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Dream of Italy


Really Good Shopping in Rome...


Rome is full of boutiques and speciality shops. Here's a brief overview of the newest and coolest to hit the streets lately. Those looking for Italy's standbys -- Fendi, Prada, Gucci, and more -- will want to peruse Via Condotti, just below the Spanish Steps. Slightly funkier, but still high-style offerings are found on Via del Babuino which stretches from the Spanish Steps to Piazza del Popolo.

The listings below provide a sample of what's hip and cool in Rome these days. Window shopping is a sport -- as we all know -- and in a new country it's good to know the rules of games:

Spazio Sette
This shop is dedicated, especially, though not exclusively, to modern Italian design. It was opened in the 1970s and inhabits the palace of a Cardinal. Among the wares are gorgeous kitchen appliances, dishes and table settings, furniture, some unique clothing and jewelry. If you're looking for something beautiful yet useful to take home from Italy, this may be the place for you. Brand names include: Alessi, Boda, Ittala, Venini and more. Closed Monday mornings.
Via dei Barbieri 7
Without a doubt the coolest (and craziest) shoes in town. Stop here for a glimpse of the future in foot fashion.
Via dei Baullari, a block north of Campo dei Fiori
Very modern but elegant jewelry, all in silver.
Via della Croce 42
Too Much
When in Rome, one often finds oneself in need of a flocked Madonna piggy bank. But where to find such an item? At Too Much, next door to Piazza Navona, such items abound. Stop in for novelty gifts to take home for those who have everything.
Via Sant'Agnese in Agone, one block from Piazza Navona
TAD Concept Store
Located on the way between the Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo, the TAD Concept Store is a department store of high design. Everything that's hot is for sale here, from exotic fresh flowers to women's shoes, from lounge music to bath products, from silk covered futons to Japanese ceramics. And there's a hair salon and cafe to boot. This is a shopper's must: even if you don't intend to buy, a browse through this negozio dazzles the eye.
Via del Babuino 155a

Italian gifts under $5.00...

Gift shopping in Italy need not be expensive if JourneyWomen shop in food markets and grocery stores. Try some of the following delicious ideas. You'll have loads of fun finding the products and your presents will really be "Italian" and unique.

The most centrally-located grocery store is on Via Giustiniani, the road (only about 2 blocks long) that runs from the Pantheon to Piazza Navona. It's a gorgeous new store with a gourmet deli counter and much more.

Kinder Eggs
Chocolate eggs with fantastic, elaborate toy prizes inside them. Kids and adults love them.

Olive Paste
Great for spreading on crackers and even better for making bruschetta. And it costs a fraction of what it costs outside of Italy.

Most grocery stores sell regular, everyday pasta but they also sell gourmet pastas that are unusual shapes or colors or flavors

Pre-made pesto in a jar is great in Italy. My mom always takes lots of small jars back to the US when she visits.

Pasta and Pesto Seasonings
Some stores sell spices, pre-mixed, for various kinds of pasta and pizza. Look for pizza spices, or spices for penne all'arrabbiata and other pastas. You can also buy these in bulk at the spice stands in the market at Campo dei Fiori.

Teenagers love 'Mental Box'
A little box of mints that has this hilarious name. It always makes young people laugh.

A pre-teen gift idea
Pick up Aquafresh or Colgate which comes packaged in tubes with Italian writing.

All items are easy to pack and really fun to bring home. Happy shopping, everybody!

See Rome, experience Rome...

Urban Iconography is a woman-owned, Rome-based company offering exciting women-friendly tour itineraries in Rome. We're delighted to welcome them to our Journeywoman's International Network of classified advertisers and thank them for all the practical information they have offered in this article. The following is a copy of Urban Iconography's ad which appears in our classified section.

What do Julius Caesar and Prada have in common? They both rule by design! Dreaming of la dolce vita? Make your dream a reality with exclusive itineraries in the Eternal City: art/architecture, food/fashion, myth/history. From its impressive past to its fashionable present, we'll show you both the exceptions and the rules that make Rome a city like no other. We invite you to visit our website: See you in Rome!





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