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Women Chat About Chicago tips, advice and trivia


A little windy-city romance..
Visiting Chicago with your sweetie? My vote for the most romantic restaurant in town is "Biggs". It's pricey but very, very good.
Dick T., Chicago

Hurrah for the Art Institute..
I normally fly to Chicago for business only. But, Montreal's great ice storm of '98 allowed me to spend an extra day in the Chicago area (our airport was closed). I used that extra time to visit the Art Institute of Chicago. This is not to be missed, their collect of French Impressionists is world renowned and one day is not enough time to see the entire collection.
Suzanne Marlow, Montreal
P.S.The Art Institute has "free day" on Tuesday, although you still have to pay for special exhibits. (Rachael L. Howard, Chicago)

Architectural Boat Tour
Part of the lovely lure of Chicago is its architecture. Walking tours are fun and informative but a boat tour that explores the city's skyline is fantastic -- especially on a warm, sunny day. We did it and loved it!
Selina and Douglas Waxman, Toronto

Hair care In Chicago...
I just moved to Chicago a year and a half ago but I do know a few "girl" things about the city. I'd like to recommend Jonathan at Vidal Sassoon in the Water Tower on Michigan Avenue for "best hair." He's good!
Emily John Peace, Chicago.

Best breakfast in town...
Don't miss breakfast at Walker Brothers in Wilmette, northern suburb. They have the world's greatest Corned Beef Hash (home-ground), real cream for the coffee, excellent potato pancakes, crepes & otherwise all-round good hearty breakfast fare. Wait can be long on weekends, but I like to go for dinner.
Rachael L. Howard, Chicago
P.S. This restaurant's great. Especially their apple waffle dish. (Bob Brent, Toronto)

How to dress..
Don't let Chicago's reputation slow up your chance to taste the "Windy City." Bring your layers, watch the weather channels and don't let weather keep you in. We don't!
Pat Opler (Chicago), Smart Woman Traveler, March/April 1997

My favorite scent..
Ready to try a new and ver-r-r-ry captivating scent? Make your way to Marilyn Miglin's shop on Chicago's Oak Street near Michigan Avenue. Check out "Pheromone" available here and in Sak's department stores around the United States. I've been wearing it for years and I love it!
Evelyn Hannon, Toronto

Magnificent undergarments, super sushi, etc..
From this woman's point-of-view, unbeatable underwear is at Victoria's Secret on Michigan, best sushi anywhere is at Kamahachi on Wells, best spa is Thousand Waves and the best brunch in town is at Anne Sathers on Clark (next to the women's book store).
Emily John Peace, Chicago

Women's TV Talk Show..
In Chicago, tune in to the Karen Gibson Show (delightful women's talk show) on Channel 4, 7:30 PM, Wednesday. Check the local papers for other times.
Pat Opler, Smart Woman Traveler , Mar/April 97

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