Can a Journeywoman change the world?

Published Sept 30, 2019

By Carolyn Ray

Carolyn Ray, CEO + Publisher

Is it possible for one person to change the world? Can YOU change the world?

The answer to both questions is a resounding – YES!

If you have any doubt about one person's impact on our world, read our tribute to Evelyn Hannon, culled from hundreds of emails and posts. Evelyn knew that Journeywoman was about much more than travel. The idea that has sustained Journeywoman for the past 25 years is the idea of sisterhood, of knowing that we would support each other in our journey of life, with travel as a unifying experience.

In creating Journeywoman, Evelyn understood that women needed a safe place where we could express our ambitions, fears and foibles – all in the spirit of self-discovery and learning. Journeywoman is a sisterhood that supports each other in our desire to learn and grow. It is that place we all dreamed of. It's a place where women express their fears, share experiences that shape the world, and discover new qualities within themselves, ranging from respect to empathy to joy.

As Journeywoman, we have an important role in our world.

On September 27, I attended a World Tourism Day event hosted by The Travel Corporation (TTC) in Toronto. They shared a "Make Travel Matter" pledge to commit to sustainable tourism and conscious travel. (Show image of pledge on sidebar) On that same day, Greta Thurnburg, 16, marched in Montreal with 500,000 people for the Climate Change Rally, on the heels of her powerful speech to the UN earlier that week.

There are many forces converging that tell us we must do more, and we must do better. As travelers, we have a vast appreciation for the mosaic of art, culture, food and customs that reflects our diversity and creates our sense of community. We, perhaps more than others, have experienced what the world can offer, and must play an active role to inspire others to learn and discover all of humanity's gifts.

SisterhoodWhat can I do, as one person?

Studies remind us that women make over 80% of travel decisions. We research destinations extensively, and ultimately decide where to go, where to eat, stay and what to experience. Our influence is undeniable and far-reaching.

As women, we can use our power to support each other. We will influence, change and impact generations to come – together, as a unified force. We can make the world a better place through travel.

As we've seen with Greta, with Evelyn, with you – the actions of one person CAN make a difference.

Five simple things you can do

1. Choose places that are off the beaten track. Popularity has its price. In many cities around the world, the natural environment and local way of life have been deeply impacted by tourism. Staying home won't help our world, but we can make better choices about where we travel. There are thousands of other places that desperately need tourism dollars. Do your research and seek those places out.

2. Be a traveler, not a tourist.

3. Reduce your footprint.

  • Don't create waste.
  • Use cloth bags and avoid plastic.
  • Walk or take transit as much as possible.
  • Engage with wildlife in an ethical way.
  • Pack lightly. For tips, read Evelyn's article on Stress-Free Packing!
  • Be careful what you eat, even if it is a local delicacy.

4. Choose local businesses.

  • Seek out locally owned restaurants, hotels, tours, and guides.
  • Seek out women-owned businesses.
  • Enjoy local farm to table and community eating, as described by Nancy Simpson in her article "Table for One".
  • Shop locally.

5. Help others learn about responsible travel. Share your experiences. Write for us!


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