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30 Travel Tips from Twitter Gal Pals...


Cin-Cin in Paris and Rome!...

As a wine lover who travels on a budget, I often order a half-carafe of house wine when I travel to France or Italy (a quarter-carafe if I go solo). It's much cheaper than cocktails or soda, often from local vines and I've yet to be disappointed by any selection. On the occasion when I purchase a bottle to drink, or sample something extra special by the glass, I often take a photo of the label, so that I can look for it easily when I return home.

I also seek out my favorite wine bars or enotecas for meals. The atmosphere tends to be fun and casual, the hours are longer, the food is of very good quality and the prices are reasonable. Their large wine selections make it easy to sample just a glass of an otherwise expensive bottle, without blowing your budget.

Two of my favorites are the Taverne Henri IV in Paris and Cul de Sac in Rome.

Robin Locker is a freelance writer and travel consultant on France and Italy. Website: Twitter:


The Lake District is perfect for the solo traveller...

Walking holidays are a wonderful way to unwind from the frenzy of everyday life, but, as a solo traveler, I won’t go walking (or hiking) just anywhere. Many trails in North America are through forest and lightly used so that if something should happen to me, I might not be found easily. However, I can highly recommend the Lake District in the UK. It is perfect for the solo walker. In addition to the beauty, the paths are well maintained by volunteers and well travelled – you will meet someone along the path every five to ten minutes. To make it extra safe, it seems that there is often cell phone service from most points along the way and, should something happen, they have a very efficient Mountain Patrol to take you off the mountain. In the Lake District you can walk solo in relative safety.

Janice Waugh is the editor of Solo Traveler Twitter: http//


Travelling with a group of friends?...

To make a city trip more interesting my girlfriends came up with this idea. Each pal on the trip picks out a monument or historic building located in the city you're about to visit. Then she does a bit of research on the internet or from books. On the actual city trip, when you’re visiting the building or monument, that person becomes the tour guide and tells everybody else a bit about her landmark. If you're with a group of girlfriends this can work really well (and lots of fun as you tease them about their presentations).

Isabelle Kenis is the woman behind Isabelle's Travel Guide Twitter:


Women love Granville Island in Vancouver...

There is no one explanation of Granville Island. For some it is market with garden-fresh produce, freshly caught seafood, exotic herbs and spices and an array of meat and cheeses. For others it is an artist’s haven, teeming with galleries, workshops and theatre companies. And then again it’s a piece of Vancouver’s industrial history and a site for community gatherings. It is a boat yard and culinary destination. It is an island oasis.

This is the perfect place to spend some quality “me” time. Start with a fresh cup of coffee and a delicious crepe from the Public Market. Stroll the stalls and stands before you head off for a drop in yoga session. Wander the galleries, take in a play and treat yourself to a fabulous freshly caught seafood dinner. Don’t worry if you forgot your umbrella, hat, book or necklace; there are many shops that can help you. Website:

Heather Lochner blogs about family travel at Twitter:


Do your homework and reap rewards...

Heading overseas? Enrich your trip by doing a bit of advance homework. Read local magazines and newspapers online, or listen to online newscasts, to find out what team is about to win a championship, what celebrity is embroiled in scandal or what movie has everyone talking. Once you land, you'll be able to break the ice with the locals. Check out World Newspapers for websites of English-language magazines and newspapers, or try Live 365 for online radio stations.

Laura Byrne Paquet is a freelance writer and editor of Facing the Street Twitter:


Women can feel at home in this Dublin pub...

Messrs. Maguire restaurant in Dublin was one of my favorite places in the city. Located on the iconic O’Connell Street Bridge, the female-friendly microbrewery is the perfect place to stop in for a pint before exploring the city centre. There’s something quintessentially Irish about the pub, with its multiple floors and cozy seating areas, that made me feel right at home and miles away at the same time. Next time I’m back in Dublin, I know exactly where to find the best craic. Website:

Jaclyn Liechti is the Assistant Editor at Twitter:


BONUS TIP -- Her culturally correct dining...

Women-centered advice on business entertaining and dining in Asia and the Pacific Rim.

In Laos...

Feeling full: Placing the lid on top of your rice basket is considered a polite way of indicating you have had enough food.

In Pakistan...

No left hands, please: Never use your left hand for eating or passing food. The left hand is used for bodily hygiene and is considered unclean.

In Singapore...

No odd numbers, please: If you invite Singaporeans to dinner, ideally have an even number present at the table to ensure good fortune.

In Japan...

For men only: Wives rarely accompany their husbands to a business dinner.

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