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A Girl's Guide to University Sleeps


United States...

But there's no need to cross the Atlantic. Cross the Pacific instead. Stay in Hawaii for only $40 per couple per night in downtown Honolulu at the Hawaiian Mission Academy located at 1438 Pensacola St. Tel: 808 536 2207
Website: .

If trendy California is more your style you can stay in Berkeley's Stern Hall for $54 per night or $300 week for a single, or $68 and $375 for a double, from June 4 to August 16. Tel: 510 642 4444 Website:

And who doesn't want to visit Long Island? Hofstra University in Hemstead, NY, has 3000 rooms for $42 per room per night. Tel: 516 463 5067

Housing in New York is notoriously scarce but travelers can stay at the Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, only two subway stops from Manhattan. Rooms in residential apartments are still available from June 1 to Aug 18 at a daily rate of $75, weekly $400 or $1200 monthly for single occupancy and $50, $300 and $900 for a double. Tel:1 800 POLYTECH.

If there's space available, independent travelers can stay at the University of North woman in robe, dancingCarolina at Chapel Hill between June 1 and Aug 1. Daily rates run from $35 to $59, weekly from $210 to $354, and monthly from $770 to $1298. Contact:
Website: Tel: 1 800 UNC 5502

Mississippi State University in the town of Starkville offers visitors year round accommodation at Herbert Hall. Daily rates for a single are $25, weekly $140. Doubles are $30 daily and $140 weekly. Tel: 662 325 3359

The University of Chicago has rooms for $15.00. They are very small and a bit of a train ride away from city center, but for the price, it's definitely worth it. Information: International House, 1414 East 59th St, Chicago IL 60605, Tel: 312-327-5350, Email:

Australia and New Zealand...

UNIVERSITY ACCOMMODATION IN AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND -- writes Fairina in Sydney, Australia -- Campus Living Villages is a young and energetic company who specialize in student accommodation. The company has set a new international standard in University accommodation through out Australia, New Zealand and the United States, which not only redefines student life, but also student lifestyle. CLV smart stays has 10 properties around Australia and New Zealand and offers accommodation between mid November and mid February. Stays must be a minimum of three nights. Rates from $45. Tel: 011 61 2 9270 1609. Website:

woman in robe, dancingNew Zealand's University of Auckland opens up two halls of residence, O'Rorke Hall and The Railway Campus from mid November to mid February. Rates at O'Rorke start around $24 per person per night or $127 per week. Contact the Residential Manager at 011 64 9 302 0266 or email The Railway Campus is an apartment complex with studios from $48. Enquiries to: or Tel: 011 64 9 367 7100 ex 33098. For information about the facilities visit their Website: .


Feel like holidaying in Canada? The University of British Colombia bills itself as 'Vancouver's affordable and most accommodating alternative' with a variety of residential options including standard singles at Gage Towers for $27.
604 822 1000 Website:

At the University of Calgary, just an hour away from the Rockies, rooms are available from early May to late August. Singles in dormitory bedrooms are $23.00 and $32 for doubles. Studio apartments start at $41. Tel: 403 220 3203

In Toronto there is a central accommodation option at the University of St. Michael's, federated with the University of Toronto. Weekly rates start at $125 for a non-student single and $106 double. Available May 10 to August 22. Tel: 416 926 7296

Massey College on the University of Toronto campus is normally a dorm for handpicked graduate students, but they accept guests during the summer. They have single and double rooms, simply furnished but comfortable, and cafeteria-style breakfast is included. It's quiet, inexpensive (50-80$CAN), centrally located, and it feels more like a home than an hotel (don't be surprised if permanent residents sit down with you at breakfast). Perks include a common room with at least half-a-dozen daily newspapers and a beautiful park in the quad. Website:

In Nova Scotia, Dalhousie University in Halifax is available from May 8 to August 21. Daily, weekly and monthly rates are available in basic dorm-style rooms. Single tourist rates are $27 per night, $163 per week, or $43 and $257 double, less for students.
902 494 8840 Website:woman in robe,

And finally, Newfoundland's Memorial University is located on the edge of a 3500 hectare park at the north end of St. John's. Two residences offer accommodation from $24 per night for a single or $20 per person double. Website:
709 737 7657

A Journeywoman reader adds:
Renting rooms in university dorms is the greatest fun and a good way to save money. My husband (of 11 years) and I met at the University of Ottawa at a restaurant just off campus called Fathers & Sons while we were both staying at the dorms in off season. How's that for incentive, ladies? Here is the contact information for their reservation center. Their offices are located in Stanton Residence, suite 128, 100 University, in the heart of the University of Ottawa's campus.
Contact them by phone at (613)-562-5771 or by fax at (613) 562-5157.
Ruby, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

This is only a sprinkling of choices. Where ever you plan to go, it's worth calling ahead to the local university to see if they offer rooms. Facilities aren't grand, and room service nonexistent, but all those leafy quads, hallowed halls and budget prices just might make you feel very young, indeed.

We welcome your suggestions...

Do you have a 'university dorm' tip for Journeywoman? Have you lived on campus for a few days anywhere in the world? Please share your 'finds' with us and we'll add them to these pages. Simply send your emails to, put the words 'university dorm' in the subject line and don't forget to include contact information for the university, your first name as well as the city you live in. We'll happily take care of the rest!

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