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25 Women’s Ways to Shop in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is mecca for women who love to shop. From giant malls to bustling street markets to fabulous discount outlets, no matter what you want and how much you want to pay for it, there is something for everyone. Hong Kong is the big time -- a cornucopia of shopping opportunities designed to excite your Journeyshopper's hearts. So hang on to your pocketbooks and away you go. The following 25 shopping tips designed to get you started have been submitted by shoppin' women in Hong Kong and around the world. Enjoy...


Street markets...
Hong Kong is mecca for women who love fabulous fakes. Check out Li Yuen Street East and West. These casual streetside stalls offer imitation anything and everything at a fraction of the price you pay for the real thing in the big shops. Also, in Kowloon at the Temple Night Market you can find scarves, Chinese blouses, purses, shoes, watches, key chains -- you name it, someone will have it!
Phobe Neo, Hong Kong

Ed. note: Expect the same at the Women’s Market on Tung Choi Street. I found a practical, lightweight attache case that rivals some of the posh styles I’ve seen here in Toronto for under $HK98 . A word of warning, though -- check your purchases very carefully for possible imperfections before you pay for them.
Evelyn Hannon, Journeywoman editor, Toronto


Stanley Market is a must-do when you are visiting Hong Kong. Even the local bus ride to get there is fun. Expect lots of well-priced silkwear in “western-woman” sizes. Arrive in the late afternoon when all the tour buses have gone and there’s a better chance of bargaining!

P.S. There were some silk shawls/scarves/stoles in dark colors at about $40 Canadian - very elegant and timeless, to go over any dressy outfit and great for travelling. These make great gifts for you and the special women on your list.
Karen Zabawa, Travel journalist, Toronto, Canada

Eating around Stanley Market...
Every woman knows that shopping makes you very hungry. Here’s a few tried and tested places that Journey women recommend when you need to take a break...

  • SpaghettiLucy's in Stanley has fantastic food (Anna Cheung, Hong Kong).
  • There's a Marchelino's (cafeteria style) on the main drag in Stanley which is very good (Karen Zabawa, Toronto).
  • Try Pepperoni's if you’re craving a pizza (Michelle Beck, Hong Kong).
  • I’d like to suggest Table 88 (which used to be a police station) and The Boathouse with a lovely sea view roof terrace, great food and it's kid and dog friendly. (Jeannie Hau, Tour guide, Hong Kong)

Old, old stuff...
When we were in Hong Kong we had fun browsing on Hollywood Road in Central. There’s antique shops, street stalls selling bric-a-brac, post cards and kitchy Mao souvenirs. Do some careful sorting and you might find an inexpensive Chinese gift for Aunt Sally’s souvenir collection.
Barbara Bread, Baltimore, USA


Factory outlet shopping...
Many of the shops and designer labels that we shop for at home actually do their manufacturing in factories in Hong Kong and on the Chinese Mainland. These same factories have outlet shops and boutiques which sell to the public and they offer bargains galore. I enjoyed checking out the Kaiser Estates and the Pedder Building -- lots of silks and lots of cashmere. Be aware that many outlets use this system for getting rid of defective merchandise. Find the defect and see if you can live with it. The scrupulous shopper can often find items in H.K. selling for half the price they do at home.
Evelyn Hannon, Journeywoman, Canada


Discount clothes that fit me...
Some of the places I like to shop at are the wholesale outlets on Nathan Road. The clothes on sale here are generally styled for export (i.e. larger than the average Asian woman). Some items cost less and they fit me better.
Karisa, HKTA, Toronto, Canada


Interesting linen shirts on sale...
I find clothing in H.K. is generally sized to fit the smaller Asian physique. However, I would like to mention an exception -- D.D's, a factory outlet which had great white linen shirts that we picked up for only $US10 and they fit beautifully. The outlet address is Penthouse A /11 Yuk Yat Street/ to Kwa Wan, Kowloon.
Jean Kelly, Melbourne, Australia
Ed. note: When I stopped by at D.D's, they also had nicely styled women’s suits, sweaters and coats. Worth a visit!

Other fashion outlets you might enjoy...
Anne Klein, Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central
Jones New York, Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central
Labels Plus, Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central
Diane Freis, 10/F, Unit A1, Kaiser Estate, Phase 1, 41 Man Yue St, Hung Hom
Shoppers’ World, Unit B, 1st Fl, Han Chung Mansion, 8-10 Hankow Rd, Kowloon.
DKNY, Calvin Klein, Ellen Tracy can be found in the Man Cheung Building

Bonus tip --Better your bargaining skills...

Dollars There’s an art to bargaining in Hong Kong shops and markets. When you find the article you want, don’t appear to be too interested. Then, pick up a few items including the one you want, and casually ask about their prices. Finally, offer less than you are willing to pay, and ideally, the owner’s offer will be close to what you had in mind.
(Source: Shopping HKTA, Oct. 1994)

More shopping tips...

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