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30 Travel Tips from Twitter Gal Pals...


Evelyn Hannon

Using cyberspace it's extremely easy to connect with women all over the world who write 'travel'. Via email and twitter I put the word out ... 'Anybody have a juicy tip to share with our Journeywoman readers?' It wasn't long before great pieces of information popped up in my IN BOX. Here are the best of the best. Enjoy, everybody!

Deep freeze spa-hhhing in Canada...

The spa at the new Sparkling Hill Resort & Spa in Vernon, B.C. (think beautiful Okanogan wine country) has the first Cold Sauna in North America. Yes. COLD. Below freezing to be exact. Minus 110 degrees. Cryotherapy – the Greek word for “cold cure” – has been around in Europe since the late 1800s but it's new to this continent. The treatment calls for mittens, a wool hat and warm socks and the maximum time in this sauna – just three minutes. But trust me, you won't mind. It's time a plenty to freeze your butt off.

Anne Dimon is the Publisher/Editor of Twitter:


Female tour operator in Turkey...

When my well-travelled friend heard I was going to Turkey, she insisted "You ABSOLUTELY MUST meet Iffet Ozgonul!" Since my friend doesn't usually get that adamant about anything, I paid attention. My second day in Istanbul, over a lethally-strong mini-cup of Turkish coffee, I met this rare (possibly only) woman owner of a tour company in Turkey, so passionate about the cultural heritage, nature and archaeology of her country that in 1997 she left a well-established career as a nuclear physicist to set up Peten Travels. Focused on educational itineraries within the extensive borders of Turkey, in-country specialists and international scholars lead small groups on theme tours of 8 to 16 days with many unique grassroots encounters. Or Iffet will plan a customized long or short itinerary, as she did for me with a stimulating day of exploration on Istanbul's incredible waterways.

Alison Gardner is the editor of Travel with a Challenge.


Her trip to India...

I just returned from my fourth lengthy trip to India. I've learned a lot about how to travel solo around the vast, chaotic and colourful subcontinent. Based on my experiences here are three tips especially for women.

1) The hot, dry north of India, coupled with wearing sandals, can be hard on feet. A pumice stone and skin oil are essential items. Prevent your heels from cracking by scrubbing your feet each night and slathering with oil – moisturizer just won’t cut it.

2) In Delhi, pick up a city magazine such as Time Out or First City. There’s an amazing number of inexpensive – even free – cultural things to do in Delhi.

3) I make a point of finding special places to stay in India, and my favourite so far is the Windamere Hotel in Darjeeling. It is a splurge, but oh so worth it. You will be transported back to the Raj era and treated like royalty, and the in-the-clouds location is really romantic and magically mystical. It truly is 'bliss in a swirling haze.'

Mariellen Ward blogs at Twitter:


Prepare your cell phone...

In case my travel plans go awry and I need to make last-minute bookings while on the road on my cell phone I have the numbers of several major airlines and hotel chains. I also have the numbers of my local lodging and a trustworthy local cab company (researched online ahead of time) on my phone. I'd add the US Embassy (you add your country's) if traveling overseas. It's always good to print these numbers up on paper in case your cell phone is lost or stolen. If you can laminate the list or slip it into a plastic sleeve so it's waterproof, even better.

Gray Cargill is the travel blogger behind Twitter:


BONUS TIP -- Travelling with kids? Pack a new book...

When travelling with my grandkiddies I try to pack a new book to read to them before we all go to bed. A while ago I found one that I loved just as much as they did. It's called, Nana's Getting Married, it's written by Heather Hartt-Sussman and beautifully illustrated by Georgia Graham. It's both hilarious and thought-provoking for the kids. We had some pretty serious conversations as a result.

'Life with Nan is perfect: she always has time to bake fresh chocolate chip cookies, tell wonderful bedtime stories, and knit cozy mitten and turtleneck sweaters. Perfect, that is, until she meets BOB. All of a sudden Nan's too busy for baking and storytelling. She's spending her time talking on the phone, gigling, taking long bubble baths, singing love songs, and putting on make-up. What can one aggrieved little boy do to get his Nana back?'

Highly recommended! Tundra Books ISBN: 978-0-88776-911-5 Cost: under $20.00

For furthur information, click here.

(Source: Evelyn Hannon Journeywoman Editor)

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