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This Month's Hot Deals

50 Dirt Cheap Cheap Cheap Travel Tips
Edited by Evelyn Hannon

As prices for everything across the board are going up, up, up many of you have written to Journeywoman asking us to begin a Dirt Cheap travel section at our website. I explained that a feature like this is only as good as the tips that are shared with us from all of you. I agreed to search our archives and recent messages to compile the advice you've submitted to the website so far. Here are the first 50 pieces of advice we've received. I hope that by reading all of these your memories will be jogged and you will submit the money-saving tips from cities and countries that you know about. Send them to and put Cheap Travel in the subject line. I'll continue posting them as they are received. We're counting on all of you. Let's do this, ladies!

little chickens, dirt cheap travel

DON'T AVOID BIG SPLURGE RESTAURANTS -- Eating out is enjoyable yet it doesn't have to cost a fortune. Simply trade your big splurge for a business man's lunch rather than a romantic dinner out. Guaranteed you'll be eating the same dishes at a much more affordable price. And, if you are solo you'll be a lot more comfortable.
INEXPENSIVE ACCOMMODATION FOR LONDON, ENGLAND -- writes Claudia in Los Angeles. I recommend 63Bayswater B&B owned and operated by Soroptimists. Open to the general public. For one of the most expensive cities on the planet this is a steal price wise. Safe, quiet, friendly staff, free wifi, great water pressure, elevator, comfortable beds, breakfast, 1/2 block from the Lancaster Tube Station, 10 minute walk to Paddington Train Station and right across the road from the lovely Italian Gardens in Hyde Park. Check pricing, etc at:
FRUIT IS A HEALTHY AND LOW COST DESSERT ON THE ROAD -- On average a pastry will cost you close to $3.00 and it's absolutely filled with sugar. We say, pop into the supermarket pick up your supply of apples and oranges for a day or two. They don't need refrigeration, they cost at least 33% less than cakes and most important of all, they are a healthy choice to be carried in your backpack.
DON'T FORGET MACDONALDS -- This fast food chain is now in so many places we travel to. Stop there for an inexpensive cup of coffee. The brew isn't half bad and you get the added opportunity to use their bathrooms (save on tipping, too) and also to log on to their free WIFI. A great deal!
INEXPENSIVE GIFTS -- writes Marie-Claude in Bristol, USA -- For cheap gifts, I buy shopping bags from museums, department stores or grocery stores. Some have really great designs, fold flat in a suitcase and do not weigh much.
HALF PRICE MOVIES IN PARIS, FRANCE -- writes -- Cinema tickets are about 10 Euro but usually half price on Mondays. And if you are interested, new movies come out on Wednesday.
PACK AN E-READER -- writes Lois in Baltimore, USA -- Even if you don't own one borrow one for your time on the road. Download guidebooks and the reading material you enjoy. Buying English books in foreign destinations can be very costly and having books on your e-reader will lighten the load in your backpack considerably.
CHEAP ACCOMMODATION IN HO CHI MINH, VIETNAM -- writes Christine in Cold Water, Canada -- I recommend Ms Yang Homestay. Just go on Facebook and do the search. That's what I did and booked there which gave me a cheaper rate. In May 2015 I paid 22 per night. Two sisters own this homestay. It's very clean, I had a nice big room with bathroom ensuite. I was travelling alone however each evening I went out with one of the sisters. We went to the market to shop, ate out, and I had a great time with the girls. They did my laundry and took me by bike to catch the bus to the Mekong Delta. They were very accommodating an d have a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor.
ITALY CAN BE A BARGAIN IN THE OFF SEASON -- writes Anne in Georgetown, Canada -- Based on my own experience I suggest you travel to Ravello, Italy in the off season. From November to the end of March, Hotel Parsifal offers a week long 'Active Package' for four or more that is not only economical but a lot of fun. Attend Italian language classes, enjoy cooking lessons, take a guided tour of the village, hike the hills and visit famous local villas and gardens. The package includes some meals, comfortable accommodation, and the all important pick up and drop off at the airport or train station. Staying at this hotel was like visiting foreign cousins that you'd never met. When our luggage went astray on Good Friday Antonio, the proprietor, knew exactly where we could buy new underwear!
FISH TACOS IN SAN MIGUEL, MEXICO -- writes Ben in Montreal, Canada -- La Palapa on Nemesio Diez is known to be one of the best fish tacos places in San Miguel de Allende. This place is only opened from noon to 4 and from the outside looks as though it is part of a Garden Center next door. If you arrive before noon, the heavy metal gate will be padlocked and you may wonder if it is a good place to eat. It is absolutely worth stopping by for tacos, be it fish, chicken or beef. Each is served with a little salad and costs about 35 - 45 pesos (about $US1.90 to $US2.15), depending on the type you order. I eat here many times during each trip to San Miguel.
CHEAP CINEMA IN LONDON, ENGLAND -- writes Maggie in London, England -- Spend Friday night at the flicks. £1.50 cinema tickets are available at the Prince Charles Cinema, 7 Leicester Place, off Leicester Square. Tel 020 7494 3654. Other good deal days, Monday to Thursday Matinees - £3.00, Evening/Weekend - £4.00. TUBE: Leicester Square.
BUDGET SHOPPING IN JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- writes Giovanna in St George Brant, Canada -- I'd like to add my cheap travel tip to your list. For inexpensive shopping I recommend Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem, Israel. The bargain stores are amazing if you are interested in Israeli jewelry. A necklace pendant can be purchased for approximately $US2.00. At the beauty stores it's not uncommon to find a 100 ml jar of good hand cream for about $US1.50. Not only are the prices amazing but it is such a fun shopping experience. I have been to Israel four times and hope to go again. As soon as I arrive in Jerusalem and unpack I head for Ben Yehuda St. and all the little streets that veer off from it. It's the perfect place to buy your small gifts for friends back home.
MY CHOICE FOR CHEAP AND CHEERFUL EATS IN LONDON'S MARKETS -- writes Claudia in Los Angeles, USA -- Street markets are a great way to find cheap eats throughout London. I especially recommend Whitecross Street Market in the Islington neighborhood of London. Both food stalls and food trucks serve quality cheap eats. Two of my favorites are the traditional British fare at the Eat my Pies stall and the freshly made burritos from the Luardo's food truck. I also suggest the international street food market on Golborne Road at the end of Portobello Road in an area known as Little Morocco. The Moroccan fish and chips stall is fabulous. Open Monday thru Saturday. Enjoy, ladies!
YEARNING FOR COOKIES WITH YOUR COFFEE? -- There is a coffee machine in your hotel room but no cookies to enjoy with your drink. If you are yearning for something sweet, check the supermarket shelves for a store brand packet of tea biscuits. They are always an economical choice. P.S. Next head to the produce department and pick up a free small plastic bag. Later put your open box of cookies in that bag to keep the opened package fresh and ready for that next cup of tea or coffee on the road.
CLOSING TIME IS BARGAIN TIME IN EUROPEAN MARKETS -- writes Diana in Matfield East, Australia -- My travel hint for inexpensive food is to go to markets near closing time and you will find some delicious cooked foods, snacks and pastries marked down so that they can be sold out. And in the U.K., Marks and Spencers' ready meals in the fresh foods sections can't be beaten for value - and they too, are often marked down near the end of the day.
LUNCH AND A GLASS OF WINE IN LONDON DOESN'T BREAK THE BANK -- writes Anna Marie in Kampala, Uganda -- If you are close to Trafalgar Square at lunch time, wander over to Terroirs Wine Bar (5 William IV St, London WC2N 4DW) for their 10GBP lunch which includes a glass of wine. Recommended by a local who works close by, she told me it was the best food in the area and I concur! I sat at the bar and thoroughly enjoyed my simple but very tasty lunch ... with a wonderful glass of wine from their large selection!

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