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30 Travel Tips from Twitter Gal Pals...


European train tips for women travelers...

Europe has a wonderful train system. If you’re planning to visit a few countries on your European trip I would highly recommend using the train rather than flying, especially now with the travel disruptions caused from the ash still spewing from Iceland’s volcano. This winter I took a 21 day solo train trip through Denmark, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic and there was never a time that I regretted my decision to use the train system. Here are a few tips for women thinking about trying train travel:

Unlike traveling by plane you only need to get to the train station about 1/2 an hour early to orient yourself and to figure out what track you will be leaving from. I would not recommend getting to the station any earlier. There aren’t many amenities available in most European stations and you will end up being very bored and either really hot in the summer or really cold in the winter while waiting for your train to arrive.

Remember that most train stations will have more than one exit, if you’re planning to use city transit or walk to your hotel/hostel, you will need to figure out which exit is the correct one. In some cities the train station is not located in the best part of town, be aware of your surroundings and if you do arrive in the late evening, it may be safer to hire a taxi then to stumble around in the dark trying to orient yourself in a strange city. Budget accordingly and be sure to have local currency available; most large train stations have bank machines. If you decide to take a taxi, all stations will have clearly marked signs for taxis.

Pack light! You will be hauling that suitcase with you on and off the train and also having to heft bags onto the overhead baggage rack!

Dian Emery is the editor of Twitter:


Pick up a postcard...

When traveling, everyone takes pictures as a memory. But don’t forget to buy a postcard from the places you loved most. Because, worst case scenario, your camera might get lost or you delete photos by accident. A postcard is never the same as a picture, but at least you’ll have the postcard as a memory or to show as a souvenir.

Isabelle Kenis is the woman behind Isabelle's Travel Guide Twitter:


Tea for a lot more than two...

The Victoria Tea Festival, is North America's largest public tea exhibition. British Columbia's capital city, still balancing its very British heritage and its claim to the oldest Chinatown in Canada, is the ideal venue for this two-day event held each February. Travelling women find the festival a special treat with hundreds of tea tastings reflecting the growing global reach of the world's most popular beverage. There are also delectable tea-food samples, free consultations, and complimentary tea-theme workshops, including specific health benefits of different teas, even the best teas for pregnant moms. Many attendees create their own festive spirit with colourful gowns, elegant hats and gloves. No one is in a hurry wandering among fragrant, decorated booths to purchase teas, tea-related products and exquisite tea wares.

Alison Gardner is the editor of Travel with a Challenge.


Seek out the real Carribean...

Want to see a slice of the real Caribbean beyond the beachfront resorts? Book a room with a local family through Homestays Grenada. On a recent visit, I stayed with a wonderful young couple and their son, and tagged along with them to school, work, a netball game and a movie. They showed me the ropes of the local bus routes, too!

Laura Byrne Paquet is a freelance writer and editor of Facing the Street Twitter:


TSA-friendly facial and body care...

I love to have my favorite facial and body care items with me. However, since I pack lightly and follow TSA’s rules about limits on liquids, it is not feasible to bring it all. These alternatives are easy to create in your hotel room:

Facial scrub: Pick up a packet of raw (brown) or white sugar. Rub this into your facial cleanser and voila! a facial scrub is created.

Body scrub: Add sugar to the lotion provided by the hotel. Rub this on your body just before showering to create a body scrub that helps remove flaky skin.

Skin toner: Ask your hotel’s restaurant for lemon slices and use them as a skin toner

Tired eye relief: Soak tea bags in hot water for a minute and then plunge them into ice water. Apply them directly to your eyes for 15 minutes.

Carol Margolis blogs at Twitter:


BONUS TIP -- She does business in Japan...

Bring extra undergarments and nylons. Japanese women are smaller boned and shorter than Western women and you may have a difficult time finding your size.

Practice deep knee bends at home for Japanese toilets. You may also wish to wear thigh-high or knee-high stockings.

Bring several handkerchiefs for drying your hands in company washrooms. You may see towels in these washrooms but these are usually personal towels owned by female employees. Do not use these.

(Source: Doing Business With Japanese Men by Brannen and Wilen. Stone Bridge Press (1-800-947-7271). ISBN 1-880656-04-3)

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