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30 Travel Tips from Twitter Gal Pals...


Four simple tips from me to you...

Here are my top 4 travel tips that always have made my trips more comfortable and enjoyable:

1) My absolute most basic travel advice for women is this: if you can't carry your suitcase for a considerable distance by yourself, take less. That means becoming ruthless with selection of clothing, accessories, technology and toiletries. Everything must be able to perform double duty or to be packed in miniature. No large containers of toothpaste, shampoo, moisturizer or anything else. Where possible take things in non liquid form (eg eyeglass wipes vs spray)

2) Next to the spare pair of undies in your handbag, should be a damp facecloth in a plastic zip bag. You will use it. Trust me.

3) Use a purse with a sturdy, long strap that you can wear over one shoulder and across your chest. Keep the bag at the front, zippers on the side closest to your body and away from pickpockets' fingers.

4) Prepare to have both the good times and the not-so-good-times be enjoyable by remembering your sense of humour and your cross cultural acceptance!

Gwen McCauley is a Life Transition coach and writer who blogs at Algarve Experiences Twitter:


Your nails suffer in airplanes...

The dry air on airplanes wreaks havoc on your skin. It’s even worse for your nails –which can split, crack and break from too many long flights. The best way to save your nails is to rub a creamy moisturizer right into them before and during the flight. If you don’t have a small tube of lotion to take with you, have fun checking out some testers in the duty free shop before your flight takes off. Who knows? You might find a product you love. Once you’re at a hotel, don’t forget to pack the sample size of body lotion from your hotel room in your carry-on to use on the trip back – the hotel bottles are small enough to bring on the plane, and your hands and fingernails will thank you.

Carol Perehudoff is a Toronto-based travel writer. Her column Going Solo appears in the Toronto Star. Check out her blog at


Hop a ferry in Istanbul...

In megacity Istanbul, take time to reflect by getting out on the water...for the freshness of the sea air, the unimaginably glassy blue surfaces, and the proper perspective on this ancient imperial capital. The Bosphorus was the main drag for centuries and it’s still the best way to appreciate the sprawling, hilly city and its Ottoman mansions. Surrender to local color and rhythm with an ultra-cheap commuter ferry lazily hopping from village to village, over steaming tea and sesame-covered bread in the shape of a life-preserver. Ferries to the Asian town of Kadikoy offer priceless views of Topkapi Palace, Haghia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. A even more meditative one-hour upper Bosphorus tour embarks from the artisan street market and tea garden district of Ortakoy. For less than five dollars drift past Mehmet the Conqueror’s 15th century fortress festooned with wisteria.

Anastasia Ashman, an Istanbul resident is the founder of expat+HAREM, the global niche: Twitter:


Sharing tables in a German restaurant...

Except in upscale restaurants, it’s not unusual for diners to be expected to share tables in Germany. This could be a lbit unnerving for visitors, but if you’re expecting it, it can be both a comfortable and enriching experience. If you’re having a meal alone or with a companion and others join you, the expectation is that you will acknowledge them politely with a nod and 'Guten Tag' or 'Guten Abend' (Good day or good evening). Then you or your table-mates should signal whether further interaction is invited. If it’s not, pointedly ignore the others or speak exclusively to your dinner partner. If interaction is welcome, initiate conversation with the newcomers. (And look for the same signals from them). I’ve had both very private dining experiences and wonderful dinner conversations sitting with Germans who have joined my table. Each is equally comfortable if you know the 'rules' in advance.

Annette Burke Lyttle is passionate about travel and reading. She blogs at Twitter:


Luxury family travel in Europe...

The best kept secret on how to do luxury in Europe on a very low budget? How would you like to stay at a place with 3 luxurious pools, sauna, hot tub, zoo, wine tasting, great restaurants, horseback riding, tennis courts, top of the line gym, free kids clubs etc.....all for as little as 8 or 11 euros a night for a family of three? Camping resorts are the answer, but don't run away in fear if you hate tents or RV's , because they also all have charming fully furnished rental cottages. Camping in Europe is a totally different animal and also a great way to easily meet folks from around the world as most Europeans use luxury campsites as a top budget vacation option. There is not a site or city in Europe that doesn't have them and they are very safe places for single woman and families, plus they are always near great mass transit. Great example -- check out Norcenni Girasole in Tuscany. There has never been a better time or better way to explore Europe.

Jeanne blogs at Twitter


BONUS TIP -- Mischievious Mom...

Journeywoman recommends The Mischievous Mom at the Art Gallery written by Rebecca Eckler and Erica Ehm. Illustrated by Carrie Hartman.

'Josh and Jessie are good kids. They go to school. do their homework, and make sure their rooms are clean. Everything is nice and orderly -- at least until mom comes home. Jessie and Josh's mom is not like other moms. Jessie and Josh's mom is mischievous, and that means that anything can happen -- anything at all.'

Highly recommended! Key Porter Kids ISBN: 978-1-55470-267-1 Cost: under $20.00

Full disclosure: This book was co-written by my daughter, Erica Ehm. I've watched her read it to groups of kids and they are in awe that a mom could be so mischievous, especially in a museum.

For further information, click here.

(Source: Evelyn Hannon Journeywoman Editor)

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