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A Beautiful Baby and His Mom in Guilin, China


Evelyn Hannon

This is definitely a travel love story. Please read this short travel tale to learn how four travelling women with the help of our fabulous Journeywoman Network helped us to solve a 'fun' travel puzzle over four months, thousands of miles and many, many inquiries. We most certainly rock, ladies!

Event 1...

In April Journeywoman visited Guilin and Yangshou in China. On one stop I encountered an absolutely charming mother carrying her equally charismatic tiny son on her back. I'm positive that that little guy was flirting with me. I asked if I could photograph them and the mom agreed. With a bit of English and sign language she asked if I would please send her the photo and gave me the card from her husband's shop so I would have the mailing address. I returned home and then could not find the card. I felt terrible.

Event 2...

In June I received a tip from a woman called Trysh living in Tianjin, China who wrote, 'I'd like your readers to know that I found a great guide in the Guilin/Yangshuo (Li River area). Lee is terrific and she will take you anywhere you want and really personalize your tour. Her English is good and she will go that extra mile for you. She did for me, bringing my leather jacket to me after I left it in the hotel. You can email her at:

Event 3...

Later in June, on a whim I sent an email to Lee, the Chinese guide I had heard about. It said, 'I wonder if you can help me. I was in Yangshou a few months ago and took a photograph of a mother and son. This family runs a shop on the main tourist shopping street. The husband was designing bracelets when I was there. I'm enclosing a copy of the photo. Do you recognize these people? Can you help to find their mailing address?

Event 4...

On July 2nd I received an email from Lee, the Chinese guide. She wrote, 'Dear editor; last time after I recieved your email I took the photo you send me went to Yangshuo. looking for the mother and son one by one store, finally I found the store. but the mother and son not there. I only met her husband after I show the photo to him. He said his wife and son had gone hometown. As you request I got the business card. Note; If recieve this email please reply. thank for your help'.

Event 5....

On July 8th, Vicky, my Bank of Montreal customer service representative in Toronto wrote a message in Mandarin to mom and son for me. She had trouble with translating one word so she called her sister, Vanessa. Vanessa faxed the needed word and we were home free. We included the message along with an 8 X 10 copy of the photo. I know it will make that mom in Yangshou very happy. Here are the two photos for everybody in our network to enjoy.

Photo #1

The little guy is curious about this caucasian lady with a camera. He's not sure how he feels.

Photo #2

I pass the the test. He's flirting with me. Don't you agree?


P.S. from another woman in our networking chain ...

Once this story was published, Editor Evelyn Hannon received a note from a JW reader in London, England. She's now part of this story, too. Clare wrote...

Hi Evelyn! Your story about the lost address card gave me quite a surprise. I told my friend Trysh about Journeywoman ages ago, and saw her tip about a guide in China (I'm her 'Canadian friend' who lives in London, England). We have been friends for many years, having met when our daughters were at primary school together (they are now aged 24!). So pleased 'we' could help with the photo. With best wishes from Clare in London, England.


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