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Her Hong Kong food experience...


My Cantonese choice...
For a special taste treat of Cantonese cooking I suggest the moderately priced Peking Garden Chinese Restaurant, 3/F, Star House Building, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tui. My recommendation -- the garlic prawns. My dessert weakness--the toffee apples.
Aileen T'Sing, Cooking teacher, Hong Kong

Asian vegetarian, a treasure hunt...
I only know the name of this restaurant in Chinese. But if you follow these directions exactly you will find it, and trust me it’s worth it. This is one of the best places I have ever eaten at, veggie or not. The building is on the corner, between Hennessy Rd and Tonnochy Road. It’s an office building, there’s a sandwich shop called Olivers on street level and, the restaurant is on the second floor. Walk into the office building lobby and take the elevator to the second floor. I know it sounds complicated to get there, but please try. I recommend the mushroom noodles. Menu is in English, so don’t worry. Bring more people if you can because it’s hard to order and try a lot of dishes alone.
Teresa Woo, San Francisco, USA
Ed. note: I followed Teresa’s directions, the name of the restaurant is Vegetarian Court, their address 2/F, Cre Building, 303 Hennessy Road and I agree, the food here is fab. This place was buzzing at lunch hour -- lots of business people -- very little English spoken but that wasn’t a problem at all. I was able to choose from an extensive English menu. I tasted (and loved) the steamed vegetable buns, fried rice cake with veggies, Vegetarian shrimp and stewed eggplant with brown sauce. Bonus: The pristine white tableclothes! Thank you, Teresa.

Chef with carrots
Noodles, noodles, noodles...
A couple of doors down from the Wyndham Cafe (Wyndham Street, Central) is Noodle Box which serves different variations of noodles -- a bit like a smaller version of Wagamama's in London. They have great side dishes too like green papaya salad and Vietnamese seafood rolls -- a cheap meal out. They are extremely busy at lunch but less crowded at dinner time. Noodle Box has a good magazine rack and is very popular with the gay crowd.
Anna Cheung, Hong Kong
This tiny spot is one of my favorites...
I lived and worked in Hong Kong and Andy's Kitchen was one of my favorite eateries. It is a great place run by a co-op of eight women who got bored playing mahjong and they offer up great traditional Shanghainese favorites with a few Cantonese specialties tossed in. It's spotless, tiny, friendly and you'll share tables with regulars. A real find! 25 Tung Lo Wan Road, Causeway Bay. Tel: 2890-8137.
Margaret Sheridan, Chicago, USA
Ed. note: I took Margaret’s advice and set out to find Andy’s Kitchen. They’ve moved up the street to 35-37 Tung Lo Wan Street, they’ve expanded, there’s a neon sign in the window now and according to the very friendly staff, it seems that there is only one boss at the moment-- still a female. This is definitely a neighbourhood favorite -- by 7 o’clock many of the tables were already filled and people were streaming in for take-away orders. It remains minimally decorated and still serves tasty traditional fare. I recommend the Vegetable buns, Fried green sprouts with mushrooms, Duck smoked over tea and camphor wood and Crispy rice in soup with chicken, ham and mushrooms.
P.S. There’s an English menu but if you want to try any of the dishes I did, perhaps you should have your concierge write them in Chinese. Want to try them all? Then I suggest you skip lunch. Their servings are huge!
Evelyn Hannon, Journeywoman Editor, Canada
Upscale fast food court...
By accident I found this fast food hall when I shopped in the Pacific Place. It was in the basement of Seibu, the Japanese Department store. Imagine the number of treats -- Chinese, Japanese sushi, American sandwiches, Korean, Thai and many more! I think you will like it.
Kate, Kyoto, Japan
Nouvelle Shanghainese...
After experiencing Shanghainese traditional fare, I was very interested in trying a “nouvelle interpretation” of this cuisine at the very posh Ye Shanghai Restaurant located on level three in Pacific Place. Very enjoyable on all counts -- the decor (reminiscent of old Shanghai) , the people watching (definitely upwardly mobile) and, of course, the food (which is excellent). Amidst the steady hum of diners’ conversation, cell phones ringing, muted music in the background, I sampled: Fried Shanghai noodles, Bean curd with beans and mushrooms in a casserole, eggplant with bean sauce and vegetarian dumplings -- all served with great flair. Journeywoman was there for lunch but, if you enjoy jazz, you might want to consider dinner from Thursday to Saturday when a live band entertains from 9:30 PM on into the Hong Kong night. Reservations: 2918 9833 Enjoy!
Evelyn Hannon, Journeywoman Editor, Canada

Bonus -- A special tip about tea...

Chrysanthemum teaIn Hong Kong you can expect a pot of green tea on your table very shortly after you sit down. And, in very many of the restaurants they offer a long list of specialty teas which are fun to try. However, if you don't drink caffinated tea or coffee, there is a very workable alternative available. Thanks to my guide Jeannie Hau (smart woman) I learned about Chrysanthemum tea made from the Chrysanthemum flower. All the ingredients are natural and the taste is lovely. Want to try, too? Ask your concierge to write down in Chinese the words “Chrysanthemum tea” and show it to waiters in restaurants where English isn’t spoken. Problem solved!
Evelyn Hannon, Journeywoman Editor, Canada

More dining tips...

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