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Fabulous Women-Centered Ways
to Enjoy Hong Kong...


Visit the Jade Market...

This market is a great stop for grandmothers and grandmamas to be. Since jade is all about good health and long life, when a new baby is born a Chinese grandma traditionally buys a piece of jade for the new grandchild. However, visitors be warned. If you know little about these stones, look but don’t buy. You might be getting less than you pay for. Still it’s great fun to watch these colourful merchants in action and to see the very many different shades of green on display (Jordon MTR Station).

Reach for the top...

This you must do! Board the Peak Tram funicular railway for an eight minute climb to Victoria Peak. From this vantage point enjoy a spectacular 360 degree view of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. Walk the lofty circular nature trail. Then browse the Peak Market for everything from tiger balm to Burberry purses. P.S. Feeling strong? You might want to hike all the way back into town.

Bonus tip --Fill your weekend with fun...

Each Friday the South China Morning Post publishes a section called WE (Weekend Entertainment) and it is filled to the brim with all kinds of cultural happenings. The issue that Journeywoman saw had everything from interesting photo exhibits to a European Film Festival, free concerts and The Bolshoi Ballet. Check it out. It’s a great way to program Saturday and Sunday in the same way the Hong Kongers do.

Hong Kong is green, green, green...

FlamingoBet you thought that Hong Kong was cars, cars, cars and people, people, people. Think again because 40% of the territory has been conserved in over 23 parks. Take advantage of this fabulous green scene. Kowloon Park with its sculpture garden and jogging trail is a tranquil oasis in a bustling neighbourhood. Stroll the grounds. Watch the older women do their T’ai Chi. Listen to the birds in the aviary, visit the water garden with its flock of flamingos by the shore. If you’re lucky you’ll meet up with groups of kindergarten children -- immaculately dressed in brightly coloured school uniforms, their dark eyes sizing you up from under bangs of straight black hair. A real treat!

Your turn for T’ai Chi...

Wake up early enough and you can join a T’ai Chi class in the Middle Road Playground (situated in Tsim Sha Tsui right in back of the Sheraton Hotel and in front of the New World Shopping Centre) It’s easy to find, just follow the sounds of Chinese music and look for the HKTA’s yellow banner. From 7:15 AM - 8:15 AM (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) graceful teachers William Ng and Pandora Wu lead a class of T’ai Chi beginners through their routine. It’s free, it’s fun, it’s great fitness. Who knows? You might even meet another Journeywoman to sightsee with that day. Want more info? E-mail:

She goes bird watching in the country...

Bird watcherIf you have binoculars, pack them! You’re in for some exciting birdwatching at the Mai Po Marshes-- an important feeding ground for migratory birds. Located in the New Territories only 30 miles from the hustle and bustle of downtown Hong Kong. Expect fresh air and lovely peace and quiet. Join your guide, hike the trails past ponds of geese and ducks, watch the fishermen casting their nets, stop in at the museum and visit the birdwatching “hides” where over 430 species have been sighted. Time passes much too quickly here! For further information call Gray Line Hong Kong: (852) 2368 7111

She visits the Bird Garden in the city...

The Bird Garden on Yuen Po Street where older men take center stage is definitely worth a visit. It’s a chaotic and exotic blend of sight and sound. Intricately carved cages of brightly colored songbirds are hung everywhere, even on the branches of the park’s trees. Historically it was the rich man’s hobby to seek out the finest specimen so that he could strut through the village, his caged bird on display. Today, the men are still strutting their stuff on Yuen Po while the women are the ones selling the fabulous cages and the interesting bird food. What’s for birdie dinner? Traditional seeds, huge worms, crickets and huge cellophane wrapped grasshoppers. (10 minute walk from the Prince Edward MTR)

Turn on to tea...

Use your time in Hong Kong to become a student of tea. Lesson number one -- Flagstaff House: Museum of Teaware (admission free) where a wonderful collection of antique Chinese teaware going as far back as 470 B.C. is on display in a restored colonial building.

Next stop the Jabbok Tea House in Monkok where you can observe the art of tea-making, sample the teas you are interested in and perhaps bring some home as presents. This is one of the best places in town! (near Monkok MTR) Finally, Lesson number three is a big HK splurge. Have lunch at the Peninsula’s Spring Moon Restaurant. Surroundings will be wonderfully elegant, the Cantonese menu divine and you will be very impressed with their sophisticated tea counter. Twenty selected teas are on offer as well as highly trained tea masters that will help you with your selection. P.S. Journeywoman vocabulary lesson: The Chinese words for “drink tea” are “yum cha.”

More things to do....

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