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Journeywoman's European Brunch Directory...

Evelyn Hannon
Many European restaurants don't yet offer brunch menus. However, some do serve late breakfasts - early lunch specials. To try to locate some of these brunch spots we've been hearing about, we sent a request out to the folks who would really know -- our Journeywoman readership across the pond plus a select group of travel bloggers living in Europe. Our query to them was, 'Are you able to recommend a moderately-priced spot to enjoy brunch in your city; a place to rub elbows with the locals.' We were delighted with the information that came back to us and we know that once this beginning list is published, there will be more coming in via email. Please send your tips to: and put the words, 'European Brunch' in the subject line. Our aim is to provide a fun selection of eating spots for our readership as they travel across Europe.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
If you fancy a bagel rather than a croissant .... If you are looking for an American style breakfast or brunch .... Then you will be very comfortable at the low key chain called, Bagels and Beans. When I was there with my travelling pals we were the only tourists in the place and it was great fun chatting with all the locals. There are loads of these cafes around town. I recommend you don't seek out the ones right in the center of the city but look for the ones in residential neighbourhoods. I'm enclosing a link to their website (in Dutch) with all their locations . Don't worry, addresses are easy to read in both languages. When you get there everybody will speak English and offer you an English menu if you need it. We really enjoyed it. P.S. We were there in the summer and since our location was beside a canal we sat at tables outside. Lovely! Website: P.S. They're also on Twitter so you can connect that way.

Submitted by: Evelyn, Toronto, Canada

EDITOR'S NOTE: Check out this Amsterdam shopping advice. Click here.

Berlin, Germany
The California Breakfast Slam in Berlin serves up amazing American style breakfast with a twist. The CabSlam, as it is affectionately called by it's loyal patrons,infuses Mexican fare with some of the best locally sourced ingredients. A crowd favorite is french toast, a large serving of rustic hand sliced freshly baked bread covered in sugary goodness (don't forget the bacon). Currently the CabSlam operates out of a kitch bar in Neuk�lln but has been know to change venues periodically. To keep up to date on their whereabouts and daily specials, check their Facebook fan page.

Submitted by: Nicole, Website: Twitter: @nicolenewblack

EDITOR'S NOTE: Here's some added woman-centered advice for Berlin. Click here.

Copenhagen, Denmark
On the second floor of Copenhagen's National Museum you will find the best brunch in Denmark. The award winning Restaurant Julian offers an amazing selection of food in their brunch buffet. All ingredients are locally souced and dishes are made only with seasonal ingredients. The only thing that competes with the food, is the first class surroundings of the modern musuem. Be sure to make a reservation because it does get packed. Food recommendations: Try the crepes with warm apple syrup and be sure to wash it down with refreshing elderflower cordial. In my opinion The Restaurant Julian in Copenhagen's National Museum is the perfect site for weekend brunch.

Submitted by: Nicole, Website: Twitter: @nicolenewblack

Since I don't understand Danish, I found the restaurant menus in Copenhagen somewhat intimidating. Then I discovered a wonderful place named Riz Raz (two locations in the city). They open at 11:30 for lunch and serve a terrific Mediterranean buffet. You can see all the food possibilities and can help yourself to luscious salads, fresh baked breads, desserts, etc. without having to decipher a menu. Weather permitting, outside seating is available so you can people watch while you eat. On several occasions I enjoyed a larger, leisurely lunch there and and then had only a light snack for dinner. But the best part? They serve Frunch (Danish for lunch and brunch) on Sundays from 1:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Highly recommended. Website:

Submitted by: Linda, Tualatin, USA

EDITOR'S NOTE: Journeywoman readers sent us these tips about Denmark. Click here.

Dublin, Ireland
Lennox Cafe in leafy Portobello, just a stone's throw from the Grand Canal, lies one of Dublin's best kept secrets. That is until Saturday and Sunday mornings when queues snake up the otherwise quiet residential street and through the doors to sample the mouthwatering brunch menu in Lennox caf�. One look at the menu and you'll see why. The husband and wife team have covered everything from the usual Full Irish Breakfast to international brunch favourites such as Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine, pancakes, muesli and even Huevos rancheros. Most dishes are priced below �10 and as an added bonus, the tea and coffee are served in proper fine china. Address: 31, Lennox Street, Dublin 8. Email:

Submitted by: Fiona Hilliard Website: Twitter: @arguscarhire

Edinburgh, Scotland
If you're looking for a good restaurant in Edinburgh, I highly recommend Hamilton's Bar and Kitchen , 16-18 Hamilton Place, in the area called Stockbridge in Edinburgh's New Town. They serve all day breakfast on Sundays. We ate there twice in July, (liked it so much the first time, we went back). Excellent food, great staff, and we never, ever saw any other tourists. The place seemed to be filled with locals who obviously enjoy frequenting this popular place in their neighborhood. Glad I found it. Website:

Submitted by: Barbara, Montreal, Canada

Florence, Italy
Some restaurants in Florence cater to tourists with "American-style" brunch. But if you want an authentic trattoria lunch in a Florentine neighborhood, away from the crowds in the city center, I'd recommend Fratelli Briganti It's hugely popular with local residents who show up with appetites for a feast that begins with antipasto or pizza, followed by primi (pasta) and secondi (meat/fish) courses, with cheese, dessert and coffee at the finish. The waiters (including members of the Fratelli family), the cooks and the guy with the cleaver who cuts the steaks are characters from Central Casting. The delicious food and lively ambience don't get more genuinely Italian than this. Address: Piazza Giorgini 12R, Florence (near Piazza Leopoldo, a 10-minute bus/cab ride north of the train station) Lunch: M-W, Sat-Sun 12-3 p.m. Dinner: M-W, Sat-Sun 7 p.m. - midnight (closed on Thursdays) phone: 055 475255

Submitted by: Rebecca Bricker, Website: Twitter: @RebeccaBricker

EDITOR'S NOTE: Here's more eating and drinking tips for Florence. Click here.

Lisbon, Portugal
The concept of brunch is becoming increasingly popular in Portugal, although our best kept secret are our breakfasts. At Pastelaris Versailles , you can be literally spoilt for choice - cakes, sandwiches, quiches, delicious pastries and the like, whilst knowing that everything has been baked on the premises on that very morning. I have to recommend their mixed fruit juice (batido sem leite), toasted ham and cheese and the delicious custard tarts (pasteis de nata). I used to go for breakfast every day when I lived in Lisbon, now it's a must-do stop every time I go back. Prices around $5-15 Website:

Submitted by: Ana Silva O'Reilly Website: Twitter: @mrsoaroundworld


Which food, which country...

Which food? Which country? Tomatoes and oregano make it Italian; wine and tarragon make it French. Sour cream makes it Russian; lemon and cinnamon make it Greek. Soy sauce makes it Chinese; garlic makes it good.
(Alice Brock, Alice's Restaurant Cookbook,1969)


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