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This Month's Hot Deals

Brussels From a Woman's Point of View

What women are saying...

-- I'm a Belgium local and I have three food tips for Journeywoman readers. (1) Check out A M Sweet Tea Shop for the best best brunch or s stop for chocolate milk or coffee and pie in town. Located at Rue des Chartreux 4, 1000 Brussels. (2) Eat cheap and good Chinese food in Da Kao: Rue Van Artevelde 19, 1000 Bruxelles. It's located in the Chinatown area and actually almost all the Chinese restaurants there are cheap and good. (3) Don't buy chocolate in the speciality shops. They are very expensive and often they are a cacao fantasy, an inferior product that isn't allowed to be called chocolate by law. Go into a supermarket and buy some Cote d'or, Galler or Callebaut. It's very good chocolate that we buy for everyday use and it won't break your bank.
Kristal, Brussels, Belgium

-- My daughter and I visited Belgium together. One of our favorite memories is a visit to Alex & Alex, a chocolate and champagne shop in Brussels that we had read about in the New York Times. We did a tasting of three champagnes paired with three artisanal chocolates. The owner even took time to show us how to open a champagne bottle with a sword. It was a perfect way to celebrate my 70th birthday. The shop is located at Rue de la Paille 32, Brussels. Its not too far from the Royal Museum of Fine Arts. Since our visit another branch has opened in the Grande Place. They sell a wonderful champagne that has a touch of cognac in it. We brought some home as it's unavailable in US. P.S. I also recommend TapToe Bed & Breakfast. Its location is walkable to many things Grande Place, museums, train station for day trips, shopping and restaurants. Address: Place de la Vieille Halle aux Blés 25, 1000
Nancy, Springfield, USA

I Heart chocolate

-- Belgian weather being what it is, a great place to escape on a rainy day in Brussels is the wonderous Musical Instrument Museum. Housed in a gorgeous Art Nouveau building in the heart of the city, you can see thousands of beautiful instruments of all kinds! After your visit, don't miss the lovely view of the city from the museum's restaurant - especially if the clouds have cleared!
Caroline, Toronto, Canada

-- I have been to Brussels many times and one of my favorite stops is Place du Grand Sablon. This charming city square is beautiful and houses many cafés, chocolate and pastry shops and antique stores. Café Vieux Saint Martin is a must whenever I go to Brussels. This is where I get my Dover sole fix! This café/ bistro is expensive but worth the treat. There are three wonderful chocolate shops in the square..... Wittamer, is both a outstanding pastry and chocolate shop where you can have a cappuccino and a most delicious sweet, Pierre Marcolini, and of course Godiva. On Saturday and Sunday, there is an antique market and the square is busy with local people who enjoy eating, walking and shopping in Place du Grand Sablon
Marilyn, Montreal, Canada

-- Pralines are a million calories but they are the one thing you just can't miss while in Brussels. In the States, I believe that there's a fast food restaurant on every corner. It is probably safe to say that in Brussels there is a praline shop on every street. When you buy a kilo, be sure to choose your candies yourself. We, Belgians never accept a "pre-packed" package. That way we are sure our pralines are fresh. The prettiest praline shops -- the Neuhaus (this shop is over 100 years old) and the Corne are in the Galerie du Roi. Another praline shop, always beautifully decorated and also one of the best is Wittamer, on the Sablon place. These wonderful chocolate bon bons would make perfect presents for your friends back home.
Katrien, Brussels area, Belgium


What to wear in Belgium

fruit hat

I'm a Belgian; I live here so I know it well. Belgium is a very modern country; you can wear just about everything here, just keep it decent. Don't go running around half naked, but wear appropriate shorts, short skirts, tops and nobody will look surprised or trouble you. Actually we generally miss the weather to go running around in summer clothes. So, if you come to Belgium (even during the summer) always bring something for rain, for sun, for cold, for every type of weather. You can only be sure it won't freeze during summer, and it won't be hot during winter, but for the rest, every type of weather is possible at any time.
Veronique, Brussels, Belgium


World War l guide in Belgium

This way please

I would like to recommend Olivier Dirson, a wonderful lecturer guide. His company is called, Chemins d'Histoire Battlefield Tours. Our family used his service in France and he was fantastic. I know that he offers tours that include the battlefields of Belgium as well. See:
Flavia, Burlington, Canada


No calories in Belgian french fries, etc ...


Chocolates, frites, crepes and waffles smothered with whipped cream and fresh fruit all sound as if they are filled to bursting with calories. However, one of the perks of being a Journeywoman is that we let you in on secrets you will never find in any guidebooks. And, in this case, it's an especially good thing.

Secret #1 -- If you eat any of the above foods standing on one leg, you will definitely not gain weight.

Secret #2 -- Eat as many chocolates as you like. Just be sure to break them in half first. This way the calories all fall out.

(Source: Journeywoman files and Louise Heal in London, England)


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