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What should she wear in Hong Kong...


Hong Kong enjoys a subtropical climate...

Tall palmsSpring (March - mid-May)
Temperature and humidity rising. Lightweight jackets or sweaters suggested. Average temperature: 23C, humidity 82%.

Summer (late May - mid-September)
Hot and humid. Temperature may rise to 33C, with humidity up to 90%. Shirtsleeves, cotton clothing, a sweater for indoors and an umbrella for outside are suggested. Average temperature: 28C, humidity 80%.

Autumn (late September - early December)
Temperature and humidity drop. Clear, sunny days. Shirtsleeves to sweaters and light jackets suggested. Average temperature: 23C, humidity 72%.

Winter (late December - February)
Cool with low humidity. Light woollens and overcoats are suggested. Average temperature: 17C, humidity 72%
(Source: Hong Kong Tourist Association)

Packing advice from women in-the-know...

The streets and alleys of Hong Kong are often wet, and many times dirty. Since you’ll be doing a lot of walking, pack comfortable closed shoes -- not runners but well-worn loafers. It’s best to protect yourself from picking up unnecessary bacteria.
Lee, Melbourne, Australia

Same as Toronto...
Packing for my next trip to Hong Kong will be easy. The first time I was there, I quickly realized that what was appropriate for me to wear in Toronto worked equally well on the streets of Hong Kong.
Karen, Toronto, Canada

Designer labels are noticed...
Are you a woman contemplating doing business in Hong Kong? If yes, you should know that fashion in Hong Kong is especially prized and respected and designer labels are very important. A business woman would therefore be very wise to invest in high quality and classic styling clothing. It is important to be well-dressed and well-groomed. Skirt suits are preferred. Carrying a briefcase is considered stylish and prestigious.
Louisa Nedkov, Author of Raise Your Cultural IQ, Canada

Designer copies work too...
For the leisure traveller, dress for HK can be as casual or as dressy as you like. This is an international city where the women are up to the minute in fashion; they really know how to put themselves together very smartly. Even if they can't afford the real thing, they shop in the markets for designer copies.
Lisa, Central, Hong Kong

BikiniNo topless sunbathing, please...
I have three clothing suggestions for Hong Kong: (1) If you're doing business, a dark conservative suit is best. (2) Nude or topless bathing at the beach is considered offensive. (3) Save your white sneakers for the health club and when you’re jogging. Wear them in the street and you’ll be singled out as a tourist. In this destination, dark colored walking shoes are equally as comfortable as running shoes and far more chic.
Evelyn Hannon, Toronto, Canada

Walking shorts...
Hong Kong, during the month of July, is hot, humid and incredibly
sticky. Walking shorts and T-shirts that are easy to care for and lightweight are your best bet for daytime travel. Don't forget to bring a long sleeved shirt because the air conditioning in some places is quite Arctic-like.
Jse-Che, Toronto, Canada

In Hong Kong, pack black preferably. You can see throngs of people in black in all the streets.
Weng, Manilla

No cleavage, please...
Hong Kong women seem to have this amazing ability of withstanding the heat and humidity in tight jeans. Many wear tight clothing, but not sleeveless or cleavage-showing items. Designer clothes with the name or logo highly visible are very popular. For shoes, sandals are fine for the summer only if they're nice-looking. No Tevas, Birkenstocks, nor sneakers. In other words, take casual/dressy looking clothing and leave your grubs behind. You’ll be treated with more respect. I made the mistake of wearing your standard North American casual clothes just to go to the supermarket, and though I'm ethnically Chinese, I got more stares and harassment than any tourist.
Anne, Scarborough, Canada

Pack a shawl...
I never forget to pack a shawl when I go to Hong Kong. For the evening in Hong Kong, a shawl dresses up my simple black shirt and pants. But most important of all, it keeps me from freezing indoors where unfortunately the air-conditioning seems to be set on extra high at all times.
Loretta, Paris, France

Bonus Tip -- Colour no-no’s in HK...woman in suit

Be culturally correct. In Hong Kong, women should avoid wearing blue or white suits to social events as these colours are associated with death and mourning. Try to remember this fact when you’re planning your “what shall I pack” list.
(Source: Raise Your Cultural IQ, Louisa Nedkov)

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City of Hong Kong WebsiteThe articles in GIRLTALK Hong Kong have been independently researched by Journeywoman Online. We thank the Hong Kong Tourism Board for sponsoring this female-friendly information. Together it is our aim to inspire women to travel safely and well.

If you'd like women-centered clothing advice for any other country, click here.







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