are early-bird opportunities available, some companies have no single supplements, some have inexpensive add-ons or last minute deals. Most often you don't pay for transfers or bag handling. Some companies even include tipping in their overall pricing. Be a savvy shopper. All of these savings mean money left in your Journeywoman travel budget.

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