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Explore Croatia - Go Before it Becomes Too Popular

Compiled by Mary Lou Clark and Evelyn Hannon

Mary Lou Clark is a Journeywoman who lives in St. Louis, USA. She travelled from Italy to parts of Croatia with friends and submitted these tips about traveling through North West Croatia to Zagreb.

Journeywoman Editor, Evelyn Hannon travelled to Croatia with Overseas Adventures Small Ship Cruise 'Hidden Gems of the Dalmation Coast & Greece. Zagreb was the final stop on the itinerary. She loved the complete journey.

Together they offer 15 tips to entice other women interested in exploring Croatia on their own or with a group.

Zagreb in the fall
(Zagreb in the fall)

Mary Lou writes...

#1. We travelled to Croatia in the month of June and stayed at a seaside village called Porec. Why Porec? It is directly across from Venice, Italy which was our starting point. Here's a bit about it. Click!

#2. We had two choices to get from Venice to Porec. Take the bus (5 hours - $US15) or the ferry (3 hours - $US60)

#3. We took the bus and I recommend it. The landscape was beautiful and it was fun traveling with the locals.

#4. Lesson learned about the ferry - We took the bus in part because the ferry didn't run that day. If you want to take the ferry book your ticket before you book any hotels, etc. The ferries run from April to October. Reserve tickets at:

#5. In Porec we rented a car. It's very easy to drive in Croatia using a GPS. We travelled all throughout the north western part of Croatia testing the restaurants that are outside of the towns, right on the side of the road. Have your camera ready; you will pass many olive groves and lavender fields. You will also see roadside stands - pull over and buy some first press olive oil and some lavender sachets. You might even spot some lace for sale - It is all delightful!

#6. Zagreb - We flew home from Croatia's capital, Zagreb so we took the opportunity to spend a few days there. Our evaluation? It's a great city, with wonderful friendly people and by comparison to other capitals it was inexpensive.

#7. We stayed at Irundo (formerly known as Zig Zag Apartments). Our accommodation was central, very reasonable and roomy and clean. Two nights for 4 people cost us $US333 (about $US40 per person per night). The company has single units as well at about 60 euros average per night and 80 euros per double at time of writing. You can find out more and reserve at

#8. We did a walking, sightseeing food tour with It was 3.5 hours long and cost about $US58. There was more than enough delicious tasting and drinking and we got a good layout and history of the city.

croatia beer
apple strudel

#9. One last tip. You must try the local beer, Karlovacko. We really enjoyed it with our Croatian meals. The other 'must try' is Zagreb strudel with apples, cheese or cherries for dessert.

More Zagreb tips...

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