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A bit about our philosophy on content and sponsors

For over 25 years, Journeywoman has been the voice of women from around the world. Founded by Evelyn Hannon in 1994, Journeywoman began as a print newsletter, and evolved to become a digital travel magazine in 1997.

In fact, Journeywoman.com was one of the first women's travel websites in the world, as a result of Evelyn's ingenuity and forward-thinking at a time when many businesses had not yet understood the power of the Internet. That power and influence has continued. As recently as August 2019, our website is in the top 15 travel blogs globally, outranking over 1,400 travel websites on the basis of key SEO metrics, including algorithmic authority, trust and influence.

What we believe

Being a Journeywoman is a mindset. A Journeywoman seeks self-discovery. A Journeywoman is eager to learn and grow. A Journeywoman is hungry to teach others about skills such as generosity, curiosity and the importance of community . Together, we curate the skills needed to create a better world – like empathy, respect, caring and kindness. It is well known that women make over 80% of all travel decisions, making us key influencers across all aspects of travel, including solo, multi-generational and adventure travel. But we have an even larger role – to influence and transform each other, our children, and others who came before and after us.

At Journeywoman, we seek to inspire and empower women with all the practical, real, and honest information they need to travel safety and well. This is why we carefully select our sponsors, and make every effort to provide our brand as a platform to support other women-owned businesses. Above all else, we believe in integrity, and take care to present content that is authentic, objective and unbiased. We do not accept sponsored content from marketing or advertising agencies (who approach us almost every day!)

Everything we do is intentional, with purpose. It may not be perfect, but it will be fun! We hope you'll join us on our journey and join our sisterhood of women travelers. Enjoy!

Our Theme This Issue

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Included in every issue:

  • • JUICY Travel Tips
  • • Journeywoman Book Club
  • • HOT Tours
  • • Getting to Know you
  • • HOT Destinations

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Issue Date

Copy Due

Sponsor Deadline

September–October Inspiration: Our Fall newsletter theme is Inspiration. The people, places and things that inspire us. That inspire you. The journeys we take on the road to self-discovery, learning and growth. And, of course a tribute to the original and inimitable Journeywoman Evelyn Hannon. October 1 September 15 September 1
November –December Memory and Rituals: Our Holiday newsletter theme is Memory + Rituals. The things we do to build community, to spark joy. The experiences we share. The things that hold our memories and transport us when we encounter them. December 1 November 15 November 1
January –February Serendipity: Our Winter newsletter theme is Serendipity. The happy accidents that lead to amazing travel experiences. Learning to dance in the rain. The world's most optimistic countries and what we can learn from them. February 1 January 15 January 1
March – April Growth: Our Pre-Spring (Thaw!) newsletter theme is Growth. The fears we overcome and challenges we undertake on the path to learning and growth. Our first solo trips. The connections and friendships we make while travelling. April 1 March 15 March 1
May – June Curiosity: Our Spring newsletter theme is Curiosity. Approaching familiar destinations with openness. How to travel mindfully in a distracted world. The art of conversation across language barriers. June 1 May 15 May 1
July- August Love: Our Summer newsletter theme is Love. Wellness and self-healing journeys that bring us back to ourselves. The rise of service, generosity and volunteerism. How to maintain global friendships between trips and in-person visits. August 1 July 15 July 1

*Please note: Topics subject to change

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