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Shopping for JourneyKiddies in Rome


JourneyWomen Joie Davidow and Vikki Ericks are both Americans living in Rome. Collectively they've experienced Europe, the Carribean, Asia, sub-India, as well as Central and South America. Each has wonderful work experience in communications, marketing and the media. Between them they have edited, published and been involved with, amongst many other things, the Oprah show and the Rome bureau of ABC News. Their latest project is 'In Rome Now', a website designed to make visiting and living in Rome a rich experience for English speakers. We asked these experts for their advice on shopping for kiddies in Rome. These are the shops Joie and Vikki suggest...

BABE -- Colorful, fun clothes for babies and little kids — shoes, gifts, toys. Carrying the French Sucre d'Orge line. Via della Palombella, 22, tel. 06. 683 01975 (right behind the Pantheon)

BONPOINT PARIS --Bonpoint, an exclusive French line of clothing from age zero to sixteen is haute couture for the young. This is not the place to shop for everyday play clothes. Fabrics are the highest quality cottons and linens. The designs are not trendy, but give a bit of a modern edge to otherwise classic designs. Made exclusively in France. Piazza Di S. Lorenzo in Lucina (historic center) tel 06687 15 48

LA CICOGNA -- This exclusive chain of high end stores (la cicogna means "the stork") has long dominated the anno zero (infancy) early teen and special occasion kid’s market. Its one-stop shopping concept simplifies things for the parent with an impatient young customer at his or her side. Quality merchandise, well-trained and accommodating sales personnel. Via Frattina, 138 tel. 06.678 6959 (Spanish Steps)
Via Cola di Rienzo, 268 tel. 06.689 6557 (Prati)

CITTA DEL SOLE -- Surely the best toy store in the city. There isn't an item for sale here you wouldn't be delighted to give your kids. Everything is thoughtfully arranged according to age; and most toys tap a child's natural curiosity, encouraging them to use their minds and to develop their creativity. Most of the items are neither expensive nor plastic. You can find wonderful train sets, puzzles and the like, crafted in wood, as well as updated versions of classic toys like yo-yo's, kites, and boomerangs and super-modern gadgets such as a digital weather station. Most items relate to the store’s theme of the natural elements: wind, light, sea and land. Via della Scrofa, 65 tel.06. 688 03805 (Pantheon). Also at Via Bunarroti 6 (Monti). Via Marcantonio Colonna 5 (Prati).

L'ENFANCE: ABBIGLIAMENTO BAMBINI -- Much of the clothing here is designed to encourage free-movement during a child ’s play day. Separates or matching ensembles are available in a range of colors. Piazza della Torretta, 27 tel. 06 686 9590 (Parliament, Historic Center)

KID'S STOCK --This group of shops specializes in the perbene (classic, wel-heeled) look — nothing oversized or suggestive. Teenagers are in and out of the Via Vittoria location at the start of “Back to School,” collecting or fitting school uniforms for one of several italian private schools the store supplies. In other locations, a little more attention is given to a casual line. Denim or corduroy are likely trade-offs for more expensive fabrics. Via Campo Marzio, 37 tel. 06. 68 71 335 (Parliament, Historic Center) Also at Via Vittoria, 52 tel.06 69 20 222 89 (Prati) Via A. Gramsci, 43 and 25 tel. 06 32 26 492 (Flaminio)

MARIONETTE -- Loaded with clothes for little ones as well as accessories and toys, at reasonable prices. This is a great resource for the hip parents of hip children- they even carry a selection of Keith Haring-inspired toys and jewelry for kids.
Piazza del Fico, 23-24 tel. 06.68210995 (near Piazza Navona)




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