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Her Hong Kong food experience...


Start dieting now because we promise that a Hong Kong food experience is an absolute dining extravaganza designed to make your tastebuds tingle. Nothing can adequately prepare the visitor for the feast which awaits them. There’s 1,000’s of choices -- busy noodle shops, grand dim sum halls, tiny street stalls, cafes, bistros, foodcourts, traditional tea houses and upscale international dining -- each offering up their own enticing specialties and their own particular price range. To assist you on your culinary journey, we offer twenty-five restaurant suggestions submitted by women who “have been there, tasted that.” We suggest that before travelling to Hong Kong you simply print and pack this list. Then, happy eating everybody...

P.S. For those female travellers who would like to add their own eating tips please click here.


An intro to Dim sum (Chinese breakfast or brunch)...
Did you know that dim sum literally translated into Chinese means ‘touch the heart”, and it is a “Chinese breakfast” or brunch. These exquisitely flavored dishes are served in such small portions that they touch the heart and the tummy and tempt one to want more. One of the dim sum restaurants I recommend is: King of Kings in the Entertainment Building in Central.
Sabina A. Wong, Hong Kong
Ed. note: Sabina knows! She is the creator (writer and illustrator) of a delightful deck of 52 cards called Fun Excursions in Hong Kong -- each brightly coloured card offers info and suggestions for adventures you might like to try!

My dim sum favorite...
I was invited to afternoon tea at the Peninsula Hotel’s Spring Moon Chinese Restaurant. Impressive! The delicate dim sum treats, impeccable service, the decor of stained glass, wood panelling, Frank Lloyd-Wright highlights, and the tea counter with over 20 selected Chinese teas added up to one very memorable experience. Imagine steamed and stuffed rice noodle rolls, Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea and the flakiest egg custard tarts I have ever tasted. M-m-m-m.
Evelyn Hannon, Journeywoman Editor, Canada

Great food and even better view...
One of our favorite dim sum restaurants is called City Hall Chinese Restaurant and it’s hidden away on the third floor of City Hall in Central (very close to the Star Ferry) -- a real authentic find! The food is still served (the very old fashioned way) from carts rolled around the dining room. As the carts come by with the women servers singing their wares, just point at what looks tempting and it’s yours. For foreigners this system works very well because the women serving the food don't speak English at all. We really like this place because it is a little quieter than most dim sum places, the food is very good and not greasy at all. Perhaps the nicest part of all is the great view. You are overlooking Victoria Harbour -- this is exactly the same view as you’d have at the Peninsula Hotel and you’re paying a fraction of the price for your meal.
Daffyd and Lisa, Hong Kong

Chinese congee for breakfast...
My guide Jeannie Hau took me out for a real Chinese breakfast. Being a “yoghurt and fresh fruit for breakfast” kind-of-lady, I wondered whether congee (a Cantonese watery rice-based porridge) would appeal to me. For my initiation, Jeannie chose the simple Green View Noodle Shop located in Basement One of the New World Centre Shopping Mall in Tsim Sha Tsui.From their English menu, I was encouraged to choose the extra ingredients I wanted in my congee. Jeannie chose fish (that didn’t appeal to me at all) for her’s, I timidly picked mushrooms and green onion for mine. We also sampled several side dishes -- fried noodles with onions and deep fried dough (a Chinese version of donuts). My verdict on Chinese breakfast? I didn’t think I would but I loved it!
Evelyn Hannon, Journeywoman Editor, Canada

If Chinese breakfast doesn’t interest you...
Stop by Post 97 (1/F, 9 Lan Kwai Fong, Central) and have a look at their all-day-menu that includes my favourites -- Eggs Benedict and Eggs Marion as well as an all day breakfast platter (equally yummy for brunch or in the wee hours after a heavy night of dancing). For solo diners, a selection of daily papers and magazines are available for browsing. P.S. Their lattes are particularly good!
Anna, Hong Kong
Breakfast for one, please...
If you’re breakfasting alone on the weekend, an ideal spot is Staunton’s Wine Bar and Cafe (Mid levels) where they serve a lovely all day brunch -- everything from scrambled eggs to interesting veggie platters. There are newspapers to keep you company if you want them but I chose to sit at the counter facing the escalators-- perfect for people watching. P.S. I never felt rushed here and stayed long after my breakfast was finished.
Evelyn Hannon, Journeywoman Editor, Canada

Her Hong Kong Dining Etiquette...

Chinese DiningMake an attempt to use your chopsticks. It will enhance your image with your hosts.

Rice is considered a filler. Do not eat large amounts as this will imply that there was an inadequate amount of food served.

Tea is the conventional beverage served. Your cup will be constantly replenished. To signal the waiter that a pot refill is required, leave the teapot lid upside down. To indicate you are finished, leave your cup full.

Do not take the last portion from any dish.

To signal a waiter for the bill in a restaurant, make a writing motion with your hands.

(Source: Raise Your Cultural IQ, Louisa Nedkov)

More dining tips...

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