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Kali Guide


I Took My Love to New Orleans

Our wonderful discovery...

But one of the best finds we came across for a romantic getaway was actually escaping the heart of New Orleans proper. New Orleans North Shore is like a vacation from your vacation. They say this place is a 45-minute drive across Lake Pontchartrain, but a million miles away. And I'd agree. Our few days spent there were pure romance.

We checked in to the Wood's Hole Inn, a beautiful B&B in the country with picture perfect tiny cabins for romantic seclusion. We had a king-sized, four-poster bed, and walked a country road draped with Spanish moss sipping a glass of wine before heading out for dinner. (Tel: 985-796-9077)

At Artesia, a Mobile 4-star restaurant ensconced in a beautiful historic home, Chef Gerard Maras seduces all of your senses from course to course. He was named by Food and Wine magazine as one of the 10 best new chefs in the country in 1999, and has continued to live up to the accolades. I had the best duck I've ever eaten. We finished the meal with the luscious fresh berry finisher with fresh cream, setting the mood for the romantic evening to come. (Tel: 985-892-1662)      
Our final night in Louisiana was spent at La Provence. A huge stone fireplace, candlelit tables, quiet ambiance and noticeably absent waiters made it an evening to remember. The food was outstanding, (another Mobile 4-star), but the entire experience was just perfect for our last night of gazing through the candlelight and reflecting on our trip. (Tel: 985-626-7662)        

Monday morning, to finish off a perfect New Orleans experience, we were treated to the calling card of the state-- an authentic swamp tour, complete with gators and scrambling crawfish. For lovers from Canada, it was an otherworldly environment. Honey Island Swamp Tours hire professional local guides who know the ecology of the swamps and bayous that can be tested by dozens of questions -- and we asked them all. Over a few hours, we learned about how the bayous were created; we met a 12-foot alligator and generally were entertained, informed, and sent home with a true appreciation for the strength required in settling this wild piece of land. (Tel: 504-641-1769)

Postscript: Now, several months later, I've split from the man who experienced New Orleans with me. However, I still carry wonderful memories of the time we spent there together. Whether you're a woman looking for a romantic getaway or a few days of great sightseeing fun with a girlfriend, I haven't changed my mind about New Orleans. I still wholeheartedly recommend this sizzling, spicy, southern city.

Totally Devoted Voodoo Spell...

Kelly writes (with tongue in cheek): I actually bought some relationship insurance from a voodoo bookshop while I was in New Orleans. Had I worked my magic properly, perhaps my love and I would still be discussing duck and gators over dinner.

From the whimsical, "How to Turn Your Boyfriend into a Love Slave and other spells to inspire passion, romance Amazonand seduction" by author, Deborah Gray.

The Totally Devoted Spell:

You'll need to gather:
Two lengths of string, about 12 inches long
A stick of geranium or ylang ylang incense
Something touched by your lover
A handful of rose petal potpourri



If you want to bring a loved one closer to you, collect these items of enchantment on Friday, the day of Venus. Wrap one of the lengths of string around the stick of incense at the base and keep wrapping all the way up to the tip as you focus your mind on your intended and say:

"I bind this chord to show my love, I bind this chord to start desire."

Put the item your loved one has touched next to the incense and start wrapping that up with the other piece of string. After you have wrapped everything up, sprinkle rose petals over the top. For added passion, keep everything under your bed for at least a month.

Editor's note (with tongue in cheek): Good luck, ladies.




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