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Hong Kong Health and Beauty Stuff...


Whether you’re planning on just a couple of shopping days in Hong Kong or indulging in the pleasures of a longer time spent in this area, your health and well-being remains a distinct priority. From getting over jetlag to exercising daily to having your toenails painted a fabulous shade of pink, here are lots of great women-centered tips to enhance your mind, body, spirit, and safety...

She fights jetlag with water and sleep...
My best tip on how to fight jetlag is to drink a lot of water during the flight to Hong Kong. Then, once you have arrived, if the current time is earlier than 1:00pm, have a cat nap of no longer than three hours. After that, force yourself to get up and carry on. If your arrival time is later than 1:00pm, try to stay awake as long as you possibly can. By going to bed no earlier than 7:00pm that night you should start to acclimatize to your new time zone in the easiest way possible.
Denise, Canadian Airlines Flight Attendant, Canada
Drink bottled water...
Take care to keep yourself well hydrated. While the drinking water in Hong Kong is said to meet United Nations Standards, the locals I spoke to and the guidebooks I checked suggested it was safest to drink bottled water rather than tap water. I chose not to take chances and bought my water at Watson’s, a prominent chain of pharmacies cum health and beauty centres.
Evelyn Hannon, Journeywoman editor, Canada
Week-end runs and walks...
There's a club called Ladies Hash House Harriers that organizes weekend walks and advertises in all the English publications in town. A few expat women who were new to Hong Kong have tried it and said it's a great way to make instant friends. Might be a good resource for the female traveller! (Tel: 2861 1621)
Michelle Beck, Hong Kong
Women who walk...
Boots is a Hong Kong walking club for women. We hike all year round (weekdays and weekends) throughout HK’s country parks and islands. Join us to explore the New Territories, parts of Hong Kong Island you may never have seen before plus walking trips to Macao and China. Guests are welcome. For prices and schedule information, call: 2575 1339, fax: 2893 3486., Hong Kong
J. Bunker, Hong Kong
Her jogging advice...
Staying on the Hong Kong side? If you’d like to have a good run and you also want to see the Hong Kong skyline, then take the Bowen Road path. This 8 km route is marked for runners and certain parts are even closed to traffic. Don’t worry about exercising in seclusion -- they’ll be plenty of other joggers, walkers and rollerbladers. Your run will take you past Central to Happy Valley and past Lovers' Rock. For information about other trails to try, call: HK Amateur Athletic Association, 2504 8215. Happy jogging, ladies!
Anna Cheung, Hong Kong
Massage those sore muscles away...
When I came from Canada to work in Hong Kong some of my colleagues told me about the great massages for women at Judy’s Beauty Slimming Centre. This Centre offers aromatherapy massage (ask for Judy) or Thai massage (ask for Jan). Either treatment lasts over one hour and it costs $HK200 (about $40 Cdn/$US25) This place is very clean, neat and there’s always plenty of perfectly white towels available post-massage. Call: 2866 9738 or Mobile: 9266 2991 Address: Flat B/7/F Southern Commission Building, 11-13 Luard Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Tell them Francoise sent you!
Francoise C, Hong Kong
Deodorant not only under arms ...
When travelling in Hong Kong in the hot and humid summertime, try putting underarm deodorant under your breasts. A bra rubbing on your skin when you perspire can cause chaffing and uncomfortable rashes but the deodorant under your breasts eliminates this problem.
Teena, Sydney, Australia
Swimming in HK helps to burn calories...
Pack your swimsuit and your rubber ducky. Most of the upmarket hotels and all the big “Y’s” in Hong Kong have indoor swimming pools. However, if you’re lucky enough to be staying at the Ritz Carlton you can take advantage of the only hotel in Central with a fabulous outdoor swimming pool. Do those laps, ladies. They help to burn off calories gained from all the dim sum and egg tart treats you’ll be tasting.
Evelyn Hannon, Journeywoman Editor, Canada
Post-shopping boxing class...
If you fancy doing a complimentary workout class Fightin' Fit at 50 Stanley Street, 2/F, World Trust Tower offers a trial class free. They do box-blast, box-fit, kick-blast and kick-fit. Only the very fit need apply. Their one hour classes are high intensity workouts. Call first to book: 2526 6648.
Anna Cheung, Hong Kong

Bonus Tip -- Numbers to know...Emergency

In an emergency, to contact police, the fire department or an ambulance call 999.

The Rape Hotline in Hong Kong can be reached by dialing 2572-2222.

Need a prescription filled? In a medical emergency, The Queen Mary Hospital provides an all night prescription service. Call: 2855 3838

For Directory Enquiries (in English) call: 1081

Need to call a taxi? Try Fraternity Taxi: 2527 6324

More health and beauty stuff...

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