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Facebook Conversation About London Sparks 50 Practical Tips

Talking Dogs - I heart London!

18. black check Enjoy a Sunday at the East End Markets: Petticoat Lane Market, an international tourist attraction on a Sunday. It's been operating since the 1750s, it's named after the petticoats and lace once sold there by the Huguenots who came to London from France. There's also Brick Lane Market, Sunday Up Market, Columbia Road and Flower Market (Beatriz P.)

19. black check I suggest Ceremony of the Keys at Tower of London! Impressive. A 700 year old ancient ceremony. Free. See: (Connie M.)

20. black check I love Portebello Road Market! Filled with wonderful treasures. It's the world's largest antiques market with over 1,000 dealers selling every kind of antique and collectible. It's located 3 kilometres west of Marble Arch and easy to reach by road or underground from anywhere in London.

21. black check For a day away from the bustle in London: I go out to the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew: second to last stop on the tube - District Line. Several cafeterias there as well. (J. Kittel)

22. black check My favorite hotel is described as a chic, family-run bed & breakfast. It's Lime Tree Hotel on Ebury St near Victoria and Sloane Square.

23. black check I go to the Information office at Victoria Station to load money on my Oyster Card for Tube and Bus fares.

24. black check If you are close to Trafalgar Square at lunch time, wander over to Terroirs Wine Bar| for their lunch and a glass of wine. Recommended by a local who works close by, she told me it was the best food in the area and I concur! I sat at the bar and thoroughly enjoyed my simple but very tasty lunch ... with a wonderful glass of wine from their large selection! (Ann-Marie B.)

25. black check If you like antiquities the British Museum is for you. Entry is free. If you like design don't miss the Victoria and Albert Museum. Entry is free as well but some exhibits carry an extra fee. (Ellen B.)

26. black check St Martin in the Fields has free classical concerts during the day and a wonderful café in the crypt. Tate Modern is free and full of beautiful international modern and contemporary art. The same goes for Saatchi Gallery on Kings Road. (Karin R.)

27. black check The Wallace collection is a place for lovers of old master paintings located in an historic London Town house - there is a fine café with tea and scones. The Wallace Restaurant is the perfect anytime oasis. To experience it at its best however, visit on Friday or Saturday evening when you can dine under the stars and feast on the full a la carte menu. (Karin R.)

28. black check My favorite luxury department Store is Harvey Nichols in Kensington. Lovely even to browse. (Karin R.)

29. black check The SkyGarden at 20 Fenchurch Street is a unique public space that spans three storeys and offers 360 degree uninterrupted views across the City of London. Visitors can wander around the exquisitely landscaped gardens, observation decks and an open air terrace of what is London's highest public garden. Tickets are free, but you must book a couple of weeks in advance to get the time slot you want. You can have a drink or a snack up there as well. Views of the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge are excellent. (Katrina W.)

30. black check Borough Market is a must, you can spend time there drinking prosecco while shopping for food. Yes you can buy a glass of prosecco and walk around the civilized. P.S. Is one of the largest and oldest food markets in London, with a market on the site dating back to at least the 12th century. (Micheline G.)

31. black check After that, a walk along the South Bank is beautiful and then you can cross the Millennium Bridge and it leads you straight to St Paul's Cathedral. There is a charge to visit the cathedral during the day but if you arrive for 5pm vespers you can go in for free and if you want to stay for the whole service (1/2 hour) then you can sit in the choir stalls. Trust me it is worth it. (Micheline G.)

32. black check Fullers Brewery in Chiswick is one of the oldest breweries in London. The tour is fascinating and the location is terrific. After the tour, I walked along the Thames, passing one of the smallest pubs in London, to the Hammersmith Tube station. (Linda H.)

33. black check Take a double-decker hop on/hop off bus for 25 euro but before that head into Marks and Spencer and grab some wine and Cornish pastie as takeout. Get an upstairs front row seat and enjoy the ride! Best deal and seat in town. To find the Marks and Spencer closest to your hotel, click here. (Donna M.R.)

The difference between High Tea and Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea is a mini meal that fills the gap between lunch and dinner but it's rarely vital to one's survival. It's a light treat of tea, sandwiches, scones and cake. High Tea, on the other hand, is a necessary meal that includes heartier fare like steak and kidney pie, quiche, cheese and crackers. Nowadays the divisions are becoming blurred, with food such as scones and sponge cakes appearing at both meals.

Full Afternoon Tea is often (but not always) served on a three-tiered tray. Typically, the bottom tier will hold savories (like finger sandwiches) and the higher tiers will hold two types of sweets (like scones and petits fours). It is usually recommended that you begin with the bottom tier and work your way up. (Source the and

Lots more tips to include on your trip to London

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