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Explore Croatia - Go Before it Becomes Too Popular

Journeywoman writes ...

croatia sidecar

#10. A fun fact! Zagreb boasts the shortest cable car in the world (66 meters long). It has been transporting people between the Upper and Lower Towns for the last century. The lower station is located on Tomićeva Street which leads to Ilica – the longest street in Zagreb, while the other station is located at the base of Lotršćak Tower, on the Upper Town's Strossmayer promenade.

#11. Outdoor markets are very popular in Zagreb ...

outdoor markets

There are small markets everywhere in the city so as you walk about you are sure to encounter one. However, the main market is called Dolac. This is the daily outdoor market bursting with fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy products and flowers. Nicknamed 'The belly of Zagreb' it can be easily spotted by the colorful red umbrellas that offer merchants protection from the elements even in the winter. The open section of the market sells of lace, honey products and toys. When I was there I watched some outdoor baking demonstrations. Keep your eyes open for these special treats.

#12. The Arts and Crafts Museum ...

arts and crafts museum

It wasn't planned. I simply happened upon the Arts and Crafts Museum at Trg Republike Hrvatske 10. I entered because I was curious and was rewarded with a lovely experience. Founded in 1880, the building boasts eight floors of one hundred thousand items (no elevator so be prepared to walk the stairs). I loved the wrought iron railings, entry arches, small columns and plaster ornamentations on each floor. Truly old world! There's textiles, photography, furniture, sculpture, ceramics to be seen and much, much more. Don't even try to see it all. A side room full of synagogue silverware and ritual candlesticks harkens back to the heritage of Zagreb's pre-World War II Jewish community. My visit included seeing a featured exhibit of prize winning Russian photography. Website:

#13. The Museum of Broken Relationships ...

museum of broken relationships

The Museum of Broken Relationships (located at Ćirilometodska ul. 2, 10000) is one that almost everybody can relate to. This small couple of rooms in a baroque palace displays donations of personal objects connected with former lost love affairs. Some cheeky, some sad, visitors will read these posted notes and understand how someone's heart was broken. I laughed at objects on sale in the souvenir shop. All were connected to the 'lost love' theme. One box of chocolates was inscribed with 'Forget love. I'd rather fall in chocolate' and there was an eraser stamped with the words, 'bad memories eraser.' And for solo travelers I spied a postcard that read, 'I'm having a great time all by myself.' Perfect to send home to friends and family, Plan on a short visit. Don't forget your camera. The museum was founded by two Zagreb-based artists, Olinka Vištica, a film producer, and Dražen Grubišić, a sculptor. After their four-year love relationship came to an end, the two joked about setting up a museum to house the left-over personal items. Find out more at:

#14. Amazing Naïve Art ...

amazing naive art

The Croatian Museum of Naïve Art (located at Ćirilometodska ul. 3, 10000) was my favorite stop in Zagreb. It's a fine art museum dedicated to the work of naïve artists of the 20th century. The museum stores over 1,900 works of art mainly by Croatians but also by other well-known international artists in the genre. What fun to compare the naïve art in this museum to that of American, Grandma Moses. Website:

#15. Did you know this about Mama Mia?

mama mia

MamaMia, the latest movie was not shot in Greece locations as the original one was. This new film was shot almost entirely in Croatia on the island of Vis. Vis is known for having one of the best beaches in the world. Called Stiniva, it is a cove surrounded by high cliffs and views of pure, clear water. Click!

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