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Travel Shopping Tidbits to Think About...


If you were a guy doing your gift shopping on holiday you'd want to do it as quickly as possible. I think most men are hardwired that way. Women, on the other hand, generally love to browse, to pick up the item, discuss it with a pal and debate whether it's a worthwhile, OK purchase. They consider time in a market fun, they come prepared with lists of the people 'they want to buy for,' they chat with artisans, and making a good purchase gives them a great deal of satisfaction.

These little tidbits of random information about shopping are taken from many of the shopping articles on our website. If you want more just go to the listings on: She Shops Around the World

Hunt for 100 yen shops in Tokyo...

For souvenir shopping in Tokyo, hit the 100 yen shops. Everything in the store is 100 yen and there is an amazing assortment to chose from. Some shops - Harajuku, Shinjuku, Ikebukero are multi-levels and the items are divided into sections – kitchen, home, beauty, etc. The selection is endless – dishes, napkins, chopsticks, washi paper, snacks, charms, hair accessories, slippers, etc. This is also the place to pick up things for your trip – travel-size shampoo bottles, extra toothbrushes, mesh bags for dirty laundry, socks, locks for backpacks, and also places for souvenirs and gifts – funny stationary with Engrish on it, kimono print notebooks, lanterns, etc. You can go crazy inside – everything is just about a dollar.
(Laura, Toronto, Canada)


Inexpensive trip souvenirs...

Woman BookwormI've found a great way to acquire inexpensive and beautiful souvenirs of my trips without packing, storing or shipping problems of any kind. I have collected close to 100 gorgeous bookmarks. They are available in every museum shop, church store and in the beautiful paper shops in Venice, Florence, and Seoul. And the best part is I love using them myself and also giving them away as gifts. Bookmarks are great reminders of the wonderful places I've had the privilege to visit.
(Harriet, California, USA)


Gourmet food souvenirs from Paris...

What is more French than gourmet food? So, why not start your gift search in the gourmet supermarkets in Paris, one of the best being La Grande Epicerie de Paris at 38 rue de Sèvres, just next to the department store Le Bon Marché (Metro Sèvres-Babylone). Parisians love their salon de thés, especially Marriage Frères, which makes their own exotic tea blends found, pre-packaged, in La Grande Epicerie. You can also find delicious herbal tea blends such as pear-vanilla (poire-vanille), plus packages of ground coffee, tins of French candy and biscuits, and even the French specialty marrons glacés or candied chestnuts. While there, you can also enjoy the abundant food displays which are splendid.


The perfect travel souvenir...

When I travel I love to spend time looking for the perfect souvenir in all the towns I pass through. I'm always making mental notes about what I want to bring back with me that will remind me of this place or that. I also like to buy something new to wear like earrings or a scarf really early during my holiday so I can wear them and spruce up my not-so-new travel outfits. These items often become treasured souvenirs that bring back memories of where I bought and wore them and why.
(Astrid in New York City, USA)


Knit a souvenir for yourself...

I Knit London (UK) is not only a fabulous knitting shop, it's a sanctuary as well. Run by Gerard and Craig who both knit, Gerard has written his own knitting book, fab it is too. The shop stocks some of the most unusual yarns and general knitting supplies and has comfy sofas and work tables. The expectation is that you knit, chat, buy, stay and meet lots of other knitters too. Get home, knit your sweater and guaranteed you'll think about London every time you wear it. I Knit London has its own following on Twitter @iknitlondon Address: 106 Lower Marsh, Waterloo, London, SE1 7AB. Website: Closest tube: Southwark.
(Jaqueline in London, England)


Souvenirs bring back memories...

Travel is my passion and over the years I've collected an assortment of wonderful 'stuff', juicy souvenirs of the many, many crazy adventures I've had along the way. I love 'my stuff' because it reminds me of the places I've been, the people I've met, and the shopping scenarios that led to my purchases. Each has its very own story. To read more.
(Evelyn Hannon, Journeywoman Editor)


Souvenirs that are a no-no...

Got a honey in Japan? Never, never decorate his gift with white giftwrap. White is connected with death not love. He won't be impressed!

Have a guy in Mexico? Think pink but shun purple when choosing his present. In Mexico purple is reserved especially for funerals.

Want to thank your male tour guide in Vietnam? Never give him a t-shirt with a cow or owl cartoon on it. Both these animals have negative connotations attached to them -- the cow suggests stupidity, the owl, death. A far better cartoon choice would be a spider which promises "much money."

Giving a present in India? Use wrapping paper in the lucky colors of green, red or yellow. Never use the unlucky colors black or white.







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